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    Power the Bagon


    Power the Bagon Empty Power the Bagon

    Post by Guest Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:57 am

    Power the Bagon _request__leon_by_cockatiellover-d3b2uq3

    Power to Guard Those Dear (called Power for short)

    Brick Break (TM)
    Dragon Claw (TM)
    Leer (Learned)
    Zen Headbutt (Learned)
    Rock Head: does not receive recoil from recoil inducing moves
    Strong willed, willing to break the norm, likes to stick out in a crowd
    National Dex No./Species-
    #371, Bagon/The Rock Head Pokemon
    Pokédex Entry-
    Its well-developed neck muscles and ironlike head can smash boulders into pieces. (HGSS Pokedex)
    Despite the fake sword he carries, nothing.

    He was caught in his sleep. When the Bagon was first caught, he was humiliated- he had been caught in the most easy fashion. His kind would disapprove of being caught so easily. At first Power would not dare look at his new owner in the eye, or take part in battles with his new teammates. He was dishonored.

    "You have the Power to Guard Those Dear, little Bagon," his trainer had said to him on their many picnics in the fields of Hoenn. "You just have to learn how to wield it." Arthur, that was his trainer's name, went into his backpack, pulling out a cardboard sword. The Bagon, Power, looked at it in mystical wonder, before, for the first time, he stared at his owner. "Come on then! I made this just for you."

    Power was Arthur's second Pokemon, but he felt as much love as the next as Elder Author grew to an elderly man. Arthur had trained daily with Power to master the art of swordsmanship, and when the author needed to describe an action scene for his works, he'd turn to the Bagon for assistance. There was no resistance to Elder Author's wish. The Bagon had his pride hurt, but it was by the same person who hurt it that it was replenished on higher ground.

    When Elder Author went off with that puny bird as his only companion, Power and his adopted family stayed at home. They were happy for now, but after some time after the pair had departed from their home in Hoenn, Power began to feel anxious. He was basically the father Pokemon of their group- and his gut was telling him his family members were in grave danger. And he was one of those intuitive Pokemon that have guts that are usually right.

    While one of his family, a mature Glameow, had volunteered herself to go search by herself, Power knew he had to go by his lonesome also. He had the power to guard those dear to him- and he knew he could do it, if he wielded his sword for the right.

    User Note
    -The sword is made of cardboard- not sharp, but is pretty durable
    - He is not planning to evolve because he wouldn't be able to hold onto the sword anymore
    - Negative10 said that I should be more active here, so she lent me one of her Pokemon!

    May I be placed in the Sprout Team?

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    Power the Bagon Empty Re: Power the Bagon

    Post by Lugia Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:14 pm

    Approved! And yes, Sprout is open~

    You will be after the Lucario


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