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    Azura The Zorua ((WIP))


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    Azura The Zorua ((WIP)) Empty Azura The Zorua ((WIP))

    Post by Duma Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:41 am

    Azura The Zorua ((WIP)) Gxo
    Azura The Zorua ((WIP)) Azura_by_greengunia-d6f7pn8

    Text Color #4FFFD3
    Item Everstone Bracelet
    Gender Female
    Age Adolescent
    Species #570 - Zorua; The Tricky Fox Pokemon [Dark Type]
    Height 2'00" (Much Shorter)
    Weight 20.6lbs (Much Lighter)
    Pokédex Entry It changes into the forms of others to surprise them. Apparently, it often transforms into a silent child. - Black
    Level 35
    Ability Illusion
    Nature Quiet [+Special Attack, -Speed]
    Characteristic Alert To Sounds [+Speed]
    - Counter [Breeding]
    - Foul Play [Level Up]
    - Dark Pulse [Breeding]
    - Faint Attack [Level Up]
    History Azura was the runt to a litter of 8. Their mother, a zorua who believed that evolution was an evil mutation and hated their father because he was an evolved Pokemon, gave each of them an everstone bracelet, telling them never to take it off, lest they turn into a demon.

    Being the runt, Azura was picked on by her siblings, and always behind her mother's back. Her siblings would jeer at her, push her around and snap at her armband. They'd call her a reject, they'd sneer and push her around until one day she finally snapped.

    Their mother was away hunting, and Azura's siblings came to torture her. They pinned her to the ground, and started to bite at her armband. "G-get off..." She managed to say under her brother's weight, but they all just laughed. Something snapped in the young zorua's brain, and she lashed out, using Counter, she hit her brother dead on, all the rage from the years or torture focused into that one attack.

    Her siblings were shocked and appalled by Azura's reaction. All the anger that Azura had built up had hit her brother full force, and she poor zorua pup couldn't handle the attack. Blood pooled from the dark type's mouth. Azura took one look at her bloodied paws, then back to her brother, who's life was ebbing away at an alarming rate. "No... I-I didn't mean... B-brother?" Azura whispered, taking a step towards her now dead brother, only to be blocked by her eldest sister. "Get out of here Runt. Your nothing but a ticking time bomb. Mum's gonna kill you when she gets back anyway."

    Azura fled. Her mother had guessed that an evil Pokemon had killed her like she thought killed her brother. Azura was glad for the distraction, but she knew she could never go home again. She had to live the rest of her life in solitude. It was hard since she was small and everything was a higher level, but she got used to it.

    The downside however, was that after she fled, she became quiet and bleak. She had many suicidal thoughts, and she never really spoke. She'd sometimes mutter to herself, but she never really talked to anyone, for fear that they'd ask why she was out there. She was quite happy to live alone. That was until everything went wrong.

    The epidemic. Everyone heard the news. It was everywhere, it was unknown, and it was deadly. Pokemon who got infected would slowly turn, some faster than others, and eventually die, allowing the virus to take them over. They would then come back to life as mindless zombies, hungry for other living to infect.

    Azura knew she had to get away. She fled, never looking back. She ran as far as she could, hoping she could out last this deadly epidemic. She never even got word that her family had all fallen to the virus.
    Appearance Being the runt of her litter, Azura was always small. Her fur is a light dusty grey, and her mane is a darker grey. She has violet eyes, and on the side of each eye, a bronze marking. Two small bronze stripes sit on her nose, and has has an elastic band with an everstone on it.
    Personality Quiet, Intelligent and Quick Witted. Azura is silent and shy, she doesn't like conflict, but when she has to fight she will. She refuses to take off her everstone bracelet, and anyone who tries to get it off sends her into a violent outburst. She still doesn't know why she does have the outbursts, but she blames it on the years of being tortured by her siblings.
    Theme Song THEME HERE
    User Notes -Father was a Lucario
    -She was told to believe that evolving is evil, and if she takes off her armband she will become a demon. As of such, she is very protective of the armband.
    -Is prone to violent outbursts when pushed to far.

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