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Eterna the Polite Leafeon & Rumoo Bouncy the Flareon | WiP


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Eterna the Polite Leafeon & Rumoo Bouncy the Flareon | WiP Empty Eterna the Polite Leafeon & Rumoo Bouncy the Flareon | WiP

Post by Dandelion Sun May 10, 2015 12:22 am

Eterna the Polite Leafeon & Rumoo Bouncy the Flareon | WiP 470 Eterna the Polite Leafeon & Rumoo Bouncy the Flareon | WiP 136

Eterna the Leafeon and Rumoo the Flareon
Text Color Eterna - 347C17
Rumoo - 7bd4c0
Item None
Gender Female
Age Adolescent
Species 470 Leafeon, The Verdant Pokemon - Grass Type
136 Flareon, The Flame Pokemon - Fire Type
Height 3'00"
Weight 51.2 lbs
52.0 lbs
Pokédex Entry Pokemon HeartGold:: When you see Leafeon asleep in a patch of sunshine, you'll know it is using photosynthesis to produce clean air.
Pokemon SoulSilver:: It fluffs out its fur collar to cool down its body temperature, which can reach 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit.
Level 22
Ability Leaf Guard
Flash Fire
Nature Dolice
Characteristic Good Perseverance
Somewhat of a Clown
Moves - Swift (Bred)
- Grass Whistle (Level Up)
- Quick Attack (Level Up)
- Razor Leaf (Level Up)

- Swift (Bred)
- Ember (Level Up)
- Quick Attack (Level Up)
- Fire Fang (Level Up)
History Poor babies born in the woods to a leafeon/umbeon. Family is rather happy and both babies evolved pretty early. Living in Eterna will do that haha.
Pair was still really young when undead attacked and they got seperated. Lost and alone they wandered until they bumped into Pach/Glace. The pair immediately took them and, with one being a leafeon, they tried to head back to eterna forest. However, they had never been there and struggled to find their way back. The quest slowly gets pushed aside and they become their own family.

Some time passes and while they are happy unrest builds in the kids. Were their real parents looking for them? Were they even alive? They would be forever grateful and indebted to their adoptive parents but instinct told the kids, or at least one, to head and search.

Things have been much harder on their own. The world seems a lot colder and staying safe isnt easy. Between undead and their search they have concluded finding other groups of living would be their best bet.
Appearance Leafeon, maybe even a variant because they are adorable.
Just a normal Flareon. Though his species isn't known for their height he is a tad shorter than average. Big goofy grin, fluffy, bright blue eyes.
Devotion Arceist
Acreus, Shaymin
Personality | Whimsical | Relaxed | Polite | Calm | "Daddy's Girl | Big Sister | Try Hard | Timid | A bit too serious |

These kids are still highly impressionable but, after spending so much time with them, have taken on aspects of their adoptive parents.

| Hyper | Curious | Confident | Cheerful | Supportive | Sensitive | Faint-hearted |

Goofball. Takes heavily after Pach.
User Notes - Eterna's name was originally Eternal but she dropped the L so she could match the forest she evolved in. Also I think there was another Leafeon named Eternal here.
- Both of their parents knew Swift and, being in Eevee's learnset, it passed down.
- Adoptive children of Pachirisu and Glalie.

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