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    Aethros, the dual blade master(doublade)


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    Aethros, the dual blade master(doublade) Empty Aethros, the dual blade master(doublade)

    Post by dlink4 Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:39 am

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    Text Color-#00ccff
    Item- Dusk stone pendant x1
    Gender- Male
    Age- young adult
    Species- #680,Sword Pokémon, Doublade
    Height- 2'07"
    Weight- 4.5kg

    Pokédex Entry- When Honedge evolves, it divides into two swords, which cooperate via telepathy to coordinate attacks and slash their enemies to ribbons.
    Level- 36
    Ability- no guard -Ensures attacks by or against the Pokémon land.
    Nature- careful (+sp.def/-sp.atk)
    Characteristic- alert to sounds
    - Shadow sneak
    - Sword dance
    - Retaliate
    - Night slash

    History-In a isolated dojo, i'm train my with master Hyperus, an elder Aegislash. He learn me so many combat technique from my hatching. He's always veil on me. From a little honedge to a skillful doublade, he show me the basic of the sword-play and the advanced movement who only some master can handle it. I'm still not able to use them but, i know they exist. One night, i wake up due to a strange sound from outside. My master was already woke and in attack form. He was waiting something but i don't know what. I heard battle sound many swipe and suddenly, all sound was stopped excepted a horrible growl. A long and horrible silence. I hear an other and unique sound, a divine slash and, the sound of a head hitting the wood floor coming in my direction. In a hole on the door, i just see a gray and horrible bulbasaur head with fluorescent red eyes staring at me.

    My master has been wounded by the weirdo bulbasaur. The following week, my master appearence has slightly changed. He's became a less “Present” in the living world. My master teach me something about the actual world. So much pokemon has fallen in a primary form and act as flesh-eating cresture. They becane too much dangerous many unprepared pokemon has fell in the dark side. There some resistance spot but, it can be more dangerous because the survivor are forgot the honor and the frienship. he teach me what is the honor. During many month, i fight with him to became the more honorable fighter in the world. During that time, some weird pokemon attack us but we're killed all of them.

    One morning, i woke-up and i didn't find my master. I just found a small pendant on the ground with a note inscribed on the ground “use it wisely.”
    (Background not finished yet)
    Appearance- Insert Appearance Here(waiting image approuval)
    Personality- he fight with honor, passion. he like to be cold but he'S very friendly if you're not a crappy dead thing or an opponent.
    User Notes- Insert User Notes Here

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