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    Alice the Rattata[Sky, Hoenn]


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    Alice the Rattata[Sky, Hoenn] Empty Alice the Rattata[Sky, Hoenn]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:04 pm

    Alice the Rattata[Sky, Hoenn] Alice_the_rattata_by_kanpekinakyoki-d4qq3t8




    - Quick Attack
    - Hyper Fang
    - Bite
    - Tail Whip

    Ability-Run Away: Except for trainer battles, can always run from battle. Cannot run during Mean Look or Block or when the opponent is trapping with the Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, or Shadow Tag ability.

    Characteristics-Alert to sounds
    National Dex No./Species-#019/Rattata/The Mouse Pokemon


    Pokédex Entry-Cautious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment.

    Item-Silk Scarf

    History-Alice was born in captivity, but the person who owned the mother, the father and the litter did not want all the baby mice. For the fathers own safety and the safety of the children, he was given away. His name was Soubi, though Alice never actually knew him.

    Her mother cared for her and her siblings for a month before the everyone except her mother and Alice were taken away.The trainers mother had taken them to the lab for other trainers to have, after all the entire litter had been either albino with hints of black or completely black in color. The single female the trainer chose to keep along with the mother was the former of the two.

    Eventually she decided to name the Rattata, Alice. Alice lived happily with her mother Haruhi. That was until Haruhi died. After that it was just Alice. The trainer never really trained her though she was more of a house pet. The few battles she did get used in were very short lived. Alice didn't mine though as long as she had the company of people that cared.

    When the Epidemic struck her home town Alice fled, though it wasn't the smartest thing to do The albino pokemon couldn't help it she was just so scared, and so alone. When she heard the news of the mass amounts of humans and pokemon being slaughtered Alice could only hope that her trainer Crimson, was still alive.

    User Note-

    -Alice is mostly albino but has a few patches of fur that are black.

    -She is very timid and easily frightened.

    -Always tries to look for the best in people.

    -Doesn't like the infected and hopes that her trainer is still alive and well, toughing out the infection.

    -Hates herself for running away when the undead attacked her town.

    -This character is a tribute to my pet mouse Alice.

    -She is blind in one eye.

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    Alice the Rattata[Sky, Hoenn] Empty Re: Alice the Rattata[Sky, Hoenn]

    Post by Mewtwo Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:17 pm



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