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    Carinus the Luxyara [Ecruteak||Elite]


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    Carinus the Luxyara [Ecruteak||Elite] Empty Carinus the Luxyara [Ecruteak||Elite]

    Post by Silverishness Tue Feb 23, 2016 9:45 am

    Carinus the Luxyara [Ecruteak||Elite] Carinus_zpsalbqcyal
    Carinus [Carrie]
    Theme Oh, Grey Warden
    Profession Warden
    Text Color #9B9690
    Item None
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity His/He/Him
    Age Adult
    Species #???/Luxyara the Griffon Pokemon
    Height 5'6" [Very Large]
    Weight 248.4 lbs
    Pokédex Entry This rare Pokemon's feathers are a valuable prize for a daring hunter, but very few are successful because of it's dangerous electrical attacks.
    Level 58
    Ability Lightningrod
    Nature Modest
    Characteristic Mischevious
    -Rain Dance (TM)
    -Thunder (TM)
    -Hurricane (Learned)
    -Signal Beam (Egg)
    Quote "In War, Victory.
    In Peace, Vigilance.
    In Death, Sacrifice."
    History WIP
    Bulbapedia "Luxyara is a quadrupedal Pokémon resembling a griffon. While its hind legs and torso are feline-like in their shape, its front legs, face and wings are eagle-like in their looks. Much of its body is covered with shaggy, black fur and it has two large wings that resemble Zapdos's wings. The fur is longer around the shoulders, chest, the base of the tail and on the forelegs. On top of its head is a static helmet of hard fur that stays in place while its mane is freely flowing. The mane is larger on the male than on the female. It has yellow eyes with red sclera, a eagle-like beak, and rounded ears with yellow insides and black triangle-shaped fur on top of them. On each forearm is a clump of sharp yellow feathers. Its long, thin tail is tipped with a yellow four-pointed star that has a tuft at the end."
    Appearance Carinus is not colored at all like his other rare brethren. Instead of a mostly dark pelt with blue, yellow and white accents, he is a stormy grey with dark blue and tan accents. He stands full feet above others of his kin, save for his brother. He sports a proud, built frame and a healthy body overall. He does keep his appearance diligent, as in a time where the most dangerous enemy is illness, one cannot be too clean.
    Accent None
    Religion Unsure
    Motivation To aid his brother, to stay alive and to defeat the Blight. ...In that order.
    Personality +Witty+
     -Most of Carrie's charm comes from his sharp repartee with not only his brother, but just about everyone else he meets.
     -Is known for sarcasm
     -Can be prone to extreme silliness.
     -Especially to his brother and the memory of their trainer. Carrie values his brother and the relationship they have over just about everything else, even his own life.
     -Extremely dutiful, though not as much of a stick in the mud about it as Weisshaupt.
     -Very reliable.
     -tends to be more honest when when his words are not dripping with sarcasm
     -very humble; hubris is something he tries to avoid
     -doesn't try to expect himself or others to understand even half of the vast, chaotic world they live in. He accepts that there are people and viewpoints that he may never be able to grasp and he's ok with that.
     -Very live-and-let-live, as long as no one's getting hurt.
     -Hard to anger
     -Despite the world ending, Carrie believes that there may be a way to endure. After all, regardless of how many face-eating monsters there are out there, they themselves are alive as well as any survivors they come across. It gives him hope that even if he himself does not see peace that one day future generations will.
     -He holds onto this hope dearly, as it drives him from giving up.
     -Wears his heart on his sleeve.
     -Not good at hiding or quashing his feelings.
    +Firm Moral Center+
     -While he accepts that most of the world lies in a grey area, he is vastly against any true crimes: murder, rape, theft, etc. It is never ok to punch down.
     -Any lives he is forced to take, excluding undead, takes a toll on his spirit.
     -Carinus, with all his lightness and good, does not take betrayal well. He is not forgiving. Once crossed, the poor thoughtless bastard that hurt Carinus will likely never be forgiven, even in death.
     -Though he might not actively pursue someone that betrays him or his brother, if he manages to find the perpetrator again, Carinus will do all that he can to harm or kill his target.
     -Carrie is not in any way reckless and exercises any and all precautions to keep himself and his brother safe.
     -Slow to truly trust others; doesn't give it out often.
     -Tends to avoid giving out many personal details if he can help it; prefers to remain as anonymous as possible.
     -He likes himself. Sue him.
     -Though he would like for others' words to roll off his back, there's many times when he simply can't shake criticism, scoldings, or otherwise negative words.
     -"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words... really suck too."
    User Notes -I. AM. GARBAGE.
    Team notes Bruh
    Affiliations Stick for a brother
    Fellow Wardens
    Development Notes God knows


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