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    Romulus and Remus the twin Persians[WIP]


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    Romulus and Remus the twin Persians[WIP] Empty Romulus and Remus the twin Persians[WIP]

    Post by Duma Thu May 02, 2013 2:39 pm

    Romulus and Remus the twin Persians[WIP] Romulus_and_reemus_by_younabluelovesyou-d681qoz


    Text Color- #C77700
    Item-Coin Necklace
    Species- #053;Persian, Classy Cat Pokemon
    Height-3’10” (A bit taller)
    Weight-71.0lbs (A bit heavier)

    Pokédex Entry-A very haughty Pokémon. Among fans, the size of the jewel in its forehead is a topic of much talk. - Black
    Characteristic-Highly curious
    - Shadow Claw[TM]
    - Hidden Power[Dark][TM]
    - Power Gem[Learned]
    - Bite[Pre-Evolution]

    Romulus had a very short time with his biological mother. The Persian was nudging him and his brother to a small river, picking them up and putting them in a small basket. "Be safe my dear Romulus. Take care of Remus." Those were the last words that he heard from his mother, before she sent the twins on their way downstream, giving them a necklace with a gold coin on it. The cold night air forced the two brothers to huddle for warmth. Life was a cruel thing for the two newborns.

    They floated down that river for the night, and by the morning, the basket was resting on a river bank. Fate played their way that day and a young mightyena found them. Fearing the strange pokemon, the two meowths cowered in fear, but the mightyena took it in to look after the orphans.

    Romulus and his brother were looked after by the kind mightyena, and they soon grew to love their foster mother, awaiting the mightyena's return each day when she went for hunts. This was how the two meowths knew life as of then, but a whole new life opened up for them.

    Their mother was away, and the two twins were captured by a trainer who was ecstatic at catching two meowths. Letting the two brothers out, he gave both two TMs each. But the two brothers weren't happy with this life.

    They accepted the praise and loving they got from they're trainer, but they didn't want that life. After defeating another pokemon gym, Romulus was curtained in light, and her opened his eyes as a newly evolved persian. His trainer was puzzled. Persians weren't meant to have long and luxurious fur. They had short fur, right? So why was Romulus extremely fluffy?

    Romulus didn't know why his fur was longer than that of a normal persians, but he didn't care. He wanted out. That night, he escaped, his brother along with him. However, he didn't expect his Brother to evolve that night, and the white light alerted their trainer, who tried to recapture the two persians.

    "You IDIOT!" Romulus screeched at Remus, using the TM move Hidden Power on his brother. His brother fell, and Romulus leaped onto him, biting his neck. Blood flowed into the persain's mouth, and he hated the taste of it. Romulus let Remus go, racing off. He wouldn't survive.

    Romulus lived alone for a bit, and he became feared by the other dwellers of the forest, but living alone was getting boring. Romulus founded a small clan, consisting of young pokemon, and they all respected Romulus. This was what he wanted. This was the life Romulus wanted.

    His clan grew, and he gained many followers, and he commanded each and every member. Any who disobeyed was sentenced to death. Oh yes, he ruled with an iron paw, and he wasn't about to become a pushover. Then came that damn virus.

    The epidemic. The word came to Romulus like a torrent of fire. He command his clan to beware, but sick and tired of his rules, they ignored Romulus and got themselves infected. They all turned on each other and started fighting. His whole clan perished that night, destroyed by the virus.

    Romulus abandoned his doomed clan, and roamed the forest alone once again. Romulus didn't know how it happened, all these pokemon just started rising again, and attacking mindlessly. Then a miracle happened.

    Romulus was wandering when he came across a familiar sound. Following it, he was astonished at what he found. Remus. His brother. All past feelings aside and gone, Romulus was delighted to see his brother again. The two vowed never to separate again.

    Romulus now wanders with his brother, hoping to find anyone who isn't dead.

    Appearance-More long-haired than most persians, Romulus has a well bred frame, and he stands with pride. He has a necklace with a gold coin on it. He holds himself high and hates to get himself dirty.
    Personality-Snobby, Arrogant, Up-Tight. Romulus holds himself higher than most, and prefers to be called "Sir" or "Highness". He is gradually beginning to realize that this isn't his kingdom anymore though.
    User Notes-
    -Based off Romulus from the legend Romulus and Remus


    Text Color-#009BB3
    Item-Coin Necklace
    Species-#053;Persian, Classy Cat Pokemon
    Height-3’00” (A bit shorter)
    Weight-69.0lbs (A bit lighter)

    Pokédex Entry-Although its fur has many admirers, it is tough to raise as a pet because of its fickle meanness. - Leaf Green
    Characteristic-Alert to sounds
    - Shadow Ball[TM]
    - Dig[TM]
    - Power Gem[Learned]
    - Bite[Pre-Evoloution]

    >Found by Mightyena
    >Raised by Mightyena in wild
    >Gets Caught and taught TMs
    >Evolves and escapes
    >Nearly gets killed by brother
    >Lives alone
    >Finds mightyena mother again
    >lives with foster mother for a bit
    >Epidemic hits and mother dies
    >Finds brother again
    >Roams with brother
    Appearance-Noticeably shorter fur than his brother, Remus stands tall and proud, but he isn't scared to get down in the mud with others. He has a gold coin necklace. he has a frame that shows he came from a well bred line, and his fur has a shiny sheen to it, even his he hasn't cleaned it in days.
    Personality-Happy-Go-Lucky, Joyful, Sees the positives in everything, Remus is a very happy cat, he lives life to the fullest, and he isn't afraid to get a little dirty if it means finding new friends. He can be annoying and he talks quickly when excited, making him nearly impossible to understand.
    User Notes-
    -Based off Remus from the legend Romulus and Remus

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