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    Squirts the Wartortle [WIP]


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    Squirts the Wartortle [WIP] Empty Squirts the Wartortle [WIP]

    Post by ShadowCharizard Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:56 pm

    Squirts the Wartortle [WIP] 250px-008Wartortle
    Temporary image






    Bite (Level up)
    Water Pulse (Level up)
    Brick Break (TM move)
    Aqua Tail (Level Up)



    Highly Curious



    National Dex No.
    #008 Wartortle the Turtle Pokemon

    Pokedex Entry
    It is said to live 10,000 years. Its furry tail is popular as a symbol of longevity.

    Squirts was somewhat of an optimist before the outbreak thinking of sunshine and swimming, but after the outbreak he became more serious and down to earth.

    A Wartortle that carries an everstone with him at all times.

    Squirts was born a happy little Squirtle when he was given to a young trainer by her parents. Both of the parents raised water type pokemon and Squirts was the youngest of the three siblings he had. Though the youngest of the three they always took care of each other when Lisa was away for school. His two older brothers being wartortles had knowledge of being peaceful and they gave Squirts a taste of what they do most of the time. The squirtle became optimistic splashing around in the water when he was old enough to go on adventures. Throughout time Squirts had battled many worthy adversaries and always was polite after the end of battles. At times he'll lounge outside in the sunlight,

    Then entering his teen years, Squirts had evolved to a wartortle and was given an everstone by his trainer. With the everstone in hand Squirts had enjoyed being a wartortle. His brothers however was Blastoises and often looked at his brothers with a smile. Though they called him kiddo, he loved his brothers and parents very much. Then came moving time. They was moving to Kalos from Kanto and the journey ahead of them was long. After reaching Kalos both Squirts and his trainer went on an adventure and challenged the gyms. There was many worthy opponents, but through determination they successfully made it to Laverre and beat the Gym leader there. Then they returned home where they would rest for a week.

    That week, however became months, then years as Squirts realized his trainer got a job as an assistant nurse for the pokemon center. Now an adult Squirts continued to train and hone in his skills as well as enjoying the sunshine and what life has to offer. Then one day when Squirts woke up everyone was leaving. The only ones that was around was his brothers and they told Squirts something bad had happened and pokemon was getting sick. The three brothers went to find their parents, but they was nowhere to be found. Then, something happened that Squirts couldn't explain his two brother vanished right in front of his eyes. Squirts suddenly realized that he was alone. As he walked outside he seen pokemon eating something, but as he got closer they had deep wounds and bones sticking out of their wounds. What he seen them eating was a ratticate. The undead turned aorund and started moving in on Squirts, terrified Squirts started to run as fast as he could, but was quickly surrounded by the undead. With no choice Squirts had to fight and as he fought off the horde as much as he could, he was tired out with only five undead pokemon remaining. Luck had came onto his side as he was teleported away from the infected only a few miles away. Squirts had no clue to where he at initially then he remembered the road. His goal is to find his trainer and his two missing brothers and he'll stop at nothing to get back together with them.

    User Notes
    -Became down to earth in the middle of the outbreak
    -Keeps an everstone on him for memory of his trainer.
    -currently searching for his brothers.
    -parents was both blastoises

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