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Elite Four Will


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Elite Four Will

Post by Starbits on Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:31 am

Temporary image; drawing actual image myself

Willam "Will" Hawthorne
Text Color #ce3453
Theme(s) THEME
Weapons His pokemon, a knife, a pistol, and even his psychic abilities to a degree
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Birthdate October 1st
Age 26
Species Human
Region of Origin REGION
Religion Arceist-- prays to Mew
Occupation Elite Four Member | Pokemon Trainer | Actor
Party Will's Elite 4 team is not his personal one, as he prefers to use Johto native Pokemon for the Elite 4 as it feels appropriate to do so.  His personal team he built to compliment Lucian's, the two having matching sets of Pokemon as a result.  While he was able to save all of his personal team and keep them save through four years of epidemic, his beloved Elite 4 Pokemon perished as they had been left at home when he went on vacation to visit his brother right before the outbreak.
Pkm 1
Species- Xatu
Name: Ophelia
Gender: ♀
Level- 70
Ability- Early Bird
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Confuse Ray (TM)
-Quick Attack (Learned)
**Text Color-- #daa520
Pkm 2
Species- Gardevoir
Name: Emilia
Level- 69
Ability- Trace
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Moonblast (Learned)
-Calm Mind (Learned)
-Charge Beam (TM)
**Text Color-- #80e972
Pkm 3
Species- Espeon
Name: Lady Mcduff
Gender: ♀
Level- 69
Ability- Magic Bounce
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Morning Sun (Learned)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Signal Beam (Learned)
**Text Color-- #7c7093
**Called "Duffy"
Pkm 4
Species- Bronzong
Name: Cressida
Gender: Sexless (prefers female pronouns)
Level- 65
Ability- Heatproof
Attack list-
-Psychic (TM)
-Flash Cannon (TM)
-Payback (Learned)
-Gravity (Move Tutor)
**Text Color-- #87d9d2
Pkm 5
Species- Gothitelle
Name: Desdemonia
Gender: ♀
Level- 68
Ability- Competitive
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Calm Mind (Learned)
-Thunderbolt (TM)
-Payback (Learned)
**Text Color-- #4c4c4c
Pkm 6
Species- Meowstic
Name: Juliet
Gender: ♀
Level- 67
Ability- Infiltrator
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Shadow Ball (Learned)
-Signal Beam (Learned)
-Sucker Punch (Learned)
**Text Color-- #b01e00
Quote "I can only keep getting better! Losing is not an option!"

"Losing has never been an option for me, not ever.  I have to keep getting better; Lu needs me and the stakes are higher than ever.  I can't let him or my Pokemon down... This is bigger than... than... ah, well, never mind."
-born in ???
-parents wanted him to be a girl; were disappointed when they got another son
-Lucian took over caring for Will, becoming his parent by the time Lucian was ten
-Lucian ensured that Will remained as oblivious as possible to his parents' lack of interest in him
-Will fell in love with acting, and often participated in school plays
-Lucian supported his interests and often helped him with them; expressed pride in him and always went to see Will's plays

Appearance -hair is purple and hasn't changed much, as he's kept it the same length
-his eyes are purple
-still has the fancy clothing, but leaves them at the villa and doesn't really wear them much anymore, though he has kept the mask and that he wears religiously
-when the mask is on, his eyes can't be seen
-long black coat with gold buttons, magenta pants, purple shirt beneath the coat, sturdy black boots
-gestures a lot when speaking
-tends to have at least one Pokemon out

  • excitable

-the epidemic has not yet killed his ability to become giddy over things that he enjoys, or things that remind him of what he enjoys
-even things he's not personally interested in, he'll be pleased to see if he knows someone he cares about enjoys them

  • a little silly

-laughter is the spice of life
-he loves to make others laugh
-he teases his brother quite a lot, but he's also not above making childish faces

  • passionate

-Will throws himself wholeheartedly into what he loves, and he will not be swayed from disliking the thing just because someone thinks it's a waste of time

  • creative

-he made a lot of his own costumes

  • a touch naive

-he wants to believe the best in people and often does
-though he has his limits and if something feels wrong, he will trust that instinct

  • thick skinned

-while he would obviously be hurt if someone he loves turned cruel words on him, Will otherwise does not give much of a fuck about what others think of him
-he's very aware that many people assume he's gay due to his over the top way of dressing and will react accordingly sometimes with homophobia but eh fuck them
-though he cannot deny he's slightly annoyed when people are surprised to find he's a nerd because they thought him being an actor meant he would consider himself "more sophisticated than that."

  • a bit fearful

-though he tries to remain cheerful, he cannot deny that he is afraid this hell may never end
-he keeps this hidden in order not to worry Lucian, though he's sure his brother at the very least suspects it anyway

  • can be impulsive

-Will relies heavily on psychic instinct, but this instinct is not foolproof
-thus, while he often goes with just feels right within the first few seconds of thought, it can (and sometimes will) backfire spectacularly
-pre-epidemic, this strategy often actually worked for him, but now the world is different and he has not adapted fully to it yet

  • subconsciously, he's kind of scarred

-though Lucian did his best to protect Will from his parents giving no shits about him, Will is not blind and did indeed notice it
-to cope, he buried it as much as possible and just waved it away with "our parents are busy people"
-he never faced the reality of the situation and slapped band-aids over the wounds with his bond with Lucian and his acting and battling interests, convincing himself that his brother, his Pokemon, and acting were all he needed to be happy
-as a result, Lucian and their Pokemon are the only people in the world whom he truly trusts, sharing with Lucian a bond he has with no other human
-said bonds are very difficult to form because even with his psychic abilities, he cannot know a person's heart and mind until they are close
-and he is deathly afraid to find out the relationship was nothing more than a lie, so he makes no real effort to get close and keeps to casual pleasantries
Will's Relationships:
Lucian: His brother and the person who raised him, Will adores Lucian and shares a strong bond with him.  Like most siblings they enjoy teasing one another and occasionally argue, but despite their differences in personality and where life has taken them, they remain close.  Though amiable enough with others, Lucian is the only human who Will truly trusts, and the notion of losing him or being separated from him in these end times terrifies Will to no end.  He holds no ill will towards his brother for being their parents' favorite, but all the pretending in the world will not erase from his memory the faint realization that, should one of them be fated to die, his parents would wish death on Will.

He called Lucian "Lucy" all the time as a child but now only does so when the two are alone to avoid embarrassing his brother.  "Lu" is a nickname he'll use in public.

♎ [url=???]Bertha[/url]: Met her through Lucian.  Bertha is the closest Will has ever known to a mother, the woman fussing relentlessly over him and Lucian whenever she is given the chance.  In many ways she filled the hole inside him left by his parents' absence from his life, but in other ways it just made it--and continues to make it--more pronounced.  Despite Will's best efforts, it has not escaped him how desperate he is for her approval, and deep down he's aware it's because unlike his mother, she seemed eager to get to know him.  Will regrets not allowing her to get as close as he could have, and refuses to admit it's because he feared putting her in a position from where she could hurt him.  He fears for her, but tries to calm his worries for her safety by reminding himself how tough she is.

Karen: Met her at the Elite 4 shortly after becoming a member; Karen and Will had a very brief romantic relationship when Karen approached WIll and confessed she thought he was cute and wanted to try dating.  Having been searching for a wife in order to give his parents the grandchildren that Lucian had no interest in providing, Will was more than happy to accept, especially as he was flattered by the fact that Karen had approached him-- no one ever had before.  Unfortunately he found out pretty quickly that he was not attracted to her in any sense besides friendship, with Karen adding that there was a good chance he was gay.  Though not entirely sure he was, Will admitted that at the very least he was not attracted to her and the two ended the relationship on amiable terms, remaining friends.  He worries for her but at the same time, like with Bertha, he's convinced himself that she's simply far too strong to have been killed.

Lance: The Kanto-Johto Champion started as a peer and became his boss.  Though Lance kept to himself at first, Will didn't mind his company and began to enjoy it when Lance returned years later to become the Champion, becoming more social in the process.  Despite this, the two were never close the way Lance was with other gym leaders and E4 members, and Will did not push to try to change that, respecting Lance's apparent choice to keep their relationship at the friendly acquaintance level.

Cynthia: His brother's boss.  Will has met her a few times and thinks she is a strong, capable leader.  He also finds her to be pleasant company and a brilliant mind; could listen to her talk about her mythology studies forever.

Gold: Met him briefly when Gold came through the E4 to challenge Lance.  Will was impressed by his battling skill and enjoyed his warm and friendly personality for the few minutes he got to witness it, but was exasperated at his low intelligence.  As it has been many years, the psychic specialist has mostly forgotten him.
User Notes
-Will levitates his pokeball in his Gold/Silver/Crystal sprite, so we assumed he had psychic abilities like that of Sabrina.
-he is the only one of the brothers to have notable psychic powers, as Lucian's are still dormant
-he can't fight with his psychic powers quite like a Pokemon can, but he can use them to chuck something sharp at an attacker and has used his knife as a long ranged weapon this way
-he is a huge comic book nerd and based his Elite Four outfit off of a superhero called The Masked Magician


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