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Elite Four Siebold


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Elite Four Siebold

Post by Abysswalker on Wed May 20, 2015 3:03 pm

Text Color 4550af
Theme(s) Breathing Underwater
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him
Birthdate September 15th
Age 38
Species Human
Weight u trying to say something
Height 6'4"
Region of origin Kalos
Occupation Former Kalos E4, Water-type specialist, chef
Party Lost his Barbaracle at the beginning of the epidemic.
All of his Pokemon are self-named. He always called them by their species' names when around other people and still will.
Pkm 1
Name/Gender: Typhoon [M]
Text colour: 19436c
Species: Gyarados
Level: 76
Ability: Intimidate
Attack list:
-Waterfall (HM)
-Ice Fang (Lvl. Up)
-Earthquake (TM)
-Dragon Dance (Lvl. Up)
**Became his main battler after the loss of his Barbaracle
Pkm 2
Name/Gender: Sapphire [Genderless, goes by female pronouns]
Text colour: 1fa8f2
Species: Starmie
Level: 70
Ability: Illuminate
Attack list:
-Dazzling Gleam (TM)
-Psychic (TM)
-Light Screen (TM)
-Surf (HM)
Pkm 3
Name/Gender: Riptide [M]
Text colour: 0147fa
Species: Clawitzer
Level: 69
Ability: Mega Launcher
Attack list:
-Water Pulse (Tutor)
-Dragon Pulse (Lvl. Up)
-Dark Pulse (Start)
-Aura Sphere (Lvl. Up)
Pkm 4
Name/Gender: Swanna [F]
Text colour: 70dbdb
Species: Swanna
Level: 60
Ability: Keen Eye
Attack list:
-Air Slash (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Fly (HM)
-Water Pulse (Lvl. Up)
-Tailwind (Lvl. Up)
**Caught during the epidemic.
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "Devote yourself entirely, so even that which will fade and disappear is ingrained forever upon your heart and mind! That is the only fate for any human."

"There's only one thing left you can do. Remember. Remember what the world was before, and keep moving forward."
Accent TBA
Appearance why are you so GODDAMN tall
Religion Atheist

>Siebold hates having nothing to do, and is on edge if his mind is unoccupied. Being idle is like torture, though he does have a habit of overworking himself because of this.
>hyper vigilant; he will never feel safe staying in one place, and must constantly check his surroundings. To be trapped is similar to a death sentence.
>perhaps out of characteristic stubbornness, or pure determination, Siebold has made it his goal to not let this epidemic break him: even if it took his best friend away, it won't take his will to live or the rest of his Pokemon
>he's become extremely impatient with most living beings, even more than he already was before; Siebold would rather just not deal with anyone and has become quite the recluse as a result
>he may seem like he doesn't care, but underneath the cold exterior, Siebold has a genuine concern and level of compassion for fellow humans. even if he doesn't trust them, that doesn't mean he wishes them harm
>however, he can be rather condescending at times, and a little too sensitive to the opinions of others, mostly out of a desire to be taken seriously
>very rooted in his own viewpoints; not necessarily as narrow-minded as he used to be, but he is certainly defensive and still slow to embrace new ideas from others
>he is resourceful, intelligent, and certainly not to be underestimated. Siebold will use any tactic necessary to survive, and keep his Pokemon alive. Since the death of his Barbaracle, Siebold's protective nature towards his Pokemon has gone into overdrive.
>He is honest, occasionally brutally so. Siebold has no trouble voicing his opinions, but he often takes too barbed of a tone when stating them.
Affiliations Diantha
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