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    Dazey's Art Shop (Has Gone to the Dogs) [Under Construction]


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    Dazey's Art Shop (Has Gone to the Dogs) [Under Construction] Empty Dazey's Art Shop (Has Gone to the Dogs) [Under Construction]

    Post by Dazey Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:11 pm

    Dazey's Art Shop (Has Gone to the Dogs) [Under Construction] Salem2_zps0tsnszyb

    "Ugh, this place again," you grumble as you push open a door with streaky paws painted on.
    That Zorua from before peeks one azure eye open and glares as you shove the door further despite it hanging on something behind it. Cyan blue paint squirts onto your shoes and you grimace.
    "Daze ain't here right now, she went to find herself, or some new pencils or something," Salem supports his chin on his paw as though reading a book. "I'm sure her broke ass will love a commission when she's back."

    The fox shoots a Night Daze around the room and you barely slip back outside before the door is forced shut.

    Heya! Sorry if you were lookin' to commission me, I'm in the process of rebuilding - I swear I'm not looking for pencils - my shop.
    But seriously, I'm adjusting to new programs and a graphics tablet, so when I have enough examples to offer, I'll reopen! If you rrreaaaalllyyyyy need something from me for whatever reason lol, you can PM me and we can work something out.

    But for now, this shop is closed. ;w;

    - This was totally Dazey and not Salem

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