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Baymax the Audino [W.I.P]


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Baymax the Audino [W.I.P] Empty Baymax the Audino [W.I.P]

Post by SkeletonCupcake Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:25 am

GENDERBiologically male. Identifies as agender
AGEChild, about 9 to 12 in human years
SPECIES #531, Audino; The Hearing Pokemon
ABILITYHealer - At the end of the turn, there is a 30% chance of either Ally being healed from a status condition.
NATUREGentle [+Special Defense, -Defense]
CHARACTERISTICCapable of taking hits[Defense IV's]
DEX ENTRYIt touches others with the feelers on its ears, using the sound of their heartbeats to tell how they are feeling. ~Pokemon Y Pokedex Entry
ITEM(S)A small white medical bag with a few Lum and Sitrus Berries, and a single Revival Herb.
-Heal Bell (Egg)
-Heal Pulse (Level)
-Drain Punch (Tutor)
- Flamethrower (Technical Machine)



Baymax is extremely young, while he has extensive knowledge in medicine and medical care, he is still a child and is prone to acting like such. Being rather naive and playful even when his own life is at risk. But he takes his task to heal and protect the injured and ill very seriously, to the point of stubbornly risking his own health.
If friendliness and kind attitude had a solid form, it would be Baymax. He does not grasp the concept of negativity, or being rude. He's grown up being surrounded with a lot of joy, even from his charge who was very ill. Which is why the infection causes him great confusion, he does not grasp the concept of it. His belief is that the undead are simply very ill and are lashing out because they were not treated, and are in constant pain.
+Naive Genius+
Like mentioned previously, Bay is very young, but has extensive medical skill, so long as it comes to natural things (berries, herbs and his own attacks), as well as how to resuscitate someone who is choking or cast a broken bone. But when it comes to other things, such as leadership skills or well anything outside of maybe foraging and basic combat, Baymax is as about as intelligent as a sack of cinder blocks, due to his young age he hasn't really learned much else outside of his purpose. The only reason he's survived so long is honestly sheer luck and the assistance of others in exchange for use of his healing or foraging skills.
+Stubborn, Loyal+
Baymax can't stand seeing others suffer in pain from injuries, so much so that he is prone to put himself at risk to help the sick, almost like a robot. and his loyalty knows no bounds. Once he befriends you, and its rare he doesn't befriend someone he will do everything to ensure his companions food, medical care and good water. He is also prone to throwing himself in harms way as while he doesn't hit very hard with either of his attacks, he is a strong wall.
With limited knowledge, Bay is prone to asking a lot of questions, and getting into trouble for the sake of learning, often forcing his companions to rescue him, as he is a valuable team asset.
Bay is pretty good when it comes to behaving, but like all children baring when he switches into medical mode, he needs guidance and discipline, and while he will never throw a violent tantrum, he is prone to pouting if people are too hard on him. Especially when it comes to trying to get him to ease up on food since he has a huge appetite.
+Med Mode+
While most of the time Bay is lax and seems like he would rather play than work, he's been raised in such a manner that seems to cause a slight split in personality. Whenever severe medical assistance is required, Bay goes into a sort of trance, where he becomes extra stubborn and very serious. He doesn't snap out of it until treatment is complete. Which can end badly as he will be so focused he's prone to ignoring his surroundings.
While not the cleanest, Bay is very anal about hygiene when it comes to medical things. To the point he will actually make the problem worse by taking too long to clean up if needing to touch open wounds.


Audino is a bipedal, pink-and-cream Pokémon with oval, blue eyes. The top of its head, its back, and arms are pink, while the lower half of its face, body, ears are cream-colored, as well as its front and fingers. The patterning of pink and cream on its chest resembles a jacket. There are three digits on its hands and two on its feet. It has a puffy, white tuft for a tail. Audino has floppy ears with thin, curled extensions on the underside. It can use these ears as radars, and it has an incredible hearing ability. The feelers on its ears act like stethoscopes in that it can feel the beat of another Pokémon's heart, to assess the Pokémon's feelings and overall physical condition. The feelers are also able to determine when an Egg is close to hatching.
Baymax was hatched with an unusual coat color, being pure white around his muzzle, belly, tail and inner ear fluff. The rest of his body is a very light grey, save for his eyes and nose which are a lighter shade of black. While capable of walking on four legs to move faster, Bay tends to prefer a bipedal stance as he was taught to do everything to keep his forepaws clean of dirt and dust to make washing up less tedious.

Despite the dark color of his eyes, they seem to be bright and twinkle with innocence and hope. Combined with his almost permanent, soft smile, he exudes an aura of friendliness and safety. It also helps that he carries a small, white medical bag with a red cross depicted on it. Which he fills with healing berries and plants whenever possible.


Baymax was hatched by a skilled breeder along with many other audino upon request of Pokecenter's and Children's hospitals. There were fifty in all, including Bay. But Bay was special, He and one female hatched with odd coat colours. However, while the female had a standard shiny coat, Baymax had a white and grey coat. While this unusual not-shiny, shiny colouration was not unheard of it was even more rare than ordinary shiny's. This did not stop the breeder however, from having Bay trained with the rest of his brothers and sisters. But due to his rarity, Baymax was offered to a wealthier family to assist their ill child.

  • Original sketch done by renegade
  • Digitalized by me.
  • Had a Delcatty Father to pass down Heal Bell.
  • Most of his levels are artificially boosted with Rare Candies, so he could learn Heal Pulse.

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Baymax the Audino [W.I.P] Empty Re: Baymax the Audino [W.I.P]

Post by ShadowCharizard Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:56 am

We jumped out a window XD

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Baymax the Audino [W.I.P] Empty Re: Baymax the Audino [W.I.P]

Post by SkeletonCupcake Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:39 am

Shhh you can't say things like that in front of aunt Victini!

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Baymax the Audino [W.I.P] Empty Re: Baymax the Audino [W.I.P]

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