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    Clyde the Vigoroth


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    Clyde the Vigoroth  Empty Clyde the Vigoroth

    Post by Snitch Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:32 am

    Clyde the Vigoroth  ClydeResize

    Level 45
    Slash, Counter, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm (Egg)
    Vital Spirit
    Capable of Taking Hits, Strong Willed
    National Dex No./Species;
    #288 Vigoroth / Wild Monkey Pokemon
    5’00” – Larger than usual, however, mainly walks on all fours
    Pokédex Entry;
    It can't keep still because its blood boils with energy. It runs through the fields and mountains all day to calm itself. If it doesn't, it can't sleep at night.
    Clyde was born in the Mauville City day care centre; however, the egg wasn’t noticed until his parents had been returned to their trainer again. When he finally hatched, the staff soon realized the mistake that had been made and were now left with a confused, newborn slakoth wandering around the centre searching for his parents. Before the staff could intervene, a particularly maternal mightyena approached the pokémon and was instantly smitten by Clyde’s cries for attention. Unsure of how to react to the situation, the staff allowed the mightyena to care for the slakoth and would decide on further action when the canine’s trainer returned. This took a particularly long time. In the first weeks that Clyde shared with his foster mother, named Clarice, the two formed an extremely strong bond. Clarice had been unable to have pups of her own and was now overjoyed that she had an orphaned slakoth to give her undivided, undying love to – Clyde’s arrival had given her life a newfound meaning as the young slakoth was about to find out.

    Clarice’s trainer arrived about a month later and was only slightly shocked to learn his mightyena had seemingly adopted Clyde. Sceptical at first, the man initially decided to simply leave the pokémon in the hands of the day care staff, but upon trying to remove the slakoth from Clarice, the mightyena aggressively lashed out in an attempt to protect the child. The trainer, an unknown criminal in the area, seemed somewhat pleased at the reaction and soon decided to accept the slakoth into his team, whom he soon named Clyde. Clyde was overjoyed at having a trainer but soon realized that life with the humans was far different to the month he’d shared with Clarice. Each day, he was forced to watch his ‘mother’ pushed to the limit in battle and then suffer a beating from the trainer if she were to lose. It scared him; and despite Clarice’s best efforts to explain the abuse, Clyde became determined to grow strong to avoid the same lifestyle as his ‘mother’. As time passed, Clyde eventually evolved into a vigoroth and ended up only a few levels behind Clarice as well as the trainer’s other pokémon – a linoone and a makuhita. By this stage, Clyde was in the equivalent of his teenage years and still had a strong relationship with his foster mother; however, their trainer began using Clyde more often in battles as his strength became increasingly apparent. He was unafraid to take on pokémon far stronger than himself and whilst his trainer was pleased with the vigoroth’s attitude, Clarice grew concerned with her ‘son’s’ behaviour. She warned him about becoming too aggressive now that the trainer was using Clyde as a guard in his criminal activity, but Clyde always remained a true gentleman and underneath his aggression, possessed a heart of gold.

    Clyde refused his final evolution when he reached level 36 to his trainer’s disappointment but it was an act of revenge against the man. Only a week earlier, the trainer had suddenly disowned all of his pokémon except for Clyde, claiming that they were too weak to allow him to fulfil his illegal hobbies. Furious, it took a great amount of effort for Clyde to prevent attacking the man, however before he parted with his ‘mother’ he was permitted to spend some time with her. Although sad to be leaving her ‘son’, Clarice was otherwise overjoyed at her trainer’s decision. She had hated every minute with the human and had always been impatiently waiting for the day that she’d finally be released back into the wild. When the vigoroth had had chance to calm down about the abandonment of his friends, he and the trainer travelled to Johto, not friendly but tolerant towards each other. When they arrived, Clyde continued to grow in strength as he battled numerous enemies whilst gradually making their way towards Violet City, his trainer committing petty crimes – such as vandalism, on their journey.

    The pair stopped off at the Ruins of Alph where they encountered an unusually friendly, also particularly rare, smeargle. Reminded of himself, Clyde was reluctant to harm the pokémon and instead, the trainer was forced to capture the smeargle, who was soon named Bonnie. Bonnie constantly looked to Clyde for attention, guidance as well as friendship; however the vigoroth remained aloof for several days before realizing that if he didn’t help this girl, she’d eventually end up exactly like him. Digging deep to bring out the charming, sensitive slakoth he’d once been, Clyde finally began to talk to Bonnie – offer her hints and tips to surviving in the world of crime, as well as providing whatever emotional support she thought necessary. He helped train the smeargle and in time, they grew extremely close. With no one else to rely on, Bonnie and Clyde became the best of friends as well as a powerful fighting team. They performed multiple robberies with their trainer, but for the second time in his life, Clyde was genuinely happy. The pesky, little smeargle was growing on him, and it didn’t take him long to realize he had fallen helplessly in love.

    Months into their travels, Clyde’s feelings towards Bonnie remained unrequited as the trainer decided to rob the Goldenrod City pokemart with his ever-strengthening pokémon. Just as they were about to make their escape, the police burst into the store and Clyde was launched into battle with a pair of houndoom working on the police force. He fought aggressively and without mercy as his eyes continued to flick over to where Bonnie was battling a manectric. He managed to knock one of the houndooms out, but only then did he suddenly notice the smeargle lying unconscious on the floor. Totally distracted, the remaining houndoom had chance to pin him to the ground, allowing Clyde to watch as the situation was taken into control by the police. The trainer was arrested whilst he and a still unconscious Bonnie were bundled into a metal cage which was then placed into the back of a police van. Once he’d been placed with Bonnie, he made sure that no one else came near the smeargle to a stage where on arrival at the station, the pair had to be put in the same holding cage. He listened to the human’s conversations and when Bonnie finally awoke, he explained that there temperaments were to be assessed tomorrow morning. Depending on the outcome, they’d either be re-homed or euthanized. Deciding that they weren’t prepared to have such a choice made for them, they escaped that night and fled into the wilds of the Johto region.

    The weeks that followed were the happiest of both Clyde and Bonnie’s lives. Their friendship grew stronger every day and with their growing bond, Clyde started struggling to keep his true feelings for the smeargle quiet. He was unsure whether she felt the same way, considering there was particularly large age difference between them, so reluctantly, he kept his love silent. Clyde grew alarmed when news of the epidemic reached him, and in response, he urged Bonnie to jump on a ship that could take them to one of the safer regions. She agreed and they set off to the nearest harbour. As they passed Violet City, the two of them were suddenly attacked by an infected fearow. The foul bird launched an attack at Bonnie, and Clyde was furious to learn that he hadn’t reacted to the danger sooner. As Bonnie fell back, he leapt forward to swiftly decapitate the creature with a well-aimed focus punch. The head bounded off and blood sprayed onto both Bonnie and his own form. Quickly wiping the liquid off, he rushed over to Bonnie to inspect the damage – a particularly nasty, but not life-threatening scratch across her arm. Concerned, he urged her to rest in the foliage and as they reached the safety of the trees, the smeargle passed out. Alarmed at the speed in which she’d fallen unconscious, Clyde sat protectively at her side, looking down at her bleeding body before using some leaves to help clean the wound. By the time he’d mopped up most of the blood and fashioned a makeshift bandage, he’d noticed Bonnie’s breathing had become shallower and eventually stopped. Taking her pulse, his world came crashing down as the realization hit him. She wasn’t dead, her tail was still twitching, which left only one other option. Shaking the thought away, Clyde remained beside the smeargle, holding her body and praying that by some miracle, she would awake and everything would be okay.

    Sadly, Clyde’s prayers went unanswered. As Bonnie came too, her eyes were incredibly bloodshot and a pained look was etched across her face – the vigoroth didn’t need confirmation to know that Bonnie would never be the same again. Holding his ground, they spoke softly to each other for sometime before the smeargle suddenly launched an attack at him, which he only narrowly missed. Jumping from his perch on the tree to avoid the attack with which Bonnie lost balance and fell; he continued to risk his life, checking that the smeargle hadn’t been too injured by the fall. She hadn’t, of course, but sat motionless, tail wrapped around the tree trunk as the realization hit her too. She was sobbing now; hysterical as tears dampened her face. Clyde could do nothing but share the emotion, sitting a few feet from his love and for the first time in his life, crying. His whole world was collapsing around him and there was nothing he could do about it. They stayed in this position for a good few hours; Bonnie pouring out her emotions through slurred apologies and violent sobs, Clyde struggling to keep his calm demeanour as he realized what would have to be done. If he stayed much longer, Bonnie would kill him – semi aware of her true self, and there was no way he would ever kill Bonnie, regardless of her newfound nature. With a final pained look, he left his love and disappeared into the wilds of Johto, a broken man.

    User Notes:
    - Clyde was desperately in love with Bonnie, however he only admitted his feelings just before he left her in her infected state – he has no idea whether the true Bonnie ever heard his words.
    - Shortly after Clyde left Bonnie, he struggled with his decision and began following her for a few weeks. He witnessed her kill so many, but when anything seemed to get the upper hand on the smeargle, he risked everything to keep Bonnie safe. When the danger was eliminated, he’d have to avoid Bonnie’s attacks before vanishing once more. He’s recently lost track of his love and is desperately trying to find her current whereabouts.
    - Since losing Bonnie, Clyde has attempted to commit suicide seven times. He has thrown himself in front of the infected on four occasions, he’s tried to hang himself once and fallen from particularly large heights twice. However, he has stopped his attempts at the last minute due to the thought of Bonnie; clinging onto life in the hopes that somehow, she will return to her old self and they’ll eventually be together.
    - Unlike most vigoroth, Clyde usually walks on all fours due to the fact he was born with abnormally long hind legs.

    Could he join Alph please? C:

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    Clyde the Vigoroth  Empty Re: Clyde the Vigoroth

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