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    Hannah The Delusional Wigglytuff | WiP


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    Hannah The Delusional Wigglytuff | WiP Empty Hannah The Delusional Wigglytuff | WiP

    Post by Dandelion Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:51 pm

    Hannah the Wigglytuff
    AGEYouthful Adult - Early to Mid 20's
    DEVOTIONMew and Arceus
    SPECIES#040 Wigglytuff, The Balloon Pokémon - Normal/Fairy Type
    HEIGHT 3'03"/1.0m
    WEIGHT 26.5 lbs/12.0 kg
    ABILITYCute Charm
    CHARACTERISTICAlert to Sounds
    DEX ENTRYPokemon X:: Their fur feels so good that if two of them snuggle together, they won't want to be separated.
    MOVES- Sing (Level Up)
    - Disable (Level Up)
    - Thunder Wave (TM)
    - Psychic (TM)


    -Born with Capgras Delusion
    -Has an owner/trainer, best friends with a Pichu. They are together and playing when the pichu leaves for a few minutes. They come back traumatized, their behavior changing to that of nervousness and fear but still the same pokemon and just as gentle.
    - Hannah picks up on these changes. Starts to panic. Fears it isnt her friend anymore. Seeks confirmation for her fears and can not see past it.
    -Slowly became obsessed with Symmetry to distract herself from the fake friends surrounding her.
    -Obsession developed into OCD
    -Developed insomnia out of paranoia
    -Infection outbreak killed her fake trainer


    'Wigglytuff resembles a pink blob with stubby arms and legs. There is a fluffy, curled tuft of fur on its head, and it has long, rabbit-like ears and large, blue eyes. A layer of tears covers its eyes, quickly washing away any debris. It is covered in pink fur with a white underbelly and ear tips. This fine layer of fur is so soft that those who touch it, including other Wigglytuff, will not want to stop. Its body is soft and rubbery, allowing it to inflate by inhaling. While it is inflated, it is able to move by bouncing or floating. '~Bulbapedia

    Hannah's fur is filthy, she spends too much of her time following her friends to keep them in her sight to bath. She is very jittery and often curled into a ball. Due to constantly requiring to keep an eye on those around her, she rarely sleeps, giving her a reddish tint to her eyes and dark circles beneath the dull aqua orbs. In her paranoia she often tugs at her ears, making them bend and flop over slightly. She also has a bad compulsive habit of ripping out her fur and as such as bald patches.


    Paranoid|Clingy|Over Protective|Suffers from severe Capgras Syndrome | Breaks out into panic attacks when someone she befriends leaves her sight | Doesn't trust easily, can not believe in others | Suffers from O.C.D and other compulsive behaviors | Requires symmetry in everything, any error in this will drive her mad | Hates uneven things, amounts, numbers, looks, speech patterns anything. They send her into a fit | Insomniac, hardly sleeps and never rests well | Constantly aware of everyone and everything around her, its very hard on her body and mind | When exhaustion is too much the delusions and fears intensifies |
    Her name is also a palindrome, the symmetrical use of letters soothing. Had her name not been this way it would she would of changed her name due to stress.

    - Coding by K
    - Character/profile purchased from chaoticNightmare

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    Hannah The Delusional Wigglytuff | WiP Empty Re: Hannah The Delusional Wigglytuff | WiP

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:22 pm

    I don't know if you have a name for her yet, but I have a name suggestion. (Don't feel like you have to just because I sold her to you >< I would feel bad). Belladonia.

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