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    Imani the Pyroar [WIP]


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    Imani the Pyroar [WIP] Empty Imani the Pyroar [WIP]

    Post by MathCat Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:59 pm

    (Image Coming Eventually)

    Item Imani the Pyroar [WIP] Bag_Berry_Pouch_Sprite Berry Pouch (1 Oran Berry)
    Gender Cisgender Female
    Age Adult
    Species #668/Pyroar/Royal Pokémon
    Height 4’11”/1.5 m
    Weight 156.4 lbs/70.9 kg
    Pokédex Entry With fiery breath of more than 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, they viciously threaten any challenger. The females protect the pride’s cubs. (Y/Alpha Sapphire)
    Level 41
    Ability Unnerve:  Unnerves opposing Pokémon and makes them unable to eat berries.
    Nature Timid (Speed +, Attack -)
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves - Frustration (TM/Bred from Father)
    - Flamethrower (Level Up)
    - Protect (TM/Bred from Mother)
    - Flame Charge (TM)
    History Imani had a rough childhood, being born into a large pride. Her father was rough and, while not quite to the point of abusive, hard on her and her siblings due to how he had been raised by his trainer before his release. Her mother, on the other hand, was gentle and encouraging, although she had no fear when it came to confronting the leader. They raised their cubs to be tough yet caring, although they tended to distance themselves from any male cubs. Her father strictly abided by the tradition of banishing males from the pride when they were old enough, and even her mother agreed with it. Imani grew to hate the tradition when her beloved older brother, Joto, was exiled. She had idolized him for his strength and kindness, and seeing the hurt in his eyes never left her memory.

    Hard times eventually fell on the pride shortly after she had evolved when she was a young adult. There was a drought, and with the pride’s size it became impossible to support everyone. Imani decided to break tradition and decided to leave. Her parents begrudgingly gave their blessing, and she was soon on her way. It was difficult hunting without any support, but her speed often leveled the playing field.

    Making her way to the Lumiose Badlands (also known as Route 13 in Kalos), she encountered Fahari, an adult male. His prideful nature rubbed her the wrong way at first, but he showed a genuine interest in her wellbeing. The badlands were not optimal, but they also weren’t desired; the two decided that it would be ideal to start a family here where there wasn’t much competition and when the group was larger to then take over another area.

    While she was carrying their first child, some humans camped on their territory. Intrigued, she not only stopped Fahari from attacking them, she also observed them for many nights, curious as to why they kept incinerating their food. She was eventually discovered by the group’s Kadabra, who seemed amused by her interest and explained to her why humans cooked their food. Eventually she was allowed to meet them, and while they were at first startled, they shared their food and even let her watch them season and prepare them. It was difficult for her to understand, but there was a certain flavor to cooked meat that she liked – it was warm like the freshly killed, yet firmer, with more taste, and considerably less messy. When the humans departed, they didn’t have much to offer as a way of goodbye other than the TM, Flame Charge, which she gratefully accepted.

    Their firstborn was a daughter, named Hatima. Imani occasionally, for a treat, cooked the food they had caught, which Hatima grew to love yet Fahari grew to despise. The two argued over incorporating human elements, with Fahari claiming it tainted who they were while Imani wanted to break with tradition. While it remained contested, they still stayed reasonably close, and she soon found herself pregnant with their next litter.

    Then the infection struck.

    When they heard about it, they were worried. With the sparser population of the badlands it took more time for the virus to take hold, but that didn’t stop it. Imani began to religiously cook the food they caught, having recalled that one of the reasons humans cooked the food was to kill anything that might harm them that lay hidden within the meat. She didn’t know if it would help, but anything she could do to make her family safer, she would take it. Fahari, on the other hand, refused to eat the cooked meat.

    He eventually fell ill shortly after the birth of their daughter, Tufani, and sons Radi and Umeme. His fur began to discolor, his mane growing incredibly hot from the fever which racked his body. His temper became wild and abusive, while they remained healthy. Eventually he could no longer get up, and as she watched over him, he closed his eyes and took his last breath. Imani cried over his corpse for hours, hoping, praying for a miracle, that Fahari was not really dead. That he would get up and claim it was all a prank, a cruel joke, and that they would continue as they had been for years.

    As if the gods above had heard her, he began to stir. Her throat clenched as he got to his feet, eyes a glowing red, hungry, unseeing, while blood oozed from his mouth due to open sores.

    He lunged, and her miracle turned into a curse.

    She was thrown to the side by the force of his paw, crashing into thick, prickly brush. They fought, with her mostly on the defensive, unwilling to attack her lover. The noise attracted Hatima, who tried to get Fahari to stop. He turned on her, biting the young Litleo’s back. Before he could deal the finishing blow, Imani bowled him over, forcing him to drop her. He pushed her off, her head impacting a rock while he pursued Hatima, who had run back to the den.

    Imani had been dazed, but managed to stumble back up and follow. There, she found a horrifying sight as Fahari dragged a mewling kit out by the head. Her blood turned cold when he bit down, and Radi’s corpse was left without a head. Fahari glanced at her, chewing, his mouth set into what she thought was a grin. The screaming of her other children reached her ears, but she could not move, transfixed. He moved into the den, and another kit’s cry evolved into a gurgling sputter. Hatima came running out, pleading with her to stop him, that Umeme still had a chance.

    As she looked down at her bloodied daughter and as the last of the screaming stopped, she turned and ran.

    She’s been wandering ever since, using her speed to survive, and scavenging whatever useful items she can.
    Appearance Like a typical Pyroar female, Imani has a brown coat with a beige face, legs, and teardrop-shaped tail puff. The coloration ends just before her shoulder blades on her front legs, whereas it has nearly entirely overtaken her back leg, spiking up in a tuft of fur below her hip. Her eyes are a piercing blue with brown trailing off of them, as if eye shadow, and her chest fur is scruffy and flowing well past her elbow length.

    A few key differences is that she is gaunt, and while not unhealthily slim despite being underweight, she is noticeably leaner than other females of her species. She has perpetual tear stains beneath her eyes, and often bears a small sad frown upon her maw. The biggest change about her is her mane - while most Pyroar have a streaming, heated mane that is primarily red with a yellow streak running down the middle on the bottom and top, Imani's mane tapers at the end. That is, the steadily decreasing yellow streak begins to bulge at the last few inches of her mane, eventually - and rather quickly - overtaking the red entirely.

    As a last note, she carries a tattered tan berry pouch she scavenged off a human around her neck.
    Personality Thoughtful | Motherly | Depressed | Quiet | Kind | Untraditional | Timid | Cautious | Guilty | Religious | Delusional

    Before the infection hit Kalos, Imani was a proud, albeit quiet lioness. This didn’t stop her from being cautious to the point of being timid – while she was confident in her abilities, the worry about what her opponent could do to her or, worse, what they could do to her family, often led her to not engage in combat. She always tried to think through her actions and how they’d affect others, as she hated how cruelly her father could treat her family. In addition to this, she didn’t like doing things the traditional way, as all it ever seemed to do was hurt others.

    She was the happiest she had ever been once she had children of her own, nurturing them the best she knew how: with kindness, intelligence, and oodles of love. Her pride no longer focused on herself and instead on her growing kits. She would do anything for them, and with their love grew to be less timid and instead fiercer. They needed a cautious, but strong mother, not one who would avoid every fight. Imani vowed to let no harm come to them, and to never back down from a battle if they were in danger.

    And yet, she didn’t. After their death, Imani withdrew inside herself. She avoided every single fight that came her way, rarely speaking but often crying. She frequently has nightmares of her dead children asking her why she ran; why, in their greatest time of need, their mother abandoned them without a second thought. She is riddled with guilt, believing that she should have done something, and wondering why her mate behaved the way he did. She came to the conclusion that he was terribly sick, and that soon became a delusion; all infected Pokémon, no matter how decayed their bodies became, were merely “sick” and could be cured as if nothing had happened.

    Upon this realization, she began to pray to Ho-Oh and Xerneas, hoping for their rejuvenating powers to bless the sick – especially Fahari. She hoped that if Fahari was cured by Xerneas, then his actions which resulted in the death of their children would also be undone by Ho-Oh, resulting in their living again. Imani strongly believes in her religion as a result, and frequently creates offerings to her deities in an effort to get her happy ever after back…and won’t stand to be told otherwise.
    User Notes - Her name is Swahili for "Faith".
    - Related to that note, she prays to Ho-Oh, hoping for a rebirth of her family and freedom from her sins.
    - She prays to Xerneas for the world to get well and the sick to be cured.
    - Imani's Frustration is unnaturally powerful, but it has severe drawbacks. They say there is nothing greater than a mother's love, so there is nothing more painful than a mother's loss - and nothing worse than a mother's sin...

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