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    Pokemon Eggs /closed/


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    Pokemon Eggs /closed/ Empty Pokemon Eggs /closed/

    Post by Min Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:51 pm

    Another question... xD

    How would one go about determining if a Pokemon egg is infertile or not? Would it be the same as reptile eggs with the candling method (but that might not work due to the eggs being coloured... As reptile eggs are white with thin shells.) or like bird eggs with the sinking method? Or would it be a completely different method? (Seeing as there are mammalian Pokemon laying eggs as well.)

    And another question... It's fact in the reptile community that if you turn a reptile's eggs too much (sometimes even once), the hatchling inside would die. With bird eggs, they need to be periodically turned an odd number every day so to prevent the internal parts of the egg sticking to the inside of the shell. What would it be like for Pokemon eggs? And it's known for both reptiles and birds that shaking or excess turbulence can easily cause death. Seeing as many characters on EJ carry eggs and they seem to hatch without problem, is it right to assume that a Pokemon egg is much sturdier than normal eggs and can experience turbulence without baby inside being killed?

    Thankies. <3

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    Pokemon Eggs /closed/ Empty Re: Pokemon Eggs /closed/

    Post by Lugia Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:24 am

    Pokemon husbandry is something not really solidified in Nintendo's lore. However, because they tend to go on travels during their incubation time, it would be safe to assume that yes, pokemon eggs are much sturdier than bird or reptilian eggs.

    Because they're much sturdier, then the hatchling must be a lot stronger in order to hatch. Which would explain why pokemon infants are already battle-ready. But going about deducing whether an egg is rotten or not... well, it would probably discolor a little and begin to smell. At least, that's all I can think of.


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