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    Harbinger; Rampardos (Sinnoh)


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    Harbinger; Rampardos (Sinnoh) Empty Harbinger; Rampardos (Sinnoh)

    Post by Rampardos Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:40 pm

    Name: Unknown
    Species: #409, Rampardos/the Head Butt Pokemon
    Level: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Approximate time of infection: First week of the outbreak

    Known Moves:
    Zen headbutt, Head Smash, Hyper Beam, Smack Down

    Height: Five foot, three inches
    Weight: Two hundred and twenty-six pounds

    History: Born and raised wild, she lived with a herd of her own kind. Humans had long since resurrected the anceint species and left them out in the wilds of Sinnoh to bring the rare kind back to life. Over the years, she evolved and gained power within the large group, becoming the mother of everyone and eventually the official leader. In her old age, though, poachers came and massacred her entire family, leaving her as the sole survivor. Then sold for experimentation, her greif and rage was only intensified by the infection. Released in the jail break at the start of the Epidemic, she now roams Sinnoh, still looking for her missing heard. Usually stomps on her prey to crush their bodies before consuming them.

    Consumes the lazy.

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