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    Nate Onyx [Driftveil]


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    Nate Onyx [Driftveil] Empty Nate Onyx [Driftveil]

    Post by Abysswalker Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:27 am


    Nate Onyx
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    Item Other than some things given by the Driftveil people, he has nothing of his own left.
    Weapons None
    Gender Identity Trans boy (he/him)
    Birthdate July 19th
    Age 14
    Species Human
    Weight 102 lbs
    Height 5’3”
    Region of origin Unova | Nimbasa City
    Occupation Evacuee, Driftveil resident
    Party Has no Pokemon with him. His companions used to be:
    Serperior [Halcyon] Liepard [Violet] Lucario [Judith] Arcanine [Valkyrie]
    Pkm 1
    Pkm 2
    Pkm 3
    Pkm 4
    Pkm 5
    Pkm 6
    Quote ”Don’t make me talk about it. Please.”
    Before the ship, before the evacuations, before everything-Nate remembers being a normal kid. He lived with his dad in Nimbasa City, he had friends, it wasn’t perfect but it was far from a difficult life. The worst thing to ever happen to Nate was finding out that his dad had hidden something really important from him, lied to him about his twin sister his entire life. And even that ended on a mostly good note, since they said ‘fuck you’ to their parents’ years of lying and became close friends.

    His life crumbled the same way a lot of other people’s did, and it fell apart hard. Living in a big city wasn’t always fun but when the sickness targeting Pokemon hit its stride, Nimbasa became dangerous beyond what Nate had ever experienced or believed he could experience. His dad died-Nate had hardly talked to him ever since he met Mei-he died and the sight of his blood on their house’s walls and floors will haunt him forever.

    That should have been the worst thing possible, the most traumatic-but it wasn’t. Things kept spiraling.

    His Liepard was the first to turn; Valkyrie was forced to kill her, and the Arcanine became despondent, barely eating. Then Valkyrie herself became sick. Then Judith. And, finally, his Serperior began to cough blood, their scales starting to turn that horrid splotchy purple. He was the only one left who could do anything; Halycon trusted him. They were suffering, and they trusted him. They closed their eyes and curled up, their head resting on his knee. And he did what he had to. He had no choice. They were suffering he had to, he had no choice. This was what Nate kept telling himself.

    That early on, nobody cared what happened to him. It was one tragedy among millions. Nate was swept up into a stream of other evacuated people not long after the worst act of his life-and then a second, once the first ‘safe place’ was destroyed. But history repeated, and a lot of people were left behind as an evacuation ship began to pull away. Himself included. There were undead behind him and even more in the ocean, death no matter where he tried to go.

    He didn’t care anymore, not for his own life, it didn’t matter how or where he died. So Nate threw himself into the water, swimming towards the ship, waiting for teeth to sink in and drag him under. It should have happened-but it didn’t. He wasn’t just lucky. Someone else stayed behind in the water to help him be lifted onboard by the people on the ship. They died, horribly, devoured in red waves before anyone could save them in return. Nate saw the entire thing. He still does, sometimes.

    In a way, they died for nothing. The ship was worse than anything he could have faced on the shore, or in the ocean. Nate wished he had stayed behind, rather than endure the hell everyone aboard was soon put through. It was a living nightmare. Nothing made sense; people, he saw things that did not make sense, that could not possibly exist but did anyway. Horrible things. Other passengers died brutally, violently, and the ones that survived had everything they needed to live gradually dwindle away. The entire place smelled of blood, vomit, vile things. Eventually, Nate stopped thinking of anything except drinkable water.

    But somehow, after what was months but felt more like years, they found another ‘safe place’. Nate had long stopped believing there was such a thing, yet he followed the others off of the ship anyway. What else could he do?

    There, at Driftveil, they found other survivors-an actual thriving community, nothing like the terrors they’d been through, people who allowed them to stay. He even reunited with a friend. Still, it felt less like a miracle and more like some weird, lucid dream-surely Nate would wake up, and they would all be back in the endless nightmare. It’s been a week since then, and he’s still expecting the worst-still waiting for the newest horror to arrive.
    Accent ACCENT
    •Dark brown hair, brown eyes (if canon contradicts this...idc lol)
    •He’s East Asian, and has light brown skin.
    •Looks physically ill, troublingly so, due to only recently escaping a living nightmare  
    •All his old clothes were replaced after arriving in Driftveil; he now wears an outfit similar to the “School” look from B2W2’s movie place I can’t remember the name of. Casual clothes you’d expect for a teen, basically.
    Religion The last time he prayed to a Legend, it was a plea for him to die on the ship.

    +traumatized to hell and back by his experiences in the epidemic; most of the time, the only thing he can feel is a detached numbness, as if he’s forgotten what emotions are like. When he does experience them, they are erratic, overwhelming, and only last for a short amount of time before fading again

    +long periods of isolation in the appalling conditions of the evacuation ship has drained the life and energy from him, to the point there are days he can barely move or think past the weakness in his limbs and the fog in his brain; having become accustomed to irregular eating and a complete lack of basic necessities, he struggles to properly care for himself even when he’s physically capable of doing so  

    +fears and despises in equal measure the changes his mind has endured; Nate is afraid of being seen as a burden, but with no way to fully hide his vulnerabilities, he does not know what to do about it. His old self-the curious, reckless, and outgoing boy-is so buried deep, he can’t imagine ever being that way again. Anxious over the idea that his friends he knew pre-epidemic will no longer want him

    +he will have moments of being a “normal teen”-for example, he can’t resist making jokes older people can’t understand then refusing to explain-but these will be few and far between. It is far too early for him to open up that like consciously, so with anyone except Hyu, don’t expect him to be very sociable

    +on that note, he is terrified of other people; Nate believes sticking to the sidelines and keeping your mouth shut is the safest thing to do. He isolated himself as a form of protection on the ship, and will do the same in Driftveil if given the chance. Sees almost every person as an enemy by default; his trust is a difficult task to gain  

    +feels uncertain of their arrival in Driftveil, as his mind is still stuck in that ocean nightmare; Nate fully expects to go to bed one day and wake back up on that ship, experiencing the hallucinations and deaths all over again. With his mental scars as fresh as they are, he cannot fully live in the present; fearing that his new home is nothing more than a dream, or an illusion, Nate is determined to remain unattached to it

    +immense survivor’s guilt; someone died to get him to the so-called safety of the evac ship, all of his Pokemon died, one at his own hands. The weight of these memories is unbearable for him. Nate often will be repulsed by the idea of eating or otherwise caring for himself because he does not believe he deserves to live; he thinks he deserves only to suffer

    Affiliations people.....
    User Notes •Yes, I did take the Serperior away again.
    •Triggers include, and are not limited to: saltwater/the smell of salt, fog, blood, being in water/near bodies of water, and seeing other Pokemon that are the same species as his deceased team. When triggered, he tends not to have visual flashbacks, but rather re-experiences the intense emotions he felt during his trauma.


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