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    Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite))


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    Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite)) Empty Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:05 pm

    Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite)) Raiden_by_younabluelovesyou-d5xxwhd

    Text Color #157DEC
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #310/Manectric/Discharge Pokémon
    Height 4'11"
    Weight 88.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry Because lightning falls in their vicinities, Manectric were thought to have been born from lightning. In battle, they create thunderclouds.
    Level 58
    Ability Static
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Alert to sounds
    Moves  - Bite (learned)
    - Thunder (TM)
    - Discharge(learned)
    - Wild Charge (learned)
    History No could say he hadn't had a good life. Born in the wild, a young Electrike thrilled at the joy of challenging older and stronger opponents. From an early age he had a knack for analyzing an opponent and figuring out how to take him down. His ability to crack down on an opponent earned him the nickname "Raiden", which meant 'god of thunder', and he bore the name proudly. He hardly ever spoke, but trained diligently to increase his power so that he might one day be a powerful Manectric like his parents. While loss was a regular thing for the young pup, his several wins earned him the respect of several of the wild Pokemon living in his home area. His skill for battle made him the pride of his parents but was also what drove him to challenge trainers as they travelled through the tall grass that surrounded his home underneath the Cycling Road of Route 110. It was here that he met Wattson.

    Wattson was already an accomplished trainer and Gym Leader, and wasn't really looking for new Pokemon when he met the small Electrike pup. Raiden challenged the older man to a battle by jumping out at him in the grass and knocking Wattson down, the man retaliated by sending out his Electrode. The other Pokemon was a much higher level than the pup, with the aid of a human strategizing and calling the shots, but Raiden held his own for quite a while. Wattson was actually pretty impressed by the pup and halfway through the battle decided he would try to capture Raiden. It took three Pokeballs before the Electrike finally succumed to being confined within a ball, but he was quickly released and healed of all of his injuries. Confused, Raiden just stared at Wattson until the older man waved for him to follow. Not sure what else to do, the pup obeyed.

    Wattson turned out to be a joyous trainer. While he never named him (or any of his Pokemon for that matter), the Gym Leader still worked the Electrike diligently. It was a life that he had always wanted and working with the Gym Leader and his apprentices gave Raiden a sense of pride he had never felt before. Wattson, as it turned out, was quite the Pokemon fanatic and would regularly go on missions to help Pokemon or Trainers in trouble. Several of these missions Raiden was taken along, and on one such mission they met a young Trainer while they were trying to save New Mauville from being overrun by awful gang members trying to take over the Region. During this event Raiden finally acheived the level to evolve and stood a proud Manectric when it was done. With his new form he became the powerhouse of the Gym, and was usually the last Pokemon out during a Trainer's challenge of the Gym Leader to earn a badge. Raiden loved the new life he had been given, hardly remembering the life he left behind.

    Years passed, and then the Epidemic struck. Wattson, rather than follow the order to release his Pokemon, fled the city with a group of refugees looking for somewhere safe from the Epidemic. Unfortunately, some of the refugee Pokemon had become infected and they eventually turned on the small group. He fought as hard as he could but he couldn't protect Wattson, and was forced to watch as his dear Trainer was swarmed by a pack of large Scizor. One by one his team fell until there were none left but him, and suddenly finding himself alone and without purpose he fled. He didn't get far before a strange energy pulled at his gut, his vision swimming like the world was turning inside out, and opened his eyes to find himself in an entirely different Region. Now he wanders, searching for anything to give him purpose once again.

    On his path he met a struggling group of survivors, many suffering from the mental breakdown that came with incredible loss. He was drawn to their plight and tried to help them but the reality of this harsh world struck a real blow when he was unable to save one of the younger females, a pup he had known in his past, from the grisly fate of having an undead feast on her innards, only to have her get back up again and try to do the same to them. He was unable to render her mercy, to offer her peace in her suffering, and froze like when he was a pup. He had to watch the group’s leader take the final shot and even when confronted with his own weakness he refused to believe it. He carried the twice dead Mightyena down the mountainside himself, burying her thoughtfully beneath an elder tree to hopefully give her some measure of peace in the afterlife. With one last glance to the city that had ruined her Raiden felt a part of himself ice over and he left them to their own devices.

    He wandered aimlessly for so long afterwards he lost track of time or place. He encountered others along the way, certainly, but his experiences in Snowpoint left him cynical to survival. He abandoned his treasured Protect move in favor of a stronger, more ruthless attack that offered some measure of reality for him. To remind himself that the undead were once alive, could once feel pain, he used the new Wild Charge move to harm himself anytime he harmed another. It was his punishment, his atonement for allowing Ciara to die. For failing her. Time passed slowly for him but always he remembered Snowpoint and after nearly a year wandering decided that he should pay his respects to his fallen friend once more. And so onward to the frozen city he went, to the elder tree and the place where hell became his reality.
    Appearance Raiden is the very picture of a normal Manectric, though his frame is slightly more muscular due to his years of experience working as a Gym Leader's Pokemon. He was one of Wattson's main team so he got to see a lot of action over the years, and his body only shows very faint scars when looking closely as his fur is usually charged and hides the marks. His pale red eyes show a quiet determination normally hidden by his otherwise stoic face.
    Personality Raiden doesn't speak much, preferring to let actions speak louder than words, but is not afraid to give a young whelp a piece of his mind. He is protective of weak or injured Pokemon, and will fight to defend anyone he calls friend. Since the Epidemic and losing Wattson, Raiden has become unsure of his purpose and is sometimes at a loss as to what to do. While he is a proficient battler and highly skilled he does not like to go for the kill unless it is a matter of life and death.

    Since meeting Dante and the events that led to Ciara's death Raiden has become jaded. He no longer believes there is a way out of the Epidemic and that eventually everyone will fall to the plague or its minions. However, he is still determined to survive as long as possible if only to personally witness the final fall of the world.
    User Notes -The strange energy was Mewtwo's freakout, sending him to the Sinnoh Region

    ((This is an old character but had been given permission to use Wattson as his former trainer before.))

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    Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite)) Empty Re: Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite))

    Post by Phoenix Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:26 pm

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    Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite)) Empty Re: Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite))

    Post by Victini Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:38 am

    Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite)) RGgji6G


    Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite)) VictiniRaiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite)) TGJeE
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    Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite)) Empty Re: Raiden, Wattson's Manectric ((Snowpoint, Elite))

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