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Aziraphale the Avieon and Crawly the Phanteon (Floater)


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Aziraphale the Avieon and Crawly the Phanteon (Floater) Empty Aziraphale the Avieon and Crawly the Phanteon (Floater)

Post by Kaze Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:09 am

Aziraphale the Avieon and Crawly the Phanteon (Floater) Az_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8j6qcn


Text Color #F0FFFF Azure
Item Copy of 'the buggre all thus' bible
Gender Male (Gender)
Age Aging Adult
Species Avieon, ???, Nebula Pokémon
Height 3'08"
Weight 67.3 lbs.
Pokédex Entry Its bones are hollow enough to permit flight. If it has passengers, they are typically small children, since it can't support heavier people.
Level 50
Ability Cloud Nine-Cancels effects of weather
Nature Jolly
Characteristic Likes to eat
Moves -Wish (Bred)
- Sky Drop (Lvl)
- Fly (HM)
- Helping hand (lvl)
History "Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide. Two of these were wrong; Heaven is not in England, whatever certain poets may have thought, and angels are sexless unless they really want to make an effort. But he was intelligent. And it was an angelic intelligence which, while not being particularly higher than human intelligence, is much broader and has the advantage of having thousands of years of practice."

Aziraphale was raised in a family of angels.  Or more accurately they said thought were angels. They were a clan of Eevees and respective evolutions with unusual moves and abilities, evolving into different forms to serve the interests of their lord Arceus. He was not a particularly bright child, being far too prone to worrying about things even angels found not worth their time. But he was a loyal kid and obedient and while he was earning as avidly as the others his superiors found little to fault in him. He was entrusted with the task of guarding a certain tree, a Leppa tree that Arceus had forbidden anyone from eating from. Not that anyone really tried to, every little Eevee had been told to stay away from that tree. Apart from one, a strange mutant called Crawly who delighted in avoiding his duties by perching in the branches of the tree and engaging him in word play. Most of his superiors didn't talk much to the Eevee, trusting him to get along with his duty and, regardless of the blasphemy the other Eevee seemed fond of spouting, it was nice to have someone to talk to. They quickly became friends, talking about many things together. As much as Aziraphale wanted to believe in what he was taught the other Eevee had some good points.

Things were happy for him until the day when two humans had limped their way into the area while he was guarding the tree. He told Crawly to help as best as he could while he ran up to get help. When he returned ahead of the Aiveon elders he was in time to see Crawly giving some of the sacred fruit to the humans. He stood frozen in shock until the elders arrived. They asked him what had happened. He couldn't lie to them. He said that Crawly had given the fruit to the humans. Then he had watched as the elders had picked up his friend and hurled him down the rocks. He heard the bone snap and when he looked over the edge there was a smear of blood on the rocks. Next they had tried to knock over the humans. He couldn't stand for that; even if they had eaten the fruit he had been taught humans should be protected! He can ahead, leaping across the rocks to break them and give the humans a safe landing. Mid-leap he had evolved, sprouting massive wings large enough to pull them up. The humans had survived but his insubordination could not go unpunished. His evolution however was proof Arceus had favored him. They banished him with a mission; to live among the humans and watch for signs of the end of the world. Only then would he be allowed to rejoin the holy order for the final war when the angels would fight the demons.

He found a home with the owner of a bookshop who was impressed by his ability to read. Using his flight abilities to reach the high shelves it was a calm existence among the musty smell of ancient books. They were barely ever sold, they were treasures that belonged to the store. His favorite were the bibles; his owner's passion. There was a whole shelf of them from different far-off eras, all similar to the one they had studied from as eevees but all with a crucial difference. One stated that the leek will inherit the earth, one with commands to sin on more, another lists 'thous shalt kill' as a commandment. His favorite was one that had an inserted verse decrying the entire thing as rubbish and demanding a raise from the printer for the work. That one was Aziraphale's favorite. It reminded him of Crawly.

Some time passed before he saw his friend had, in a way, survived his fall. At first he did not recognize the purple pokemon in the fancy car of the town's most immoral businessman. After the ghost type phased through the walls of the shop he was prepared to bring down the wrath of the lord but Crawly's silver tongue had not tarnished in the years away. Instead he had talked to Aziraphale of what had happened; after his death he had revived and found his way to town. His new owner was cruel but he refused to give more details. Instead he had many things he had learned about the outside world to share with his friend. It was as if nothing had happened. After lapping up half a bottle of wine he had made an apology as best he could.
" I think it was a bit of an overreaction honestly." He had slurred before he fell over and fell asleep. He woke up with a pounding headache and a conspicuous absence of demon in the room.

Over the years they grew closer together. At first Crawly's visits were furtive as if he was worried Aziraphale might remember his angelic duty to smite demons at any moment but before long things returned to the way they had been. Crawly seemed intent on spoiling him with fancy food and plundered wine while the Aiveon tried to get him to read more outside of the one book they were permitted to learn from. At the times when they would spend the night in the closed Bookstore with a plate of delicacies and two bowls of wine discussing the nature of the world. He had more in common this this supposedly fallen 'demon' than he ever had with his superiors.

After receiving an order from an Espeon of the clan he had begun to feel stressed. Signs had been read; the end time was beginning. The time when he would be expected to stand and fight and probably fall to the forces of the demon hordes. They would win, of course and the way that was said made his ears buzz. He had doubts. At first he'd been able to ignore them but now he had so many doubts. Crawly bought him a new bottle to wine to knock him out of his melancholy. Aziraphale drank more than was befitting of an angel then a bit more for good measure. With his mind fogged and his tongue loosened he finally made a confession to the Phanteon. That he fancied the demon as more than just a friend. That of all the things in this world he prized being able to be with Crawly the most. Against his better judgement he had pushed forward and with yellow eyes hazy behind the shades Crawly had tried to make some smart remark and tripped over his own tongue. In the morning he had licked off his fur and said he had just about gotten tired of waiting for him. As simple as that they became a couple.

The peaceful life has ended when the signs made their way to the small town. A flying undead, a charizard moving ahead of the evacuation, had flamed the town. The bookshop caught alight with Aziraphale in it. The old books caught easily and set fire to the dry timber walls. In minutes everything was blazing. Aziraphale was disorientated by the smoke, unsure how to save his trainer and the books. Crawly managed to break through the window, coughing in the smoke.
"Aziraphale! Assssiraphale!"
The Phanteon forcibly dragged him from the blaze. A few seconds later the main beam broke in half and the roof fell in. Most of what hadn't been crushed burned with no-one alive to put it out. One book managed to escape unscathed, held clenched in the Aiveon's jaws but the rest of the priceless book treasures burnt. Aziraphale no longer had any reason to stay. With his favorite book, the "buggre all thus" bible still clutched in his jaws he deserted from the war between good and evil and walked beside Crawly into the ending world.
Aziraphale is a mature Aiveon with a cheerful look. He appear sweet, innocent and pushover in every sense of the world. The thing most notice about him is the book he carries around with him; an antique bible where one verse (inserted during the proof-reading stage) is a diatribe against the printer. He carries himself in a mature manner. His enjoyment for fancy clothes has been curbed by the epidemic.
Personality Good natured if forgetful and with a tendency towards bibliophila Aziraphale is one of two (Crawly being the other) who have found they have more in common with their opposing number than their distant allies. He has an interest in theology that is shared with Crawly as well as a shared interest in humanity as a whole. He enjoys magic tricks, good food, fancy clothes and goes out of the way to be reputable. He often worries about if he did the right thing and is less inconspicuous than he would like to think. He picks up many different hobbies because he feels it makes him interesting but never pursues them for long. The Aiveon feels he must fulfill his angelic duties and feels honor-bound to help out anyone who needs it, regardless of how comfortable they feel about the situation. Crawly finds this very irritating. However when it comes to things that annoy him he can be surprisingly violent and dispassionate, something that Crawly finds attractive. He is often exasperated by Crawly but will never admit he finds the Phanteon stylish. He will admit, quite loudly if necessary, that the Ghost Type is the best companion he's had in all his years on earth. He has doubts about the existence of Arceus or at least Arceus as the clan believes in them. Instead he is inclined to believe that there is a great plan but it is so ineffable that it cannot be understood even by angels.
User Notes -Based on Aziraphale from Good Omens.
-Currently in a relationship with Crawly. He refers to the Phanteon as "My Dear"
-Tends to avoid battle after his training and is a lower level because of it. He still has lots of experience due to his age, just largely not about fighting.
-Pansexual Agender. Currently using male pronouns.


Text Color #DC143C Crimson
Item Dark Glasses
Gender Male
Age Aging Adult
Species ???, Phanteon, the haunted Pokemon
Height 2'07"
Weight 25.1 lbs.
Pokédex Entry Phanteon is an eevee's soul bound to Earth, which it wanders after its untimely death. It is a common sight in abandoned places, but most of the time, it appears in its old trainer's home after dying in battle. Some even wait there after the trainer is long dead.
Level 50
Ability Cursed body- chance to disable a move when it makes contact
Nature Sassy
Characteristic Quick Tempered
Moves - Helping Hand (lvl)
- Confuse Ray (lvl)
- Will-O-Wisp (TM)
- Shadow Ball (lvl)
"Crawly had dark hair, and good cheekbones, and he was wearing snakeskin shoes, or at least presumably he was wearing shoes, and he could do really weird things with his tongue. And, whenever he forgot himself, he had a tendency to hiss.
He also didn’t blink much.
The car he was driving was a 1926 black Bentley, one owner from new, and that owner had been Crawly. He’d looked after it."

Crawly did not fall as much as saunter vaguely in a downwards direction. It wasn't his fault, he would later claim.

He was born into the Eevee clan of angels, instructed and trained and shunned for the strangeness of his eyes. Generations of interbreeding resulted in some genetic deformities but it marked him as one of the unfortunates of the lair. He would never become anything more than a grunt for his odd eyes alone. Unfortunately for him Crawly didn't much like taking orders. Whenever possible he would run off and hide from his elders. There was one tree that no-one from the clan was allowed to eat from. Something about Arceus declaring it was the sacred tree of good and evil. It looked like a normal Leppa tree to him and whenever he got fed up with his lessons he would hide there for a while. Another Eevee named Aziraphale, only briefly older than him, was set to guard the tree. He would always turn a blind eye to the little eevee in the branches provided he didn't actually touch the fruit and they would talk. Sometimes Crawly would exercise his silvered tongue and try and persuade the other Eevee to eat the fruit with him but most of the time there were plenty of other things to talk about. They would discuss their training. At first it was quizzing each other but Crawly's natural curiosity led him to doubts. Then Crawly would debate with Aziraphale, planting seeds of doubt in the other eevee's mind about the ideals of the entire clan. Still he couldn't persuade Aziraphale to eat the fruit.

Things were tough but peaceful until the day when two humans wandered into the clan lands. Most of the clan was asleep when the battered two dragged themselves over the rock ledge. It was only Aziraphale and him. The older Eevee was flustered, training had included many things but not what to do when living humans entered Heaven. He has run off to get help. Crawly had another idea. The humans were clearly starving, they keep asking him for food. The only thing nearby was the tree and Crawly led them to it and watched them eat the fruit. It was then Aziraphale returned with the elder angels. They asked who had told the humans to eat the fruit. Aziraphale had reluctantly said it was Crawly. The young eevee was thrown out of the clan. Literally not metaphorically. They took him and threw him down the rocks. His back had snapped like a twig.

When he next opened his eyes his body was purple and ethereal. He had evolved, not into an elegant Aiveon like most of his litter but the dark purple and black ghost type Phanteon. Ghost types were evil things to the way of thought he'd been taught. He had drifted largely aimless until he'd been captured and sold. He found a new trainer in a wealthy man with a liking for exotic pokemon. While with him the Phanteon enjoyed good food, fancy clothes and encouragement of mischief. The more trouble he caused the more favor he received, something shared among  the pokemon of the household. It was a competition in viciousness that his heart was too soft to match, despite his best attempts. Every act of evil, every despicable thing that made people's lives harder was something that made his new trainer laugh. He kept his head down, listened to orders and avoided drawing the attention of Hastur and Ligur, the favored two houndooms the human referred to as his hellhounds. Despite this encouragement of cruelty Crawly found he quite liked humans. They had things he never could have imagined back in the clan like cigarettes, wine, Golden Girls and  Freddie Mercury.

It was during a trip around town in his trainer's Bentley that he saw Aziraphale again, now an Aiveon. He was working at the local antique bookstore, something that made Crawly smile as he recalled his old friends interest in reading. After dark he sneaked out to see the Aiveon. After a few moments of surprise and an interrogation that nearly became a battle Aziraphale told his story; how he had left the clan when they ejected the humans for eating the sacred fruit, how he had evolved after saving their lives and been banished under the guise of a mission from Arceus. He had settled here with an elderly bookshop owner who appreciated his help. After Crawly 'accidentally' knocked over a bottle of wine and introduced his friend to the pleasures of being drunk Aziraphale had confessed to him he wasn't sure if it wasn't Crawly who had done the right thing and him the wrong. Then he had sauntered back to the mansion while Aziraphale had passed out on the floor.

They continued to meet over the course of years, at first secretly then more brazenly until the two walking side by side together was a common sight. They continued their theological debates and more, introducing each other to different foods and wines. they would even cover for each other, Aziraphale spreading a bit of mayhem whenever Crawly was busy and Crawly performing some small altruistic acts whenever his angelic friend was indisposed. After a small keruffle over an order sent to the angel (through more psychically inclined members) Crawly had suggested getting a glass of wine and they had ended up drinking more than they intended and things had gotten a bit more intimate than he had intended. Sure Aziraphale meant the world to him, sure it was in his nature to be a bit flirty but when it came down to admitting things he was as timid as a kitten. It was rejection he was afraid of, that being with the Aiveon would somehow taint the feathered eeveelution. Yet Aziraphale had been the one taking charge and as soon as he woke up and realized what had happened he pretended he planned it all along. Then the apocalypse they had tried so hard to prevent had happened and, eschewing the supposed war between angels and demons, walked into the broken world at each other's side.
Appearance A Phanteon with serpentine eyes that he hides between a stylish pair of dark shades. His eyes are golden with slit pupils and white eyelids, meaning he rarely blinks. His tongue is split. His tail and mane fur is luxurious and flowing. He uses his Will-O-Wisp to subtly set things on fire whenever he feels like it. He is usually grinning.
Personality Crawly, named for his biological deformities, acts serpentine whenever he loses control. He seldom blinks and has a tendency to hiss when under stress or drunk. He can also do some very weird things with his tongue. He dislikes fighting as his defenses are weak and nearly anything can wipe him out. In particular he is incredibly distrustful of most ghost types as his superiors tend to be unforgiving. He has a loose dedication to causing mischief after realizing most of the bad things that happen to humans are things they do themselves. Instead his acts of evil tend to be minor annoyances that put people in a bad enough mood to take it out on someone else; thinking not big but wide as he calls it. He often swears and corrects himself in case someone is listening. He also covers for Aziraphale when the Aiveon does something particularly un-angelic. This often causes the Aiveon to say he's a decent person deep down which he will deeply deny because he is worried it is true. He has a hobby of discussing theology with the Aiveon, both finding the topic to be interesting. Like he angel he also quite enjoys the company of humans and wishes the apocalypse wasn't happening right now. He enjoys listening to Queen.
User Notes - Based on Crowley from Good Omens.
-Also based on the serpent of Eden.
-Currently in a relationship with Aziraphale. He refers to the Aiveon as "Angel" or "My angel"
-Using a Mutator for his eyes.
-Tends to avoid battle after his training due to everyone around him being capable/likely to permanently kill him and is a lower level because of it. He still has lots of experience due to his age, just largely not about fighting. Mostly running away.
-Pansexual Agender currently using male pronouns.

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You don't seem to have the mutator ticket needed for Crawly. 

They are otherwise approved but please report back here once you have it.


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Aziraphale the Avieon and Crawly the Phanteon (Floater) Empty Re: Aziraphale the Avieon and Crawly the Phanteon (Floater)

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I have the ticket, it was displaying incorrectly on my profile.

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Aziraphale the Avieon and Crawly the Phanteon (Floater) Empty Re: Aziraphale the Avieon and Crawly the Phanteon (Floater)

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