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Neptune the Turbulent Vaporeon

Moon Moon
Moon Moon

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Neptune the Turbulent Vaporeon Empty Neptune the Turbulent Vaporeon

Post by Moon Moon Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:09 pm


Nicknames Prefers use of his proper title "Lord Aquamentus Sephira Neptune of the Bering Strait" but will settle for just Neptune once someone has earned his respect.
Item(s) A mavelous water stone brooch on a silver chain
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #---, Vaporeon, The --- Pokemon
Height _'_
Weight _._lbs
Pokédex Entry " -----"
Level 60
Ability Water Absorb
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Very Finicky
Moves -Rain Dance
-Aurora Beam
-Last Resort

Appearance Damn sexy

Pros: Kicks ass because of his high level, pretty reliable in battle if you don't piss him off, very gentile and eloquent

Cons: Used to getting what he wants, very demanding, vain, highly vengeful and petty, quick temper, considers everyone else his servants
User Notes -Based off my Vaporeon that I have on my Leaf Green file who was also named after Neptune and the deity himself.
Battle theme:
Song of Storms

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