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    Lyin the child-like Trapinch (WIP)


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    Lyin the child-like Trapinch (WIP) Empty Lyin the child-like Trapinch (WIP)

    Post by Kaze Tue Jan 27, 2015 4:17 am

    Lyin the child-like Trapinch (WIP) Lyin_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8gi59f
    Lyin the child-like Trapinch (WIP) Spr_6x_328_s_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8flgt4

    Lyin [Pronounced Lion]
    Text Color #687E5A Pond Scum
    Item Everstone under a Yellow Scarf
    Gender Male
    Age Aging Adult
    Species #328, Trapinch, the Ant Pit Pokemon
    Height 2'04"
    Weight 33.1 lbs
    Pokédex Entry "Its big jaws crunch through boulders. Because its head is so big, it has a hard time getting back upright if it tips over onto its back.
    -Pokemon Emerald
    Level 70
    Ability Arena Trap - Prevents the opponent from escaping a battle
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
    Moves -Superpower (lvl)
    -Fissure (lvl)
    -Earthquake (lvl)
    -Endure (bred)
    -An Artifically created shiny grown in a lab
    -Experimented on constantly as a test to see where a pokemon's breaking point was.
    -Had an Everstone sewn into his chest so he could never evolve.
    -Was pitted against stronger pokemon for years until he learnt his moves
    -Attempted escape but was turned in by humans and pokemon affliated with the lab.
    -Was tortured badly. A former experiment managed to remove their everstone and evolve. Breaking their cage they freed them so they could escape together.
    -They escaped the facility but the Trapinch started to doubt their motives and killed them as soon as they were clear.
    -Escaped into the wild during the first year of the Epidemic.
    -Has lived on his own since, pretending to be a child to gain the protection of others.
    Appearance "Trapinch is an orange, insectoid Pokémon. It has a round body with a white underside and four stumpy legs. It has proportionally large head, small eyes, and a zigzagging mouth."

    A Shiny Trapinch that wears a yellow scarf to hide where an Everstone has been sewn into his body. He appears to be a cute little child with a mischievous grin. When alone he has a smug smile as he plots events to ensure his own safety and profit. His childish looks can be disturbing when they don't match with his actions.
    Personality He acts like a child to appear harmless, despite his high level, age and battle ability. He believes that everyone is out to get him, something the Epidemic has not helped and will have plans to kill everyone he meets. His preferred method of disposing of bodies is via Fissure. He hates direct confrontation and usually only attacks by blindsiding an opponent while their guard is down. He is always afraid that when caught in a direct confrontation he will be recaptured and taken back for more torture. He dislikes showing his abilities unless his life is in direct danger and even then he usually chooses to flee. Those he takes a liking to are those he views as foolish (and therefore likely to harm him by accident rather than design) and children who he tries to keep out of the way of collateral damage. This isn't out of affection but to provide protection for himself. By appearing openly hostile he alientates others and he would prefer them as allies. He has no qualms about sacrificing them under the belief that they would do the same. He will even respond in a panicked way to being rescued if he believes they have a worse fate in mind for him. He lies habitually, never telling the truth unless forced, even about minor things like his name.
    User Notes -Is prevented from evolving by the Everstone sewn into his chest. He uses this to appear harmless rather than try to remove it and evolve. By hiding it with a Scarf he appears cuter.
    -In human terms he would be 80 years old and is very experienced. However his body is still that of a child.
    -He was bred for perfect IV's and EV trained by force. He is very powerful when he does decide to fight. He favors sneak attacks to guarantee first strike. When in a situation he was not expecting he will panic and often attempt to flee.
    -Suffers from Paranoia. He will view every person as a threat and, provoked by the smallest of slights, attempt to kill.
    -As his Everstone implant has suppressed his evolution he has never gone through puberty, leaving his body and mind still like that of a child but one with years of experience. He is slow to move and has trouble supporting his large head.
    -Will try to ingratiate himself with a group of living while pretending to be a young child. He will trust no-one and manipulate them for his own gain under the pretense of childish innocence. He cares foremost about his own safety and the safety of others as a side note (as they could still have use in protecting him).
    -He often uses his Endure to 'play dead', feinting a fatal injury until his attacker has left then leaving to heal. He no longer consciously activates this but does it on instinct. He is smart enough not to try this tactic on undead.
    -Based in part on Czeslaw Meyer from Baccano.
    -Themesongs: A Tale of Six Trillion days and one night
    Everybody wants to rule the world (Lorde cover)

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