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    Rhee the Aiveon / wip


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    Rhee the Aiveon / wip Empty Rhee the Aiveon / wip

    Post by Min Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:27 pm

    Rhee| |리| |李
    (-plum tree)
    GENDERBigender [She/They]
    SPECIES #??? Aiveon, the Nebula Pokémon
    ABILITYCloud Nine
    CHARACTERISTICLikes to Fight
    DEX ENTRYIts bones are hollow enough to permit flight. If it has passengers, they are typically small children, since it can't support heavier people.
    • Air Slash [level]
    • Roost [level]
    • Frost Breath [tm79]
    • Synchronoise [breeding]


    Vain || Gold-Digger || Witty || 'Pleasant' || Manipulative || Quick Thinker || Sarcastic || Unnervingly Optimistic || Secretive || Dismissive || Selfish || Conceited || Vengeful


    A pretty Aiveon, stunning in her looks and alluring in charm. Despite the state of the world she is still very well-groomed. Although rare, it is possible to spot a few scars and battle wounds if one parts her fur.


    A life of luxury and swimming in money is exactly the life sweet little Rhee was born into, a sweet Eevee bred by a prestigious breeder and sold to the highest bidding man in the auctions: a wealthy wandering merchant. The size of the money he piled knew no bounds, bank accounts upon bank accounts filled to their very brims with cash. He specialized in import of foreign goods and ran his own company, the Eevee and Eeveelutions their signature logo for their enterprise.

    Lucky Rhee was the man's only Pokemon and was immediately showered with only the finest care right from the start. In her infant years she was coveted and loved, groomed daily morning and night and only presented the most exotic of Pokemon food. When she reached childhood she was taken with the man wherever he went, whether it was Unova or Kalos or even regions far-off. She was well-trained in the arts of battle, presented in Hoenn pedigree contests, and well-versed in using her irresistible charm to produce cash from buyer's pockets.

    With plentiful wealth came plentiful knowledge. The merchant man desired to evolve Rhee into an Eeveelution rumoured to be non-existant: an Aiveon. He pooled months worth of money in order to access old texts and spoke to the most prestigious of researchers to discover the method of evolution. Once found he had used balloons and a borrowed flying-type to finally evolve his darling Eevee into her winged form. With soft velvety fur and cloud-like mane it was easy to make money using her--the man charged cash for civilians to see her in contest shows and private exhibitions where she displayed her beauty and prowess.

    The years went by without a hitch, the duo's wealth grew exponentially with little to no trouble at all. Rhee's popularity and fame grew with each region they visited, marveled and admired by civilians and Pokemon alike. Even when the Epidemic came Rhee refused to let things go sour. Despite being abandoned by the merchant during human evacuation the Aiveon proudly kept the merchant line going, coaxing pretty pennies out of survivors with guardwork or berry sale. After all, you never know when the world will be normal again and money's what makes the world go 'round!

    Later on in the Epidemic Rhee stopped her merchant work and instead decided to simply begin travel, revisiting the places she and the merchant man visited before. Her wanders lead her to the outskirts of Hoenn and to the see, sightseeing fabled islands of myths.
    • Only to be roleplayed by Rhee :3c
    • Exploud father.
    • Theme song is Gun by CHVRCHES.

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