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    Drusco The Sableye [WIP]


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    Drusco The Sableye [WIP] Empty Drusco The Sableye [WIP]

    Post by MightEpicon Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:17 pm

    Drusco The Sableye
    Text Color- #000033
    Items- Smoke Ball (has a small supply of them hidden around her person), Small Pouch (a small fanny-pack that she's stuffed a number of extra Smoke Balls into), Tool Belt (another storage area for her Smoke Balls)
    Gender- Female
    Age- Adult
    Species- #302, Sableye, The Darkness Pokemon
    Height- 1'8”
    Weight- 23.9
    Pokédex Entry- Sableye digs the ground with sharpened claws to find rocks that it eats. Substances in the eaten rocks crystallize and rise up to the Pokémon’s body surface.
    Level- 25
    Ability- Keen Eye
    Nature- Naughty (ATT)
    Characteristic- Proud of its Power (10)
    - Shadow Sneak (LVL25)
    - Astonish (LVL11)
    - Night Shade (LVL8)
    - Zen headbutt (Bred)

    History- In a small cottage hidden off of Hoenn's Route 116, a baby Sableye was born, the product of two normal Sableye. However, from a young age, little Drusco knew that her life was going to be hell.

    Her breeders had made sure to follow the steps required to ensure she was born knowing the Zen Headbutt attack, and trained her to use it for evil purposes, such as breaking through bank walls or breaking through locked doors. She was pushed to her limit and shoved over the edge time and time again, battered and abused from as early as she could remember.

    Shortly before her father vanished on a job, he taught her the secret to her own future escape, that being that the humans who held them captive were especially greedy, and would easily turn on each other if even so much as a single penny of their take from a robbery went missing. That night, her father was taken out on a job... and he never returned. The only memento Drusco received that proved he was gone was a map to his secret stash of Smoke Balls. Memorizing the map thoroughly, she hit the piece of paper in her cage, making sure to hide it underneath the floor of her small sleeping cubby so the humans wouldn't find it.

    Several weeks later, Drusco struck. She'd made a point of vanishing on jobs herself to scout around for ideal hiding places, and swiped small, thin objects she could use to unlock her cage with. Then, her mother began to fall ill. Figuring it was now or never, Drusco waited until the daytime to strike, undoing her cage and sneaking up to the vault. Thanking Arceus the men never bothered with more technologically—advanced locks, she was able to pick the simple padlock easily, and swiped a small handful before locking the safe shut again. Now, she moved to each of her sleeping captors, using a small blade she'd found to slice the soles of her captors' shoes and slide the money inside. The next time a job came up, she'd be ready.

    Sure enough, two days later the thieves were ready for another job, and decided to take both Drusco and her mother along. Three of them went inside, leaving Drusco behind with the fourth in a vehicle. Drusco took the man out with a blast of Astonish, causing him to hit his head on the steering wheel and lose consciousness. Drusco scattered the remaining money she'd been hiding in his clothing, and went back to her cage. When the heist succeeded and the band returned home, Drusco silently left her cage and over to unlock her mother's, telling her to keep quiet. That was when her mother first caught sight of Drusco's dark side forming... she could have SWORN she saw her daughter's face change and become ... more evil...

    When the thieves began to find their money deficient, they began tearing at each other, becoming more rabid and feral than even the most wild Pokemon. Drusco took this opportunity to make her escape, sliding out of her cage and over to her mother's. With two of the men still duelling and the others dead, Drusco took the opportunity to get herself and her mother moving. On their way out, Drusco noticed a small hip-pack and a tool belt, and swiped them, believing she would be able to find better use for them than her captors. They were roughly twelve feet from the compound when the fighting thugs finally noticed their absence and made to reclaim their only remaining cash-grabs. Knowing that they wouldn't be able to outrun them, Drusco finally released the full extent of her life's frustration on her captors.

    The men never realized what took them out. The first found himself being assaulted from all sides by Zen Headbutt attacks to his entire body before a burst of Astonish caused him to roughly strike his head against a tree and collapse. The second was subjected to a combination of several hits of Night Shade and repeated strikes of Shadow Sneak before running headlong into a tree and falling unconscious. With her task done, Drusco sighed and returned to normal, rushing to help her mother, who had witnessed the entire debacle and was terrified beyond her wits.

    The two managed to make it out of the city and into the wilds of a forest, and Drusco took it upon herself to handle everything from shelter to gathering food and nursing her ailing mother back to health. However, when the epidemic hit, their shelter was raided by a mob of infected Dugtrio. The two were forced to flee, and almost made it to a river when the mob of infected creatures caught them and dragged Drusco's mother away to her doom. Drusco rushed in to try and save her, but was too late, and only managed to soil her hands in copious amounts of infected blood and the blood of her own dead mother.

    Following this, Drusco's dark side fully manifested, taking over her for several months until she learned how to control and use it to her desires. Feeling like the world had ruined her life, she vowed to go and ruin as many lives as she possibly could, and, after locating her father's hidden stash of Smoke Balls, stuffed them into the pouch and tool belt she'd stolen. On her way to find her first targets, she strapped the pouch on over one shoulder, and fastened the belt around her waist after using a lighter she found inside to burn the pockets shut. Now she hunts, searching for groups of Pokemon to harass, torment... AND RUIN.
    Bulbapedia- Sableye is a bipedal Pokémon with a dark purple body. It has pale blue, gemstone-like eyes, which allow it to see in low light and sparkle in the dark. It also has a red gemstone on its chest, and its back has a blue and green gemstone as well as another red one. These gem-like eyes and adornments on its body are caused by its diet, which consists of rocks and raw gemstones. It also has sharp teeth and claws. It is feared by people, since it is said to steal a person's soul if they look into its eyes. It is nocturnal and is rarely seen. It lives in caves.
    Appearance- For the most part, Drusco is a typical Sableye, if a little underweight. However, there are two sides of her: the normal side that behaves in a normal fashion (conversing with others, partying, enjoying herself) and the evil side of her that she never lets anyone else see (her teeth take on a slightly yellower tint, her eyes darken to an almost eerie shade of violet, and her fur stands on end, making him look larger than normal). She normally ONLY uses her evil side as a deterrent to scare off larger, uninfected Pokemon, and is almost always seen in her normal state.
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