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Dark Days are Ahead...
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    Harbinger: Mismagius [Orre]


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    Harbinger: Mismagius [Orre] Empty Harbinger: Mismagius [Orre]

    Post by Mismagius Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:23 pm

    Name: Unknown
    Species: #429 Mismagius, Magical Pokemon
    Level: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Approximate time of infection: First week of the outbreak

    Known Moves:
    Shadow Sneak
    Charge Beam

    Height: 0.9m
    Weight: 4.4kg

    History: Born in the wild, she was always one to cause trouble. Evolving naturally in the wilds of Sinnoh, she enjoyed nothing more than to frighten travelers. Never having any friends and just being a rouge in general even despite her species, she was quickly one to target for experiments regaurding the plauge. Her madness only grew and intensified with her sadistic nature. She escaped with the breakout of the Epidemic. Now she simply rips apart any and all she comes across.

    Consumes the lazy.

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