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    Spot Reservation Rules


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    Spot Reservation Rules Empty Spot Reservation Rules

    Post by Mewtwo Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:07 pm

    Spot Reservation Rules

    Reservation Rules

    Reserving spots on teams has become very popular, and as such we have come up with a few rules to moderate this flow. These are to give everyone a fair shot at teams they may wish to participate on.

    1st Rule:
    • You may only call a save spot in a maximum of two teams, at any time. This goes for all regions. If you have a save in a team in Johto and Hoenn, you cannot call a save in Orre as well.

    NOTE: For users that wish to hold a save in an closed team, for when the next slot opens up, you may. It will be a CLOSED Save, and it will become an open save once the team itself opens and then you will have the standard reservation. However it will count as one of your two saves. That is why we are putting a limit of two, so that you may do so and still call a spot on open teams. You can use them both for open teams or both for closed teams as well.

    2nd Rule:
    • In order to call a save you must post on the Reservation thread. It is there that a list will be generated of all teams that currently have saves and who is saving that slot.

    3rd Rule:
    • You get three tries on profile approval before it is nullified and you lose the save. If your character fails (starting from either profile creation or a “character is ready” post for a WIP/Inactive, depending) to pass by the third profile check by the profile admin, then your save is void and someone else may take the spot.

    4th Rule:
    • There is now a time limit of 5 days to create a profile after announcing a save in a team, and it MUST be approved within the time limit before your save expires. So if you call a spot on Monday, then by Saturday, 12pm forum time, you should be on the team or you lose the spot and someone else may call it or submit a character.

    5th Rule:
    • No reserving spots on teams that do not exist [as in, they are pending approval or just haven't been created yet]. This one is self-explanatory.

    Please remember, this is a privilege we are giving you, and it is not to be abused. Otherwise there will be penalties. Thank you.

    NOTE: As of right now two reserves is the MAXIMUM limit. However, if this works well, there may be chances to earn more reservation spots later.


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