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Resistance: Elm (HQ)


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Resistance: Elm (HQ)

Post by Elm on Thu Apr 09, 2015 2:42 pm

Professor Emmanuel Elm
Text Color 4778cc
Theme(s) THEME
Item IN FIELD:  
universal communicator, satchel containing:
- Food Rations
- Ammo
- Notebook & Research Documents
- x2 Empty Pokeballs
- Faulty Radio
- Crumpled Photograph

universal communicator, satchel containing:
-notebook, folders, pens, pencils, research documents
-usually a little food to placate his pokemon
-crumpled photograph
-x2 empty pokeballs
Weapons his Pokemon, swiss army knife, pistol (which remains in his room while at HQ)
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Birthdate June 25th
Age 36
Species Human
Weight 147lbs
Height 6'0"
Region of Origin Johto
Religion Arceist
Accent American
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Pokemon Professor of Abilities and Breeding
Party Corsola and Furret are his oldest Pokemon. They were not battlers. Carla has become one over the course of the epidemic, but Fiona prefers not to. Pele and Posiden were two of the starters that he had at the lab when he was forced to abandon his home, whom he grabbed to take with him. Sodo was found alongside his dead human and was adopted on the spot.
Pkm 1
Corsola/Carla (F)
Level- 41
Ability- Regenerator
Attack list-
-Tackle (Learned)
-Spike Cannon (Learned)
-Aqua Ring (Learned)
-Power Gem (Learned)
Text Color - fc88e1
Pkm 2
Furret/Fiona (F)
Level- 33
Ability- Keen Eye
Attack list-
-Fury Swipes (Learned)
-Slam (Start)
-Quick Attack (Learned)
-Follow Me (Learned)
**Text Color: faca69
Pkm 3
Sudowoodo/Sodo (M)
Level- 47
Ability- Sturdy
Attack list-
-Hammer Arm (Learned)
-Sucker Punch (Learned)
-Stone Edge (Learned)
-Counter (Learned)
**Text Color: E02824
Pkm 4
Typhlosion/Pele (F)
Level- 49
Ability- Blaze
Attack list-
-Flamethrower (Learned)
-Flame Charge (Learned)
-Smoke Screen (Learned)
-Swift (Learned)
**Text Color: f28b0c
Pkm 5
Totodile/Posiden (Posy) (M)
Level- 17
Ability- Torrent
Attack list-
-Water Gun (Start)
-Rage (Learned)
-Bite (Learned)
-Scary Face (Learned)
**Text Color: 14afde
Pkm 6
Quote "O- Oh! You are here for that! Here, let me just... let me just get that for you. It was this one, right? ...No? Oh! It was this one... Y- Yes! This is the correct one!"

"I- it was a l-long road but- but we made it! It's- it's time to make a difference, one d-day at a time."
Raised in Johto by a fussy, demanding, overbearing mother and two loving pokemon, Emmanuel Elm had a quiet, isolated childhood that ended up changing only when he discovered his talent in the field of science and decided to pursue it as his life's calling. Taught under the watchful eye of the famous Professor Oak, Elm was always top of the class during his studies into the world of Pokémon. His intelligence and obvious promise in the field led him into the permanent occupation of a professor, his lab based in New Bark Town, Johto.

Specialising in the abilities of Pokémon and later on breeding, Elm spent the majority of his lifetime feverishly researching within the confines of his lab. Sending countless amateur trainers off with their starter pokémons, the professor remained completely engulfed in his work, becoming known for his reclusive and incredibly scatter-brained persona. Alongside his greatest achievement in the discovery of Pokémon eggs, Elm had a rather strained family life; the professor and his wife had rushed as young people into a marriage propelled by a whirlwind romance, ingoring various emotional baggage they both carried; on top of this, neither were very good at communicating their needs; when things rose to heated arguments, she was explosive, demanding, and accusing, and he, a terrible coward and a doormat. As his wife set expectations he could not reach, he buried himself deeper into his work, his research robbing away time he meant to dedicate to his wife and young daughter.

Thankfully, his child kept him from being a total recluse, and it wouldn't be long until she had help. His young lab assistant and two neighboring children came together with his daughter to pull him from his research, their need of a parental figure in their lives the only thing he found more compelling than his own work. Though he did his best to tear himself away from his research to spend time with the young people who needed him, he made no such effort for his wife, whose company he found stressful and anxiety inducing.

When the epidemic hit, Elm was one of the first people alerted. Determined to unravel the secrets of this new, catastrophic phenomena, he virtually locked himself with the confines of his lab to focus on his studies. As the weeks rolled on, his family were evacuated by authorities and were desperate that he join them. Convinced he was on the brink of discovering a cure, Elm refused and was eventually dragged from his lab by concerned authorities. Grabbing a handful of pokeballs – once destined for aspiring trainers – and some of his most precious papers, he was soon bundled onto a ship set for a safe, government location.

Guilty at effectively abandoning his family who had departed days before, Elm remained obsessed with his work – considered a valuable asset towards discovering a means of combating the virus despite his typically disorganized approach. Destined for Sinnoh, tragedy struck as the ship was set upon by aquatic undead. Elm would have died alongside countless other passengers hadn’t his Corsola brought him safely to land.

Alone and completely unprepared for life in this dangerous world, Elm instinctively travelled to the nearest police station in search of human survivors. Unfortunately, the place was abandoned. Indulging in the sparse supplies left behind, the professor swallowed his fear and set off in search of fellow survivors. He has been unsuccessful, struggling for survival in a hostile world that he is determined to both understand and eventually conquer.
Appearance WHILE NOT AT HQ:

(this mainly refers to points in the RP before he was at HQ but will also refer to times in the future when he is not at HQ)

-pair of heavy, walking boots stolen from the police station
-durable, black trousers, lab coat.
-scruffy, teal shirt beneath the lab coat
-grubby satchel over his shoulder
-handgun hangs from a holster about his waist
-his hair quickly becomes unkempt as he both neglects to clean it and lacks the ability to do so most of the time
-will get a bit paranoid and twitchy, showing in the way he looks at people and the surrounding area
-too thin


-currently still too thin as he got to HQ a short time ago
-lab coat 90% of the time; at this point it's like a comfort item
-black or brown trousers
-his hair is usually a little messy from being hastily brushed
-tends to be tired but cheerful
-usually wears sweatervests over a turtleneck, the labcoat over that

  • a complete scatter-brain
    -despite his obvious intelligence is an especially disorganized individual; he is known as such
    -stress is like a disease to the professor, rendering his skills useless as he struggles to keep hold of the situation and his own head
    -with the effects of the epidemic spiralling out of control, these bouts of stress are becoming ever frequent
    -the combination of this and his recent trauma, coupled with the paranoia that had been growing before the trauma, make him particularly unpredictable company
  • particularly emotive
    -acute to the feelings of others and remains a sympathetic companion with the desire to improve the bleak world with his own immovable positivity
  • kind of fragile
    -does not do well under pressure, often resorting to his Pokemon's mental support when things pile up
    -extraordinary ability to suffer a complete mental breakdown in times of panic
  • chatterbox
    -Elm works hard to keep spirits up despite circumstance
    -while he can prove grating for bleaker individuals, he has only the best intentions
  • sacrificing
    -intent on keeping his company of sound mind, he subconsciously sacrifices his own inner troubles and fears to uphold his joyful demeanour
    -they are more important than he is
  • team-player
    -has the mindset to live independently but is no doubt a people-person, unable to stomach isolation
    -he is very much an awkward extrovert
  • workaholic, obsessive
    -the only time he is adverse to people is during his work
    -undeniably dedicated to his research, Elm’s greatest passion lies with his pursuit of knowledge to near-obsessive levels
  • adores his work, passionate
    -it's not something he does purely for the good of others
    -utterly wrapped up in his research; tends to block out the rest of the world as his very being lights up with excitement at new discoveries
  • obedient
    -tends to defer to people of higher authority
  • dedicated
    -without question, to his work, and his research on the virus
  • not a survivalist
    -Elm’s greatest flaw emerges in his difficulty in adapting to the dangerous new world
    -Squeamish and a ridiculously poor aim, it’s quite miraculous the professor had survived so long
    -very much due to his pokemon, but also to:
  • stubborn
    -yep; his drive to survive stemmed from a prominent stubborn streak, which he carries with him to HQ
  • recently cowed
    -whether it was defending his latest theories or showing aversion to a group’s latest decision, the professor was able to provide an unlikely source of rebellion when he felt he was truly right
    -he was not afraid of arguments
    -(the single exception was his wife; the only one who could manipulate them)
    -then Blaine happened; being tortured like that has beaten out his tendency to be occasionally rebellious and now he is much more likely to bend to authority even when he knows they're not right
  • huge dad
    -he loved being a father and even treated two children who weren't his own as if they were, frequently allowing Gold to sleep in his house or in his lab and fiercely protecting him from his abusive wife, as well as the boy's abusive mother when possible
    -he is quick to protect children
  • severely low self esteem
    -it's not something he really acknowledges at all, but he truly has no self confidence
  • traumatized
    -thanks, Blaine
  • Affiliations
    Elm's Relationships:
    ♋ Professors Oak, Birch, Rowan, Juniper, and Sycamore: His colleagues, though none could really be called his friends since he was always the odd one out due to his own forgetfulness and clumsiness. Professor Oak trained him, and he admires the man deeply, though was always too shy to tell Oak just how much he did. He regrets that, now.

    Gold: Fond of him, but also a bit afraid of his obliviousness and how it tends to lead to disaster. Horrified to learn his mother was a drunken, abusive woman, he cared for the boy as best he could, and was happy to present him with his starter... if not also a little afraid Gold might accidentally burn his house down. His wife often complained he was more a father to Gold than their own daughter; though untrue, Elm felt guilty for it anyway. He misses him and frets for his safety, but Gold always was a lucky one where intelligence failed him. He uses that hope to feel better and keep his morale up.

    Silver: Though not appreciative of the fact that Silver stole one of his Pokemon, he was more concerned why someone so young would commit a serious (but mercifully nonviolent) crime like like that. He was more than willing to forgive Silver when the child later tried returning the fully evolved starter, giving the boy words of encouragement and forgiveness during that conversation. He misses Silver and wishes to see him again, hoping that his life after that meeting was a happy one... and fearing it may have met with a messy end, like so many others.
    User Notes
    -Elm has placed an emphasis on training his remaining Pokémon as in the event of an undead attack, he’s relatively unprepared for combat. Whilst armed, he is a terrible shot and continues to flinch away on the rare occasion he pulls the trigger. As a result, he heavily relies on the protection from his Pokémon.
    -Speaks with a stutter, his thoughts and his mouth not communicating well when he is flustered or excited, so oftentimes he is difficult to understand.
    -RP is currently commencing with Blaine and Red; as I don't know what happened, yet, I can't factor it in to Elm's personality beyond a vague idea based on discussed concepts, so certain things are subject to change and will definitely be later elaborated on

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    Re: Resistance: Elm (HQ)

    Post by Elm on Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:56 am

    It is time to be reactivated! Move this to the PC, thank you!

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    Re: Resistance: Elm (HQ)

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    Welcome back, Professor!


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