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    Nougat the Arcanine and Puff Puff the Dedenne | Wip


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    Nougat the Arcanine and Puff Puff the Dedenne | Wip Empty Nougat the Arcanine and Puff Puff the Dedenne | Wip

    Post by Dandelion Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:32 am

    Nougat the Arcanine and Puff Puff the Dedenne | Wip Nougat10

    Nougat the Arcanine and Puff Puff the Dedenne
    Theme I'm a Stupid cat Dog!
    Last Man Standing - Hammerfall
    Profession Guard Dog, house pet (former)
    House pet (former)
    Text Color #ad7321
    Item Collar and tags, and a Love Ball and Level Ball hidden in the fur on the back of his neck.
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #59 Arcanine, The Legend Pokemon - Fire Type
    #702 Dedenne, The Antenna Pokemon - Electric/Fairy Type
    Height 6'08"
    Weight 367.0 lbs
    5.2 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon X:: A Pokémon that has long been admired for its beauty. It runs agilely as if on wings.
    Pokemon Y:: Its whiskers serve as antennas. By sending and receiving electrical waves, it can communicate with others over vast distances.It uses its tail to absorb electricity from power plants or from outlets in houses, and then it fires the electricity from its whiskers.
    Level 46
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Jolly
    Characteristic Loves to Eat
    A Little Quick Tempered
    Moves - Flamethrower (TM?)
    - Double Team (TM)
    - Extreme Speed (Level Up)
    - MOVE4 (LA)

    - Nuzzle (Level Up)
    - Parabolic Charge (Level Up)
    - Thundershock (Level Up)
    - Tackle (Level Up)
    Quote "Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Ohmygosh ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THIS THING ITS SO BOUNCY! ITS BOUNCING!! WOW!!!!"

    "The world is only small to the small minded. If you don't dream big you belong in the prison you have created."

    The Dedenne was born along Kalos's Route 11 and there he lived out his childhood. It was uneventful, average in every sense of the word for the young mouse as he blossomed into young adulthood alongside his kin. Ambitious and free-spirited, the nameless Dedenne sought for bigger things in his life then just gathering berries and sleeping in the weeds. No, he wanted better thing, bigger things, new places and adventures! So he eagerly awaited the day a trainer would take him to a new place.

    The wait was unbearable. While the mouse would challenge any trainer that passed by it seemed the only ones that even would even attempt to try and catch him were young girls, too flimsy for his taste. They couldn't give him what he desired! Battling them was more then enough to prove that; they were weak, dull, and their Pokemon reflected that. The last thing he needed was to become one of them. Yet every trainer who exerted power he saw, male or female (though mostly male), either passed the rodent up completely or showed no signs of interest in catching him.

    The Dedenne grew restless. He knew all too well that predators stronger then those around him lured in the world beyond and that he did not have the power alone to defend himself. He needed the protection a trainer offered if he ever wanted to get off this mundane route, though the training would be nice as well. When it seemed all hope was lost for finding a strong trainer it happened; a man, decently aged but boasting in health appeared. The Dedenne knew he probably wouldn't want to catch him but he had to try anyway. The humans timing could not of been worse. The mouse was exhausted, he had been training himself all day and didn't get to sleep the night before. If he did want to battle there was no way he could show his true skills to him.
    But it didn't matter as the man lit up upon seeing the rodent trudge its way toward him with fire in its eyes. As he pulled out a pink Pokeball the Dedenne prepared himself for whatever he would have to fight and didn't even consider the possibility of the Loveball being thrown straight at him.

    The next time he was sent out the rodent was buzzing with excitement. It happened, it finally happened! As his vision came to and he took in his surroundings the excitement mixed with confusion and wonder. While he half expected to be in a humans den for the first time he had not expected to be in one that was so big. Nor did he expect a screaming little girl to be wailing before him.
    Appearance Nougat is a massive Arcanine, large even for his species, and very fluffy. His pelt is a cool shade of brown instead of the usual orange, and his eyes are vivid blue. His face always holds the beaming happiness of a child. Around his neck is a dark blue collar with a tag that has his name on it.
    Puff Puff usually nestles in their his mane or the fur on his head, making it messy.

    Puff Puff looks like a normal Dedenne though his fur is a bit nicer looking from a pampered life, he's a bit overweight, and a scowl seems ever present on his face. His left ear is a bit tattered from before his capture.
    Accent Derpy.
    Deeper then you would expect but with a notable tiny-mouse squeak.
    Religion N/A
    Motivation Its the best day ever (again)!
    Power and retribution.
    Personality SWEETIE BABY

    Humble | Honest | Courteous | Simple | Kind | Childish | Playful | Gentle | Sweetheart |

    | Doesn't know his own strength | SLOW in the head | Dense | Needs leadership | Easily Used | Gullible |


    - Ambitious

    - Vindictive

    - Prideful

    - Manipulative
    Name Origin / Idea Origin Named for the candy color to his fur.
    Somewhat based off my friends dog who has brain damage from an illness when she was a pup that filled her lungs with fluid. Oxygen deficiency gave her a bit of brain damage but she is still fully functional. While she is slow she is the sweetest, gentlest dog around.

    Named after Puff Puff in the Hillennium episode of King of the Hill after he "sabotaged" Dale. The only line with his name is, "How could you do this to me Puff Puff?"
    Napoleon complex and symbiotic relationship needed to progress.
    User Notes - Afraid of electricity and flashing lights.
    - Has slight brain damage from oxygen deprivation.

    - I might change hiss name to Whiskers cause he needs a stupid pet name to irritate him.
    - His level near exclusively comes from before he as captured.
    Development Notes Poor sweetie baby needs to realize this is not okay.

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