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    Hansel and Gretel the Nidorans


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    Hansel and Gretel the Nidorans Empty Hansel and Gretel the Nidorans

    Post by Abysswalker Sun Jul 25, 2021 2:52 am


    Hansel / Gretel
    Text Color 55CDFC / F7A8B8
    Item None
    Gender Trans boy (he/him) / Trans girl (she/her)
    Age Adolescent (both)
    Species N.29: Nidoran, the Poison Pin Pokemon / N.32: Nidoran, the Poison Pin Pokemon
    Height 1’2” / 1’6”
    Weight 14 lbs / 18 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It uses its hard incisor teeth to crush and eat berries. The tip of a female Nidoran’s horn is a bit more rounded than the tip of a (fe)male’s horn. / Small but brave, this Pokémon will hold its ground and even risk its life in battle to protect the female it’s friendly with.
    Level 13 (both)
    Ability Poison Point (both)
    Nature Timid / Careful
    Characteristic Alert to sounds / Quick to flee
    Moves -Poison Sting (Start)
    -Growl (Start)
    -Scratch (Level)
    -Supersonic (Egg)
    -Leer (Start)
    -Poison Sting (Start)
    -Peck (Level)
    -Supersonic (Egg)
    History The twin Nidorans were born in the wild, bearing opposing colors that stood apart from the others of their own age. This hardly mattered to them in the earliest stage of their life, but as the two grew old enough to try and befriend the other Nidorans in their home, they found themselves quietly yet gradually ostracized. Their peers were never actively malicious, but the twins’ aesthetic differences marked them as ‘other’ and thus, they had only themselves. The adults cared for them the same as any other Nidoran, some demonstrating genuine affection for the twins, but the two still learned to only trust each other. It was difficult not to, since the rest of their kin weren’t like them even beyond mere colors. The two knew what their future roles would be, and did not want them. They made a promise together, to never evolve.

    This pact is what lead to them running away from the Nido group, and the only home they’d ever known. Unevolved Pokemon lived there, but were never given the same respect as the Nidoqueens and Nidokings. They loathed the very idea of becoming those, of changing from who they were. The twins wanted a place where no one would shove these expectations onto them; barring that, they simply wanted to be left alone. It wasn’t easy; bigger, fiercely territorial Pokemon often drove them away, and they went hungry in the freezing rain for so many nights. Venturing near the settlements of strange humans didn’t go any better-half of them seemed intent on chasing away “pests”, while the other tried to capture them. Both kinds were a huge pain to run away from. Lesson learned: they stopped going anywhere around those things, no matter how much they wanted food.

    Life wasn’t all bad, though. Being around the humans gave them new names: Hansel and Gretel. They didn’t know exactly what those words meant, but both took a shine to them anyway. There were other good times, too. Times where they managed to have full stomachs, or where they stayed around beautiful environments, or where a friendly Pokemon let them sleep in a warm den. Hansel and Gretel never really made friends, but having company was nice. Maybe one day they’d understand what it was like to have others fully accept them, to think of them as their true selves.

    That optimism didn’t last long. Not after what began to happen, anyway. Hansel and Gretel didn’t know a word like ‘epidemic’, but they understood sickness itself, and the lessons taught by this one burrowed deep. Strangers became enemies; no longer did anyone offer them a place to stay. Fighting was not an option after seeing other Pokemon several times their size be killed by these new creatures. The twins always foraged together, but in the midst of a new danger they doubled down on only trusting each other. No matter how far they went, it was always the same thing. Sick Pokemon, dead Pokemon, hiding and hoping to find safe places. Only the two of them were safe; everyone else, dangerous and untrustworthy.

    This life of laying low in the middle of a hostile world is one they’re still living in the present day.

    Appearance The only physical difference they have from other Nidorans is their color scheme, which is the standard shiny variant. They tend to stick close together, as they are scared of other Pokemon.
    Personality Defensive, doesn’t trust anyone but Gretel, super sarcastic, is scared of being vulnerable, shy and passive underneath his tough exterior, hates making decisions, secretly physically affectionate (but will always struggle to open up emotionally); becomes meeker and quieter the safer he feels around others
    Guarded, suspicious, scared of being hurt, doesn’t like being looked at, slow to trust but is very loving when she opens up to you, secretly affectionate (emotionally; she does not like being physically close to someone other than Hansel no matter what); opposite of her brother, she becomes more confident when she feels safe and secure
    User Notes •While I technically had to put their full species’ names as Nidoran male/female bc Pokedex reasons, they use the word neutrally and will be mutually upset if referred to by male for Gretel or female for Hansel
    •Neither wish to evolve
    •Trans rights babey!


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