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    Sable the Delectroke [wip]


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    Sable the Delectroke [wip] Empty Sable the Delectroke [wip]

    Post by Min Thu Oct 30, 2014 6:01 pm

    drawn by us

    Item Talisman
    Gender assigned female at birth [they/them]
    Age Young Adult
    Species ??? Delectroke, the Lightning Pokemon
    Height 5'06" || 1.68m
    Weight 120.3lbs || 54.57kg
    Pokédex Entry Because of the massive amounts of electricity built up in this pokemon, thunderstorms often follow it. It was once fabled as an offspring of Lightning itself.
    Level 44
    Ability Volt Absorb
    Nature Timid
    Characteristic Quick to flee
    Moves - Discharge [lvl]
    - Thunderbolt [lvl]
    - Bite [lvl]
    - Electro Ball [bred]
    History Insert History Here
    Appearance Insert Appearance Here
    Personality Insert Personality Characteristics Here
    Alters Lucy - she/her - protector
      The system's protector. Calm and collected in her speech and demanding in her actions. Very dedicated to protecting the host, Sable, but is reluctant to stop/lock up Harpe. Believes Harpe can be reformed and be a better being despite all his actions pointing towards the opposite. Confident and has no qualms about speaking up, which often leads to Sable relying on her to get requests out in the open.

    Harpe - he/him - problematic little shit
      Violent, reckless, and does not care about consequences. A true delinquent and actively searches for ways to harm the body or get Sable in trouble. Uncontrollable and rebellious, rarely listens to others. Refers to Sable and Lucy as pests and cares little for them. (Although admittedly he does like Sable more. Easier to toy with.) Harpe has an odd fixation over blood and rolling around with it. Sharp tongued.
    User Notes
    • Fathered by an Ampharos
    • Inspired by Noire from Fire Emblem: Awakening

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