Epidemic Johto

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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Background art was made by Fox. The Banner was made by Silverishness. Show them some love, yeah?

Pokemon © Nintendo
EpidemicJohto © 2011
All names, characters, plotline and artwork are under copyright protection of Epidemic Johto and their respective owners.
No distribution or reproduction without express permission is permitted.

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Post by Roxie Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:11 pm

Below is a complete list of all the avatars available for anyone to use!
Note that Fakemon avatars available for use can be found here, and Legendary avatars are reserved for Legendary accounts only and as such are not featured in this thread.
Alternatively, many of these icons can also be found within the Epidemic Johto Photobucket gallery or the deviantART gallery of PiNkOpHiLiC, but note that the complete avatar list is below.


Avatar's by PiNkOpHiLiC:

Avatar Gallery 001Avatar Gallery 002Avatar Gallery 003Avatar Gallery 004Avatar Gallery 005Avatar Gallery 006Avatar Gallery 007Avatar Gallery 008Avatar Gallery 009Avatar Gallery 010Avatar Gallery 011Avatar Gallery 012Avatar Gallery 013Avatar Gallery 014Avatar Gallery 015Avatar Gallery 016Avatar Gallery 017Avatar Gallery 018Avatar Gallery 019Avatar Gallery 020Avatar Gallery 021Avatar Gallery 022Avatar Gallery 023Avatar Gallery 024Avatar Gallery 025Avatar Gallery 026Avatar Gallery 027Avatar Gallery 028Avatar Gallery 029Avatar Gallery 032Avatar Gallery 030Avatar Gallery 031Avatar Gallery 033Avatar Gallery 034Avatar Gallery 035Avatar Gallery 036Avatar Gallery 037Avatar Gallery 038Avatar Gallery 039Avatar Gallery 040Avatar Gallery 041Avatar Gallery 042Avatar Gallery 043Avatar Gallery 044Avatar Gallery 045Avatar Gallery 046Avatar Gallery 047Avatar Gallery 048Avatar Gallery 049Avatar Gallery 050Avatar Gallery 051Avatar Gallery 52Avatar Gallery 053Avatar Gallery 54Avatar Gallery 055Avatar Gallery 056Avatar Gallery 057Avatar Gallery 058Avatar Gallery 059Avatar Gallery 060Avatar Gallery Polywhirl_by_pinkophilic-d36b99r_zpsmrq9rqc3Avatar Gallery Feel_my_wrath_by_pinkophilic-d39xrrk_zpsvt3ikqpeAvatar Gallery 063Avatar Gallery 064Avatar Gallery 065Avatar Gallery 066Avatar Gallery 067Avatar Gallery 068Avatar Gallery 069Avatar Gallery 070Avatar Gallery 071Avatar Gallery 072Avatar Gallery 073Avatar Gallery 074Avatar Gallery 075Avatar Gallery 076Avatar Gallery Fire_pony_by_pinkophilic-d35oy2e_zpsu0n4kjbpAvatar Gallery Horse_power_by_pinkophilic-d36ztim_zps5uuyljfyAvatar Gallery 079Avatar Gallery 080Avatar Gallery 081Avatar Gallery 082Avatar Gallery 083Avatar Gallery 084Avatar Gallery 085Avatar Gallery 086Avatar Gallery 087Avatar Gallery 088Avatar Gallery 089Avatar Gallery 090Avatar Gallery 091Avatar Gallery 092Avatar Gallery 093Avatar Gallery 094Avatar Gallery 095Avatar Gallery 096Avatar Gallery 097Avatar Gallery 098Avatar Gallery 099Avatar Gallery 100Avatar Gallery 101Avatar Gallery 102Avatar Gallery 103Avatar Gallery 104Avatar Gallery 105Avatar Gallery 106Avatar Gallery 107Avatar Gallery 108Avatar Gallery 109Avatar Gallery 110Avatar Gallery 111Avatar Gallery 112Avatar Gallery 113Avatar Gallery 114Avatar Gallery 115Avatar Gallery 116Avatar Gallery 117Avatar Gallery 118Avatar Gallery 119Avatar Gallery 120Avatar Gallery 121Avatar Gallery 122Avatar Gallery 123Avatar Gallery 124Avatar Gallery 125Avatar Gallery 126Avatar Gallery 127Avatar Gallery 128Avatar Gallery 129Avatar Gallery 130Avatar Gallery 131Avatar Gallery 132Avatar Gallery Summer_10_17_eeveeeee_by_pinkophilic_zpswcb87lwwAvatar Gallery 134Avatar Gallery 135Avatar Gallery 136Avatar Gallery 137Avatar Gallery 138Avatar Gallery 139Avatar Gallery 140Avatar Gallery 141Avatar Gallery Flying_fossil_by_pinkophilic-d368kcb_zpspykwhjhaAvatar Gallery 143Avatar Gallery 147Avatar Gallery 148Avatar Gallery 149


Avatar's by PiNkOpHiLiC:

Avatar Gallery 152Avatar Gallery 153Avatar Gallery 154Avatar Gallery 155Avatar Gallery 156Avatar Gallery 157Avatar Gallery 158Avatar Gallery 159Avatar Gallery 160Avatar Gallery 161Avatar Gallery 162Avatar Gallery 163Avatar Gallery Noctowl_resize_zpskdslz2f3Avatar Gallery 165Avatar Gallery 166Avatar Gallery 167Avatar Gallery 168Avatar Gallery The_terror_of_the_night_by_pinkophilic-d31qput_zpss5ow64hyAvatar Gallery 170Avatar Gallery 171Avatar Gallery 172Avatar Gallery 173Avatar Gallery 174Avatar Gallery 175Avatar Gallery 176Avatar Gallery 177Avatar Gallery 178Avatar Gallery 179Avatar Gallery 180Avatar Gallery 181Avatar Gallery 182Avatar Gallery 183Avatar Gallery 184Avatar Gallery 185Avatar Gallery 186Avatar Gallery 187Avatar Gallery 188Avatar Gallery 189Avatar Gallery 190Avatar Gallery 191Avatar Gallery 192Avatar Gallery 193Avatar Gallery 194Avatar Gallery 195Avatar Gallery 196Avatar Gallery 197Avatar Gallery 198Avatar Gallery 199Avatar Gallery 200Avatar Gallery 201zbAvatar Gallery 201zaAvatar Gallery 201aAvatar Gallery 201bAvatar Gallery 201cAvatar Gallery 201dAvatar Gallery 201eAvatar Gallery 201fAvatar Gallery 201gAvatar Gallery 201hAvatar Gallery 201iAvatar Gallery 201jAvatar Gallery 201kAvatar Gallery 201lAvatar Gallery 201mAvatar Gallery 201nAvatar Gallery 201oAvatar Gallery 201pAvatar Gallery 201qAvatar Gallery 201rAvatar Gallery 201sAvatar Gallery 201tAvatar Gallery 201uAvatar Gallery 201vAvatar Gallery 201wAvatar Gallery 201xAvatar Gallery 201yAvatar Gallery 201zAvatar Gallery 202Avatar Gallery 203Avatar Gallery 204Avatar Gallery 205Avatar Gallery 206Avatar Gallery 207Avatar Gallery 208Avatar Gallery 209Avatar Gallery 210Avatar Gallery 211Avatar Gallery 212Avatar Gallery 213Avatar Gallery 214Avatar Gallery 215Avatar Gallery 216Avatar Gallery 217Avatar Gallery 218Avatar Gallery 219Avatar Gallery 220Avatar Gallery 221Avatar Gallery 222Avatar Gallery 223Avatar Gallery 224Avatar Gallery 225Avatar Gallery 226Avatar Gallery 227Avatar Gallery 228Avatar Gallery 229Avatar Gallery 230Avatar Gallery 231Avatar Gallery 232Avatar Gallery 233Avatar Gallery 234Avatar Gallery 235Avatar Gallery 236Avatar Gallery 237Avatar Gallery 238Avatar Gallery 239Avatar Gallery 240Avatar Gallery 241Avatar Gallery 242Avatar Gallery 246Avatar Gallery 247Avatar Gallery 248


Avatar's by PiNkOpHiLiC:

Avatar Gallery 252Avatar Gallery 253Avatar Gallery 254Avatar Gallery 255Avatar Gallery 256Avatar Gallery 257Avatar Gallery 258Avatar Gallery 259Avatar Gallery 260Avatar Gallery 261Avatar Gallery 262Avatar Gallery 263Avatar Gallery 264Avatar Gallery 265Avatar Gallery 266Avatar Gallery 267Avatar Gallery 268Avatar Gallery 269Avatar Gallery 270Avatar Gallery 271Avatar Gallery 272Avatar Gallery 273Avatar Gallery 274Avatar Gallery 275Avatar Gallery Tailow_by_pinkophilic-d36ztt6_zpsaqroub1jAvatar Gallery 277Avatar Gallery 278Avatar Gallery 279Avatar Gallery 280Avatar Gallery 281Avatar Gallery 282Avatar Gallery 283Avatar Gallery 284Avatar Gallery 285Avatar Gallery 286Avatar Gallery 287Avatar Gallery 288Avatar Gallery 289Avatar Gallery 290Avatar Gallery 291Avatar Gallery 292Avatar Gallery 293Avatar Gallery 294Avatar Gallery 295Avatar Gallery 296Avatar Gallery 297Avatar Gallery 298Avatar Gallery 299Avatar Gallery 300Avatar Gallery 301Avatar Gallery 302Avatar Gallery 303Avatar Gallery 304Avatar Gallery 305Avatar Gallery 306Avatar Gallery 307Avatar Gallery 308Avatar Gallery 309Avatar Gallery 310Avatar Gallery 311Avatar Gallery 312Avatar Gallery 313Avatar Gallery 314Avatar Gallery 315Avatar Gallery 316Avatar Gallery 317Avatar Gallery 318Avatar Gallery 319Avatar Gallery 320Avatar Gallery 321Avatar Gallery 322Avatar Gallery 323Avatar Gallery 324Avatar Gallery 325Avatar Gallery 326Avatar Gallery 327Avatar Gallery 328Avatar Gallery 329Avatar Gallery 330Avatar Gallery 331Avatar Gallery 332Avatar Gallery 333Avatar Gallery 334Avatar Gallery 335Avatar Gallery 336Avatar Gallery 337Avatar Gallery Third_rock_from_the_sun_by_pinkophilic-d39jbvl_zps8rmmfi3vAvatar Gallery 339Avatar Gallery 340Avatar Gallery 341Avatar Gallery 342Avatar Gallery 343Avatar Gallery 344Avatar Gallery 345Avatar Gallery 346Avatar Gallery 347Avatar Gallery 348Avatar Gallery 349Avatar Gallery 350Avatar Gallery 351dAvatar Gallery 351aAvatar Gallery 351bAvatar Gallery 351cAvatar Gallery 352Avatar Gallery 353Avatar Gallery 354Avatar Gallery 355Avatar Gallery 356Avatar Gallery 357Avatar Gallery 358Avatar Gallery 359Avatar Gallery 360Avatar Gallery 361Avatar Gallery 362Avatar Gallery 363Avatar Gallery 364Avatar Gallery 365Avatar Gallery 366Avatar Gallery 367Avatar Gallery 368Avatar Gallery 369Avatar Gallery 370Avatar Gallery 371Avatar Gallery 372Avatar Gallery 373Avatar Gallery 374Avatar Gallery 375Avatar Gallery 376


Avatar's by PiNkOpHiLiC:

Avatar Gallery 387Avatar Gallery 388Avatar Gallery 389Avatar Gallery 390Avatar Gallery 391Avatar Gallery 392Avatar Gallery 393Avatar Gallery 394Avatar Gallery 395Avatar Gallery 396Avatar Gallery 397Avatar Gallery 398Avatar Gallery 399Avatar Gallery 400Avatar Gallery 401Avatar Gallery 402Avatar Gallery 403Avatar Gallery 404Avatar Gallery 405Avatar Gallery 407Avatar Gallery 408Avatar Gallery 409Avatar Gallery 410Avatar Gallery 411Avatar Gallery 412bAvatar Gallery 412aAvatar Gallery 412cAvatar Gallery 413aAvatar Gallery 413bAvatar Gallery 413cAvatar Gallery 414Avatar Gallery 415Avatar Gallery 416Avatar Gallery 417Avatar Gallery 418Avatar Gallery 419Avatar Gallery 421Avatar Gallery 422bAvatar Gallery 422Avatar Gallery 423bAvatar Gallery 423Avatar Gallery 424Avatar Gallery Summer_10_28_driftloon_by_pinkophilic_zpsx1wrw8xxAvatar Gallery 426Avatar Gallery 427Avatar Gallery 428Avatar Gallery 429Avatar Gallery 430Avatar Gallery 431Avatar Gallery 432Avatar Gallery 433Avatar Gallery 434Avatar Gallery 435Avatar Gallery 436Avatar Gallery 437Avatar Gallery 438Avatar Gallery 439Avatar Gallery 440Avatar Gallery 441Avatar Gallery 442Avatar Gallery 443Avatar Gallery 444Avatar Gallery 445Avatar Gallery 446Avatar Gallery 447Avatar Gallery 448Avatar Gallery 449Avatar Gallery 450Avatar Gallery 451Avatar Gallery Jabberwocky_by_pinkophilic-d35or1u_zpszlxm5klwAvatar Gallery 453Avatar Gallery 454Avatar Gallery 455Avatar Gallery 456Avatar Gallery 457Avatar Gallery 458Avatar Gallery 459Avatar Gallery 460Avatar Gallery 461Avatar Gallery 462Avatar Gallery 463Avatar Gallery 464Avatar Gallery 465Avatar Gallery 466Avatar Gallery 467Avatar Gallery 468Avatar Gallery 469Avatar Gallery 470Avatar Gallery 471Avatar Gallery 472Avatar Gallery 473Avatar Gallery 474Avatar Gallery 475Avatar Gallery 476Avatar Gallery The_sentinel_by_pinkophilic-d35oy9w_zpsmiolopxnAvatar Gallery 478Avatar Gallery 479aAvatar Gallery 479fAvatar Gallery 479bAvatar Gallery 479eAvatar Gallery 479dAvatar Gallery 479c


Avatar's by PiNkOpHiLiC:

Avatar Gallery 495Avatar Gallery Serperiority_complex_by_pinkophilic-d4imyquAvatar Gallery Nitro_pig_by_pinkophilic-d4g3zqiAvatar Gallery By_the_flame_of_my_chinny_chin_chin_by_pinkophilic-d4iaygyAvatar Gallery 501Avatar Gallery Clam_rock_by_pinkophilic-d4gtd78Avatar Gallery 503Avatar Gallery Yovl9t2Avatar Gallery 506Avatar Gallery Cute_prankster_by_pinkophilic-d4hn34tAvatar Gallery Leopard_preen_by_pinkophilic-d4jymdi_zps4jfsl0jvAvatar Gallery Simian_sage_by_pinkophilic-d5ya5w2Avatar Gallery Spicy_chilli_by_pinkophilic-d5u5um7Avatar Gallery 517Avatar Gallery Lightning_stripes_by_pinkophilic-d4o3fu0_zpsnhfcsafpAvatar Gallery Diamond_bit_by_pinkophilic-d5gnz6mAvatar Gallery Audiophile_by_pinkophilic-d6a9trpAvatar Gallery Timmbbbeeerrr_by_pinkophilic-d4auab9_zpsp7nfdytxAvatar Gallery 535Avatar Gallery 537Avatar Gallery 541Avatar Gallery Mantis_leaf_by_pinkophilic-d5f8izeAvatar Gallery Psychedelipede_by_pinkophilic-d4n2rri_zpsxrru4cqnAvatar Gallery 547Avatar Gallery Krooka_ko_ke_rook_by_pinkophilic-d5cl097Avatar Gallery Moxie_boss_by_pinkophilic-d4h3neaAvatar Gallery Daimiyo_by_pinkophilic-d5ermhyAvatar Gallery Pebbled_crab_by_pinkophilic-d5fif17Avatar Gallery 558Avatar Gallery 559Avatar Gallery 560Avatar Gallery Pharaoh_of_the_sarcophagus_by_pinkophilic-d4nvbugAvatar Gallery 566Avatar Gallery Sad_sack_by_pinkophilic-d5yt517Avatar Gallery Nasty_plot_by_pinkophilic-d4enufzAvatar Gallery 571Avatar Gallery 572Avatar Gallery 573Avatar Gallery The_blithe_observer_by_pinkophilic-d5rv4quAvatar Gallery Solo_ball_by_pinkophilic-d4ngkwpAvatar Gallery Mitotic_spindle_by_pinkophilic-d5tmlwmAvatar Gallery Red_nucleus_by_pinkophilic-d4nki75Avatar Gallery Duck_diver_by_pinkophilic-d699j0bAvatar Gallery Creamy_snow_cone_by_pinkophilic-d5cy3vmAvatar Gallery Autumn_sawsbuck_zpsqomwp12gAvatar Gallery Spring_sawsbuck_zpsdbm5mdfqAvatar Gallery Summer_sawsbuck_zps3uzmzeunAvatar Gallery Winter_sawsbuck_zpstmulnwecAvatar Gallery The_squirrel_in_the_skies_by_pinkophilic-d4nxh3pAvatar Gallery 589Avatar Gallery 593bAvatar Gallery 602Avatar Gallery 606Avatar Gallery Set_my_soul_alight_by_pinkophilic-d4jgflzAvatar Gallery Alluring_lights_by_pinkophilic-d4oeqpmAvatar Gallery Chisel_dragon_by_pinkophilic-d4oujnk-1Avatar Gallery 612Avatar Gallery Polar_cub_by_pinkophilic-d4nr2qhAvatar Gallery 616Avatar Gallery Out_of_the_shell_by_pinkophilic-d4wxws1-1Avatar Gallery 620Avatar Gallery 625Avatar Gallery 626Avatar Gallery War_chieftain_by_pinkophilic-d4ools2Avatar Gallery Yabba_daaba_doo_time_by_pinkophilic-d4jbj4aAvatar Gallery 633Avatar Gallery I__m_zealous_by_pinkophilic-d4nnnkaAvatar Gallery Hydrangea_breath_by_pinkophilic-d4mre72Avatar Gallery Flight_of_mothra_by_pinkophilic-d5ojgqbAvatar Gallery Jy0MZCmAvatar Gallery VJ78SaeAvatar Gallery KKPbTI5Avatar Gallery PeoqyQFAvatar Gallery 3oOC8N6Avatar Gallery CRHRGF6Avatar Gallery Hb2kqEkAvatar Gallery NcVdt48Avatar Gallery T7SwUTaAvatar Gallery TiEwBElAvatar Gallery NJqPT2fAvatar Gallery YWX8LTI

Avatars by Min:

Avatar Gallery IDy45qT


Avatars by Min:

Avatar Gallery SylveonavatarAvatar Gallery NrlK4IWAvatar Gallery O3BjwlLAvatar Gallery JjGjaoQAvatar Gallery RNpjjOHAvatar Gallery PUPuxCJAvatar Gallery HfFeIuCAvatar Gallery 1V03B1uAvatar Gallery UyVkNKNAvatar Gallery 1zOalOBAvatar Gallery Hfs7pv5Avatar Gallery 9EghhmHAvatar Gallery Nzr5HEkAvatar Gallery D4bRDqrAvatar Gallery 79syK5f


Avatars by Min:

Avatar Gallery ShinysylveonavatarAvatar Gallery ShinyArmaldoAvatar Gallery ShinyGyaradosAvatar Gallery ShinyBraviaryAvatar Gallery ShinyNidokingAvatar Gallery ShinyYanmegaAvatar Gallery VL8PwgKAvatar Gallery P7Zw7GmAvatar Gallery 3qbVTKl


Avatar Gallery Spr_B2W2_Roxie

you can take my
h e a r t
you can take my
b r e a t h
when you pry it from my
c o l d
d e a d
c h e s t

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Avatar Gallery Empty Re: Avatar Gallery

Post by Colress Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:44 pm

Due to the ongoing issues with Photobucket, the Avatar Gallery will likely have to be revamped. Until then, here are some other options.

Here is a link that contains some avatars that were uploaded to imgur a while back if you wish to use URL links for your avatar.

Here is a link to the old photobucket. Note: as far as we know, you cannot use the links as the avatars, so please save the image you want, and upload it when changing your avatar.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact me via PM, and I shall try to answer to the best of my abilities.


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