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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite)


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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) Empty The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite)

Post by Dandelion Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:29 pm

The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) IdhpXrh
cute old stock image:
The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) QsnXJmr

Pachirisu the Jolteon and Glalie the Glaceon
Text Colors Glalie - #fb9d00
Pachirisu - #fc38b9
Combined - #f5c80a
Item No Item
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #471 Glaceon, The Fresh Snow Pokemon - Ice Type
#135 Jolteon, The Lightening Pokemon - Electric Type
Height 3‘00“
Weight 59.7lbs.
Pokédex Entry Pokemon HeartGold:: It causes small ice crystals to form by lowering the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.
Pokemon SoulSilver:: It controls 10,000-volt power and can raise all the fur on its body as if it were sharp needles.
Level 44
Ability Snow Cloak
Volt Absorb
Nature Modest
Characteristic Highly Curious
Impetuous and Silly
Moves - Frost Breath (TM)
- Ice Fang (Level Up)
- Quick Attack (Level Up)
- Shadow Ball (TM)

- Thunderbolt (TM)
- Thunder Fang (Level Up)
- Quick Attack (Level Up)
- Pin Missile (Level Up)
History The two little Eevee’s were born in a renowned Eevee breeding facility where they played and grew in a carefree manor. Early childhood was simply and the two friends were inseparable, always known to the employees as 'the pair'. When someone came by that was interested in an Eevee, the female of the pair in particular, the employees feared their separation would be too taxing and insisted they male be taken as well. The young trainer protested, not wanting to pay for two Eevee's, but after watching the distress in the female as he moved her from her companion away he obliged.

The foxes already had names given by the facility, Sarah for the female and Julian for the male, but the trainer seemed set on changing them. He cycled through names but none stuck to the brown balls of fur. With a sigh he let the naming pass- he could do that after they evolved so why stress. Returning to his home in Snowpoint he swiftly set out to evolve one of his Eevee's into a Glaceon. Upon reaching the ice covered rock he dug around in his bag for a Rare Candy and tried to give it to the female. However, she wouldn't respond to him, too busy running around and playing in the snow, thinking her new owner chasing her was just a game. He chased, yelled at, and tried to beckon her with the candy but nothing worked on the ditzy Eevee as she scampered about. Irritated, his hands flung to his face and the Rare Candy flew to the side. He watched in anguish as the male Eevee, who was sitting calmly beside he massive stone, simply bent over and swallowed the candy, turning into the Glaceon he [somewhat] desired. This finally captured Sarah's attention as she came to a solid halt and fell over face first in the snow. She wanted to make a light show and look cool and get candy too! While the man stood over his new Ice Type, wailing over how he "wanted female Glaceon" the remaining Eevee trotted over to and rutted around in his bag looking for the treats. She spilled it over and, before she could dig into the one other candy she found, her paw tapped against something else that had fallen out- a Thunderstone.

The female squealed with joy with the overwhelming light and warm sensation but the man just yowled. He didn't want a male Glaceon and he really didn't want to have a Jolteon. The man was short tempered and this was already driving his patience. He'd had these Eevee's for only a couple days but they were already gaining his resent. He forced himself to calm down though- he'd paid good money to get them and would have to make the most of it. Within the next few days he set to work on training the pair. They were going to be his team for the regional local Battle Arena and they had a lot of work to do before they were ready.

Training was rough. At this point the Eeveelutions realized their owner was not a kind man. He yelled a the pair constantly, Julian more so, though the pair did not understand his resent. Sarah's ditzy nature was both her strength and downfall. While his scoldings wouldn't get to her most the time his temper would. After not listening for so long he would try another tactic- abuse. Physically beating his Pokemon the Jolteon could not handle this and would outwardly submit when she noticed his temper flaring. Her friend responded by going stoic in expression and behavior. Julian would be quiet, doing what he had to and not showing anything that would invoke rage other then failure. He was also beat, though less often as he would not respond to it, at least not in his owners presence. The eeveelutions werent given new names either. The man constantly called them different things, demeaning things laced with venom such as bitch, foxhearted, and dumbass. Eventually he decided they were strong enough, or at least that they would listen well enough to him, to try out the little cup area of the arena.

Thankfully, it was a success. The pair had a natural synergy for double battles and found it to be a load of fun. The low level Pokemon were pretty easy game even for newcomers, with wins and loses at fairly even rates. Once the pair got the hang of the tagteam matches they began excelling and the man used it as training for his Pokemon, pushing them until they rose amongst the ranks of little cup. He even got some new Pokemon, trying out new tag teams and strategies, but no other partners seemed to work with either eeveelution. These Pokemon were also already trained, pre-owned and not looking to make friends, offering the foxes no comfort or friendship. As the pair matured and their strength rose they were entered into the higher ranks. They lost more often here though, their natural double weakness to ground types no longer able to be overcome simply by overpowering their opponent. Their owner grew angry once more, using is other Pokemon more then this pair. He had invested so much into these eeveelutions and they couldnt just win already? After one last humiliating defeat he was at his wits end, giving both a hard beating before donating them to the Battle Arena as a rental team.

While being abandoned was a low blow to the pair life as rental Pokemon was actually a lot better. No longer were they scolded or beaten (for now) and the employees were very nice. Finally they had kind owners to tend to them and fellow Pokemon to befriend. Many of the Pokemon here were also old trainers 'mons with many stories to tell of good things in the world. While they learned and settled into the life it was easy to see that not everyone got along- it made things more challenging for those picking up rentals- but most the Pokemon had a rivalry between them, friendly as it was it kept things interesting with each battle added to their record.
Some of the rivalries went a bit further though. Julian picked a fling here, unrequited and nearly as abusive as his old owner was, and it slowly stripped him of both his self image and voice. The proud Glaceon's stoic attitude turned into a shell, a shield. He remained quiet to avoid her wrath but the Flareon enjoyed watching him squirm even if he wasn't talking. Sarah could only look on and do damage control..

They not only gained some friends and rivals here, but tips and tricks to assist in their battles and in survival (not that they had ever been on their own). With honest help and training from the veterans the eeveelutions gained a high win rate, learning to adjust regardless of how experienced their current handler was. While they had a problem with listening to their humans guidance they could work off each others cues with little verbal communication. Few people complained though, they still got their wins and points even if the Pokemon seemed to be doing all the work.

It was also here they finally picked up their new nicknames. Julian dubbed himself Glalie after watching one wreck face in a past competition. It was a quiet Ice Type like himself, blue eyes and a stuff expression. Sarah on the other hand picked hers up from the other Pokemon. They would call her Pachirisu, since she was as bouncy and energetic as one, and it stuck.

Years passed with them in here. Every so often the rental Pokemon were cycled out and before they knew it the pair found themselves in limbo once more as they were donated to a school. Their naturally gentle demeanor allowed them to be around the kids and their strength allowed them to be guard Pokemon. During the day the children would play with the eeveelutions, happy and carefree, while the Pokemon were to be on guard for dangerous wild ones or unknown visitors. At night they would stay on the grounds and make sure no burglars, petty thieves, or kids needing to pick up their books broke in. The pair really enjoyed life here, lying around in the classroom listening to the teachers read and the kids tell stories and point to pretty pictures in their books. For the first time in a long time they could relax and simply enjoy themselves, not having to worry about how many matches they won or anyone being cruel to them. Over the coming months they bonded with children and, Pachi at least, considered this to just be the perfect place.

Even this peaceful life was not to be for them though. A thief broke in one night and while the guard Pokemon were ready for him they were not expecting his Gloom to put them to sleep. Unconscious and no longer a threat the man returned them to their Pokeballs and threw them in a bag along with the rest of the Pokemon on the premises. He was careless though, and set off the alarm on his way out. The police were notified and the thief, dumb enough to come on foot, was still fleeing when the force arrived and chased him down. In his panic the man tripped while on a bridge and some of the Pokeballs fell from his bag. He quickly scooped them back up but a pair fell into the river below- Pachi and Glalie's.

Carried downstream the capture devices were safely washed onto a sandy bank. Curious woodland Pokemon released Glalie, and he released Pachirisu. After the initial disorientation faded, the pair were relieved to still be together but utterly horrified at what just happened. They failed in their job, lost another home, and now they were in the middle of no where with no sense of direction. Pachi wailed in distress- She had failed the kids she loved! but the Glaceon at her side told her to relax. This didn't have to be bad, in fact, it was a new chapter. For the first time in their lives they could be free, learn what it was like to be wild, something a lot of the rental Pokemon had started out as. Instead of having his life ruled by others, humans specifically, they could travel wherever they pleased without someone else picking the destination. The Jolteon was unsure.. she had always been around humans, always taken orders and had a safe place to stay. They hardly knew anything about the wild aside from stories that had been told. Glalie urged her to relax, she still had him after all and it was time for a new adventure. Hesitantly she agreed, realizing they couldn't really go back either way.

Now free of any restrictions the pair traveled freely, able to see all the things they had heard of only in story. It was hard at first for the pair to learn how to survive in the wild but luckily instinct was on their side along with the battle experience to protect themselves. After a few years it was all second nature to them, though their affinity for human things and old habits were still clear to see. Their travels took them far and wide and after a while the pair learned of the Epidemic and that it was sweeping across the land. They shrugged it off, no more then just another obstacle in their adventure. A deadly disease happened, and undead weren't real, right? They quickly learned otherwise, finding themselves overwhelmed by the violent, discolored, rotting Pokemon that attacked them.

The epidemic also entered them into a new chapter. A very young pair of Eeveelutions, a Flareon and Leafeon brother and sister, were all alone wandering the woods. They were scared, scruffy, and had lost everything. Too young to care for themselves and immediately feeling kinship for the kits the pair took them in without a second thought, Pachi overjoyed to have children in her life again. Now a small pack the group raised and taught the kids skills needed to survive in even this unkind world. It was almost as though they were their own children which made their parting all the more painful. After the children were confident in themselves they left their adoptive parents, heading their separate ways with the resolve that they had to find their actual family. The departure was torture but adult foxes kept their heads high and moved on, ready to start their next adventure and reassured they would see their children again one day.
Appearance Glalie is a bit bigger then a normal Glaceon. Well muscled and fit he is a marvel of health for his species. With large, wide paws meant for climbing snowy hills and thick fur to stay warm it seems a Glaceon really was his destined evolution. He has soft blue eyes and dark blue paw pads. Usually he has a calm, pensive expression though his movements may seem tense. He has a very soft, relaxed voice which is soothing to the ear when used. Glalie has a habit of threading his head tendrils behind his ears and usually keeps them this way unless Pachi undoes it.

Pachi‘s fur is generally kept soft and smooth. She doesn’t spike it unless its a reflex from being startled or when she is angered. Even then she prefers it to be flat as it upsets her skin when its spiky and stand on end. Her green eyes are soft, bright, and happy, easily reflecting her general mood. Usually she smiling and playful, light on her small feet and prancing about.
Personality | Quiet | Reserved | Watchful/Observant | Careful | Longing | Understanding | Calm | Reminiscing | Caring | Confused | Distant | Placid | Pensive | Tense | Humorous | Stoic | Flirtatious |

Glalie does not talk very often and the few words he does say are to the point. Abuse made him retreat into himself and the use of his voice only caused him pain. Now, he utters little with the most common word/phase being "Hey!"
Communication both with and from him have become difficult with his lack of speech. He relies on expressions and body signals for the most part, and the deep bond he shares with his partner to stay connected. For others, it could a long drawn out chore to understand him. If it wasnt for Pachirisu, he would be an utter mystery.

With less time spent talking he has become very observant, listening to that around him. In fact he loves watch things and seeing how they develop. Details and patience.. Especially patience to watch things unfold. By watching others body language, tones, and whats going on around him he has gained a fair understanding of others without the need to actually talk to them. For this reason Pachi calls him wise.

Glalie is very kind, always complimenting others (though he usually keeps it to himself now) and wondering how they feel. He‘s not easily irritated or upset, and works to try to cheer others up when they are sad. He loves to make corny jokes and see others smile from them. He is very gentle when talking to others especially around kids.

Constantly tells himself Glaceon is what he wanted to be, that ice is what he loves. However, a certain Flareon that caught his affection has tormented this idea, enforcing that he was a complete moron to be a Glaceon. Fire Types make him uncomfortable as they remind him of what could have been as well as the pain she caused him. Whats worse is he often thinks of being a Flareon himself.

Very conflicted inside he feels like everything is upside down and needs help. Was he supposed to be a Flareon, can they stop the infection, are the children okay? Inner turmoil has caused him to retreat into himself, and he would be a sad Pokemon if it wasn't for his partners constant encouragement and smile. No matter how bad he feels inside, he always wants to put a smile on others faces, especially the one who always puts one on his. Truthful, he's careful with his words as he tries to help others. He will say whats needed to make them feel better, promise them it will be okay. Or maybe, promise himself. Despite crumbling on the inside he will always have a facade of stoic strength up on the outside.

Glalie is a fantastic fighter, though he somewhat slow on his paws. Since the pair have left the Battle Arena and have been traveling, he has retired mentally from competitive battling. Making a sport out of battles in this situation is simply sickening and he can not bring himself to enjoy the sport any longer. Glalie would prefer not to fight, if the choice came up, but knows very well that is hardly ever a choice now.

He knows how fragile Pachi can be but doesn't exactly understand why she is. Regardless, he will protect her smile and happiness. No one is to harm or upset her free spirit. At the same time he is protecting his own happiness, as she is both his joy and his joy bringer.
While he actually does not love children he firmly believes they need to be protected and taught to protect themselves. Any child they pass by is precious and worth saving.

| Silly | Cheerful | Aloof | Blithe | Joyful | Worried | Emotionally Unstable | Hyper | Ditzy | Protective | Worried | Loving | Caring | Curious | Fearful | Unstable | Mentally Unstable | Humorous |

A free spirit Pachirisu is a bouncy ball of energy and smiles. Pachirisu is very happy Pokemon, always smiling she loves to giggle and make silly jokes, as Glalie once did all the time. Very playful and bouncy she seems to have endless energy though that may be because of her species. As long as she‘s with her best friend of a companion, she‘s smiley and cheerful, bounding all over.

She isn't the smartest. Often saying stupid things, squealing like a child, or behaving like one just to see what happens. Whats the point of being free to explore if you cant test your new limits?

She loves everything that this "adventure" has given her and wishes to make the most of it. She will do most anything asked of her and wants to try or explore everything. If something needs to happen she will give it her all and be the one to carry that weight.

She doesn't really understand the seriousness of things. Many things go over her head or she will bluntly ignore facts. She calls Glalies Frost Breath attack Ice Beam, even though she knows it isnt just because she wanted him to know the attack. The Epidemic is a hard topic for her. The undead are dangerous monsters but infected are still Pokemon.

Loyal Bond
After years of being together the pair have formed an almost primal bond with one another. The Jolteon herself couldnt stand to be away from friend as a child and being together with him for so long as given her plenty of time to learn his habits and motions. Without much verbal communication from the males part, the two have had to bond even closer. Years of practice allow them to still be able to communicate through Glalies expressions and signals, and simply being old friends really helps.
Pachirisu prides herself for being able to read him. She is proud to say that he needs her to communicate and does so with honor.

That being said, if anyone makes any sort of a remark against Glalie she gets very defensive, and even violent, to protect him. Her fur will instantly spike up with rage. Pachirisu will gladly sacrifice herself for him, and attack others even if she thinks of them as friend. He is all she has and any strike at him detrimental on her mind.

Physical abusive then damage control duty has left her in a bad state. She has a temper and emotional problem, a hard fear of fist attacks and other raising their voices. She will behave both submissively and sassy, unable to function when under stress of any kind. If someone jabs at Glalie's lack of speech, she gets extra violent.

Love [Anxiety]
For Pachirisu her friendship has slowly blossomed into a love she has not realized yet. When Glalie isn't around, she gets very distressed and desperate to find him to the point of pacing, and is unable to settle without him. Its as though her world is collapsing around her. Without him, she will shut down and turn on others, attacking them even as she may think they have taken the Glaceon away. She will be unpredictable until 'her JuJu' is returned to her and as such hardly ever leaves his side.

Pachirisu is like a puppy to Glalie, and goes off his lead, following him anywhere. Yet she also needs his opinion for a lot of her own decisions. While she has her own mind and ideas its not very often that she makes leading decisions. She tries to mimic his old behavior, to keep his verbal spirit alive between them, and enjoys trying to do so.

Simply adores children and loves her friends and will do anything for them. May be careless if they are in danger. Not afraid to use 'the ultimate sacrifice' if the situation calls for it in her mind. Wishes to be a martyr but is terrified of dying and what it will do to Glalie, but still willing to do so.

Pachirisu feels that with Glalie, things will always be alright. That her worries are meaningless and all will be well. He's a safety net for her, keeping her sane and safe from pain, but also so much more. She has placed him upon a pedestal and no one will change that.

Being beat at a young age has left Pachi was a fear of hands. Its small now, good humans replacing the fear with good feelings, however if a fist is raised in anger she will start to panic. Submission and a negative view of the person (or humanoid mon) will follow and probably stick for a while.

User Notes
  • Based off my friend Julian and I as well as my eeveelution team in B2. Julian always went by the alias Glalie and I picked up Pachirisu to match him. (A lot is exaggerated personality wise, especially the love part and in no way should it be taken literally). By no means are these sonas.
  • Names and text colors are based off of our names and colors on our chat.
  • Generally, Pachi calls her partner Glalie or ‘JuJu‘, but Glalie calls his partner solely by Sarah, only occasionally calling her Pachirisu. This is somewhat upsetting to the Jolteon.
  • They know Diana the Flareon from the Battle Arena, Eterna the Leafeon and Rumoo the Flareon as their adopted children, and Bull Rush from their travels.

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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) Empty Re: The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite)

Post by Dandelion Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:31 pm

I think we are ready for approval.

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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) Empty Re: The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite)

Post by Mewtwo Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:46 pm

For the Jolteon:

Last Resort is a Tutor only move and does not pass down in breeding. Only in Crystal did Tutor moves ever pass down but we go by Gen V rules.

That is my only note.


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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) Empty Re: The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite)

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Thats odd because it passed between my Eevee's in my White game.

Regardless, edited for Quick Attack.

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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) 3Br5nS6

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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) Empty Re: The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite)

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To main computer, please.

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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) Empty Re: The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite)

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The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite) Empty Re: The Tag Team: Pachirisu the Jolteon & Glalie the Glaceon (Snowpoint, Elite)

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