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    Zim, the Elgyem [Meteor, Hoenn]


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    Zim, the Elgyem [Meteor, Hoenn] Empty Zim, the Elgyem [Meteor, Hoenn]

    Post by Silverishness Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:11 pm

    Zim, the Elgyem [Meteor, Hoenn] 126px-605Elgyem

    Hex Color #83F52C
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #605/ Elgyem, the Cereberal Pokemon
    Height 1'0”
    Weight 10.3 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It uses its strong psychic power to squeeze its opponent's brain, causing unendurable headaches.
    Level 25
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Rash
    Characteristic Proud of his power
    Moves -Confusion
    -Charge Beam [TM]
    -Miracle Eye
    History Zim had no real time with his parents, nor does he even really remember them. No, he was born in a vast incubator a couple of scientists had built to raise a pokemon army. They bred monsters, pokemon with such deadly power, they were sure to take over their small city and eventually, the entire Unova region. They code named this plan Operation Impending Doom, and worked on it for years.

    However, when Zim was born and tested, he was looked over, passed on. In an attempt to prove his worth, he ended up destroying the lab, and consequently, all the others inside. Not knowing what else to do, he ventured off, sure his power would win him his own region to rule.

    Time passed, and Zim nearly always found opposition, either winning from sheer dumb luck or fleeing. He held himself up with pride, however, because he was a part of the Operation Impending Doom, a true Agent of Evil and, indeed, Doom, even though the entire army and its leaders were dead. Details like this didn't matter, though, not to Zim. He was still alive, and that's all that mattered.

    So what strange, dead-reeking pokemon started filtering in? So what all the filthy worm-humans all fled the country? Pathetic! They had no right to be in his region in the first place! He had everything under control until he was whisked away into an unfamiliar place, a dingy cave, by some strange power.

    But of course... he'd meant to do that.
    Appearance Two feet shorter than a normal Elgyem, Zim is really just a little green speck on the ground. His eyes are a deep magenta instead of green, however, giving them a stark contrast to his pale jade skin.
    Personality His narcissism is only outmatched by his lust for power. He feels he is the future ruler of all sentient beings, despite not even reaching lvl 30. Manic, ambitious to a fault, vindictive and oblivious, he rides through life like one would on a bomb hurdling through the air; on top of the world at one moment, exploding into tiny bits the next.
    User Notes
    -Does not admit fault... most of the time
    -Dumb. Dumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumb.
    -Has a reasonable sense of deduction, but again, dumb.
    -Napoleon Complex
    -Very competitive
    -Mewtwo's power wave transported him
    -Been in the cave for some time
    -Based on Invader Zim from... Invader Zim.

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    Post by Lugia Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:41 pm

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