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    Mirror the Wobbuffet (Johto, NEW BARK)


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    Mirror the Wobbuffet (Johto, NEW BARK) Empty Mirror the Wobbuffet (Johto, NEW BARK)

    Post by Thunderform Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:10 pm

    Mirror the Wobbuffet (Johto, NEW BARK) Wobbuf16

    Text: Cyan.
    Item: None
    Gender: Male
    Age: Adult
    Species: #202, Wobbuffet: Patient Pokemon.
    Height: 4'03"
    Weight: 62.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry: To keep its pitch-black tail hidden, it lives quietly in the darkness. It is never first to attack. Pokemon Silver.
    Level: 43
    Ability: Shadow Tag.
    Nature: Calm.
    Characteristic: Capable of taking hits.
    -Counter (Learned)
    -Safeguard (Learned)
    -Encore (Learned)
    -Mirror Coat(Learned)

    History: Mirror was a Wobbuffet like everyone else of his kind. He lived in caves and avoided most interactions with Pokemons and humans, but he usually moved away at night for picking up berries to eat or just exploring Johto: he loved moving to new places, observing the behavior of other creatures and washing himself under Waterfalls. Mirror's life couldn't be better...solitude, a good home..the life ever Wobbuffet dreams.
    Until one day...one very,very bad day.
    It was a morning, and as every wild Wobbuffet, Mirror was sleeping...dreaming, praying Cresselia for having good dreams. But those prayers weren't answered: during his slumber, the Patient Pokemon was awakened from a terrible noise: the noise of screaming ones.
    He rushed away from his hideout, for finding the scariest thing he ever saw...well, at least for a Pokemon like him: a poor trainer, a little boy, mawled by Rattatas.
    But those mice weren't normal...full of blood, crimson red eyes...they weren't of this world. The poor Psychic Pokemon runned away for hiding in his cave, but only for finding Gravelers, who were both Infected from this mysterious disease.
    Shocked and terrified, he ran away from Route 31, away from the Dark Cave, away from his home. Mirror was so scared about those monsters that he didn't even tought about leaving his new hideout (a hole masked from a bush) during night. This changed his normal behavior as a Wobbuffet: as he once leaved his home only during night and slept during day, he did the exact opposite, as the Sun was the only thing thar reassured him from this madness. The madness that would soon become his new life.
    Now, as a nomad Pokemon, he travels through Johto, hoping to find new survivors to help and for being helped.

    Appearance: Mirror is a perfectly normal Wobbuffet, but he shivers a lot during night.

    Personality: Mirror is a very shy Wobbuffet, and just can't stop being afraid unless he has some company in the form of survivors: even though he his pretty skilled at counter-attacking, he doesn't fight unless he is under pressure or during extreme conditions, such as attacks from the Infected. He likes to use Safeguard for protecting others.

    User Notes:
    -Mirror now acts like the exact opposite from the other Wobbuffets: he now likes to move during day and not during night-time and fears solitude and stays more calm when good and strong Pokemons are around.
    -If he is very calm and happy, although it's very difficult to calm him down, he usually acts like a clown and enjoys to cheer people up.
    -Enjoys Sun like few can, as it gives him more courage.
    -Very sensitive.

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    Mirror the Wobbuffet (Johto, NEW BARK) Empty Re: Mirror the Wobbuffet (Johto, NEW BARK)

    Post by Mewtwo Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:42 pm



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