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    Akashi the adamant Scizor


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    Akashi the adamant Scizor Empty Akashi the adamant Scizor

    Post by Kaze Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:41 am

    Akashi the adamant Scizor Scizor__dream_world__by_kemurigakurekaze-d8co8un

    Very competitive Scizor trained to believe nothing matters more than winning and forced into fights from a very young age by his trainer. Holds the Scizorite but was only capable of Mega Evolving recently when he bonded with his trainer. The sense of loss triggers his alters to switch over. The two that usually front, Gold and Red, both go by the name Akashi Seijuro but have radically different personalities. Gold, as the more violent of the two, has a tyrannical view of battle and views other pokemon as pieces in a strategy game instead of living beings and is incredibly ruthless. whenever he is forced to participate in a battle it is because his pieces have failed him and he has to fix things himself. He will never let an opponent to death but crush them entirely so they can never recover. His strategies are ruthless. Red, the more reasonable of the two, is the elder alter and refers to Gold as his younger brother. Gold aims to completely crush him to prevent him from ever regaining control of the body and the two are in constant conflict. Whenever one feels a sensation of loss they switch over until the sensation is felt again. Red is compassionate and views other pokemon as friends and companions. Being more forgiving he does not insist on adherence to strategies but instead works best on the fly, crafting his response to a battle and being in sync with his team to keep track of everyone at the same time. However both vehemently hate losing or being made to feel inferior and will do their best to be in absolute control of the situation.

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