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    Jolly Rancher the shiny Fairene! (wip)


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    Jolly Rancher the shiny Fairene! (wip) Empty Jolly Rancher the shiny Fairene! (wip)

    Post by Deus Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:41 pm

    Jolly Rancher the shiny Fairene! (wip) FaireneShinyResize
    Art by Cedric.

    Jolly Rancher
    AGEAdult -fifties
    SPECIES#??? Fairene, the Fae Pokemon
    HEIGHT5'06" || 1.68m
    WEIGHT273.4lbs || 124.01kg
    ABILITYThick fat
    CHARACTERISTICLikes to relax
    DEX ENTRYWell known for their amazing bulk and tough structure, Fairenes are often seen guarding the homes of other Fairy-types. Their many frills and wings can come in differing opacity.
    MOVES-Calm Mind (TM)
    -Dragon Breath (lvl)
    -Protect (lvl)
    -Disarming Voice (lvl)


    Overall, Jolly Rancher is tired. His life has been more or less a quiet, uneventful one- which he truly preferred- but with so much chaos, death, and hatred he is growing wary. He used to be the peacekeeper, the arbiter between quells, but now there is no way to control the fighting. Every death or damaged soul he sees takes another little piece from within him, slowly breaking the Fairene over time. He has a particularly bad soft spot for the young, innocent, or those who require help in general, showing no hesitation in giving himself fully in order to aid those. Jolly proves a very valuable support for any leader worth their snuff, a quiet but very sometimes overwhelming support.

    Not able to sit down and take abuse, Jolly is firmly and adamantly against both needless cruelty, bullying, and senseless violence. Naturally pacifistic despite his capability to protect himself with necessary, the Fairene absolutely hates every shred of pain he has to inflict on anyone. Infected are no different and he only puts them down with a heavy heart. Truly a bleeding heart, Jolly Rancher is almost exclusively emotionally driven and determined to keep the peace while making sure each and every member is happy. This of course has consequences and oftentimes backfires, bringing only more stress to the Fairene as he tries his hardest to soothe tempers or hurt feelings. He rarely loses his cool, able to keep a generally leveled head most of the time, but shuts down when he does. Unable to cope, his actions can take on an odd, jittery feel and his words may make no sense as panic seizes him.

    Open minded and patient, Jolly Rancher is capable of giving his trust to almost anyone who earns his respect. He remains undeterred by stereotypes and will not judge, he even still now likes humans despite the ways they have left him behind and turned on him his entire life. Losing his breeder friend left a particularly bad scar and even now he still is wounded by it; the fortunate part is that he has a longstanding positive view on love in all forms. Seeing it between family, lovers, or friends, it does not matter, and he will almost viciously work at protecting it as much as he can. The unconditional caring of one another is only a single of few precious things still left in the world, and he will do his absolute best to save and protect it.

    He generally calls almost everyone he meets 'kid' or some variation of 'child' due to his older age and being the father of the group more times than not.


    A shiny Fairene. He is slower with age, but otherwise average for his species other than his coloration.


    Jolly Rancher was born to a breeder who bred special Pokemon upon request. The client asked for a shiny Bagon, intending to create a unique dragon team. However the Bagon was not at all what he wanted for a physical sweeper, the child showing very little interest in battle and hurting others in general. Returned to the original breeder, he kept the calm Bagon, naming him Jolly Rancher for his coloration.

    For many years Jolly was happy and he spent his younger years tagging along on any adventures to be had with the human. He was a tentative battler, but with the Bagon, he was inspired and took up more fights with friendly local trainers. Jolly evolved in his early adulthood due to this and became an awkward Shelgon with a green outer shell. Life was passive and he grew accustomed to the quiet style of day to day life.

    However as time passed, his trainer fell in love with a foreign girl. She swept him off of his feet and the relationship they built was well founded. As Jolly watched, though, she was more or less fearful of the Pokemon. As a way to calm her and prepare for a life together, his trainer began rehoming all of his Pokemon. When it came to his partner of many years, he first asked for understanding- which he did earn- before inquiring what the shiny would like to do. After some thought, Jolly decided he would rather live life in the wild than with humans from then on. They were too crazy half the time, and no one could replace his original master.

    Jolly enjoyed his time alone for a few years, taking solace in Kalos. But it was one fateful encounter that he took a chance meeting with a young woman and her Gardevoir partner. While normally standoffish, Jolly Rancher actually felt safe enough to spend the days with the trainer. She respected his wish to remain wild and would protect him when any other humans inquired. Time dragged onto years and still the Shelgon remained happily by their side, befriending the human as much as the Pokemon.

    One battle though and the shocking occurred-- he was evolving, but when he emerged, he was not sharp clawed and smooth scaled, instead having paw-like toes and an almost soft, leathery skin. Research revealed that he had taken up the rare alternate evolution of the line, instead becoming the fabled brother of fairy types, a Fairene.

    This change thrilled him, he could finally fly!! And Jolly abused this privilege for many years, his life long thrill finally acquired. Unfortunately, after that, his visits with the trainer and her beloved Gardevoir grew slower and shorter, but he was not discouraged. Life was exciting for the human, and as he settled in his own home, Jolly Rancher became the protector of a small barren of fairies whom needed the aid. A father to many small ones who never knew family, Jolly was happy with the way his older age had turned out. He still took time out of every year to visit his old friends, but his time in the wilds were fulfilling for the most part.

    The downfall came with the pandemic, Jolly Rancher's adopted family all fleeing with the end of the world washing over them. He fought as well he could, but in the end it was not enough. The Fairene was forced to flee, finding purpose as he carved his own way of life in the ever changing world once again.

    -Nickname is Jolly and more often goes by that than his full name.
    -The woman he knew is Champion Diantha, and the Gardevoir is Cosette. Huge thank you to Starbits for allowing me to work with her on this!! Full permission was given!

    -Thank you thank you thank you Mew for the fakemon ticket and shiny ticket!!

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    Jolly Rancher the shiny Fairene! (wip) Empty Re: Jolly Rancher the shiny Fairene! (wip)

    Post by Zapdos Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:45 pm


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