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    Aoi Asahina the Dewott [WIP]


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    Aoi Asahina the Dewott [WIP] Empty Aoi Asahina the Dewott [WIP]

    Post by Min Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:49 pm

    ((the Lulu is a big Dangan Ronpa fan and couldn't resist the temptation she is so sorry))

    YO if you're reading Dangan Ronpa right now or watching it and you haven't finished it DON'T READ THIS PROFILE unless you don't mind spoilers ((you have been warned))

    Aoi Asahina the SHSL Swimmer Dewott, based on this lovely lady from Dangan Ronpa;
    Aoi Asahina the Dewott [WIP] Aoi

    May or may not dual her with a Pokemon based on Sakura. ((aoi x sakura is my otp okay shush))

    Personality (c&p from Dangan Ronpa wiki, will be revised eventually);
    Always energetic and friendly, Asahina is also a bit airheaded. She has difficulty remembering names. Asahina is quite emotional, as she is one of the very few students that take their friends’ deaths very personally, to the extent of crying for the dying Yamada in Chapter 3. This trait is also prevalent in Chapter 4, where she got into a fight with Togami and Syo because the latter two were badmouthing Sakura Oogami, her close friend.
    Of all things that afflict her, Oogami’s death affects her the most. This event is enough to drive her into devising a plan to get herself and the others killed after she read Oogami’s (falsified) suicide note. The Free Time sequence reveals her insecurity about not being feminine enough due to her being an athlete. She is also a donut lover and secretly a fan of Jason Statham.

    A lithe, well-built Dewott who dons a read jacket similar to this. She has a slight ponytail tied from the longer fur on the back of her head that seems to move in accordance to her mood. (i.e. will spike when angry, droop when sad, etc)

    She loves donuts and if you give her one she will be for BFFL forever and ever and ever
    ((no im not kidding she really does love donuts just give her one and she will fucking love you))

    Now I need to find a way to mold Dangan Ronpa's plot to EJ plot damnit. :C
    lets go high school live of mutal killing lets go

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