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    Catzelworm Empty Catzelworm

    Post by Kitty Tue Jun 08, 2021 12:39 pm

    Catzelworm Catzelworm1
    Art by me

    Catzelworm Catzelworm2resize
    Shiny variation

    Genders Possible Male/Female
    Signature Moves N/A
    Ability Intimidate, Cursed Body [hidden]
    Type(s) Ghost
    Height Height in Imperial (17’00”) and Metric (5.18 m).
    Weight Weight in Imperial (50.00 lbs) and Metric (22.68 kg).
    Species Dex number ???, the Parasite Pokemon
    Dex Entry V1. It hides under beds or in closets, feeding off the energy of suffering children or angry adults. It loves hospital grounds.

    V2. This Pokemon feasts off negative emotions, draining the energy of the afflicted. The eye on their tail peeks under doorways, searching for prey in the shadows.
    Egg Groups Amorphous, Dragon
    Evolution Line N/A
    Evolution Method N/A
    Origin of Name Cat + Tatzelwurm + Worm
    Stat Build High Speed, middling Attack and Special Attack, low Defense and Special Defense. This Pokemon prefers sticking to the shadows or fleeing confrontation, but has sharp fangs and claws to hold its own in battle when forced.
    Moves by Level START Fire Fang
    START Ice Fang
    START Thunder Fang
    Lv. 5 Fury Swipes
    Lv. 9 Screech
    Lv. 13 Lick
    Lv. 17 Giga Drain
    Lv. 20 Glare
    Lv. 29 Will-o-Wisp
    Lv. 33 Feint Attack
    Lv. 37 Night Slash
    Lv. 41 Crunch
    Lv. 45 Shadow Sneak
    Lv. 50 Nightmare
    Lv. 55 Curse
    Moves by TM TM 42 Dream Eater
    TM 65 Shadow Claw
    TM 30 Shadow Ball
    TM 97 Dark Pulse
    TM 21 Frustration
    TM 27 Return
    TM 10 Hone Claws
    TM 12 Taunt
    TM 06 Toxic
    TM 40 Aerial Ace
    TM 94 False Swipe
    TM 86 Phantom Force
    TM 21 Rest
    TM 25 Protect
    Egg Moves None
    User Notes --Physical description: Head consisting of only a large sharp-fanged mouth, feline ears, horns, furry body ending in a hairless tail with an earthworm-like texture ending in a functional eyeball, feline arms ending in human-like hairless clawed hands which it uses to drag itself around

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    Catzelworm Empty Re: Catzelworm

    Post by Kitty Sat Jun 12, 2021 11:25 am

    Ready for approval <3

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    Catzelworm Empty Re: Catzelworm

    Post by Lugia Tue Jan 25, 2022 7:04 am

    Apologies for the long absence! I'm here to finally do my job lol.

    My only notes are that a species is either m/f or genderless, and that moves like Rest and Protect are in almost every single pokemon's movepool, but apart from that, your wormy nightmare looks good.


    Catzelworm Shadowlugiasig


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    Catzelworm Empty Re: Catzelworm

    Post by Kitty Fri Apr 29, 2022 12:37 pm

    Thanks for pointing that out! I got confused trying to say the species can be any gender identity. Hopefully all is correct now.

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    Catzelworm Empty Re: Catzelworm

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