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    hORAS the Child Sandshrew | WiP


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    hORAS the Child Sandshrew | WiP Empty hORAS the Child Sandshrew | WiP

    Post by Dandelion Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:54 pm

    hORAS the Child Sandshrew | WiP KBDDdEi

    Horas the Sandshrew
    Text Color #aba376
    Item Working Music Box
    Gender Male
    Age Child
    Time of Infection 4 Months Ago
    Species #27 Sandshrew, The Mouse Pokemon - Ground Type
    Height 2'00"
    Weight 26.5 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon HeartGold:: If it fell from a great height, this Pokémon could save itself by rolling into a ball and bouncing.
    Level 12
    Ability Sand Veil
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Highly Persistent
    Moves - Swift (Level Up)
    - Poison Sting (Level Up)
    - Defense Curl (Level Up)
    - X-Scissor (TM)
    History The little Sandshrew's egg was purchased by a wealthy family living in Snowpoint City. The cute pangolin was to be their child, Aris, companion and the pair got along swimmingly. Playing by day and falling asleep to the gentle chime of Aris' music box at night it was like a cold paradise. Though the girl was Horas' only friend he was happy and truly enjoyed his young life in the snow covered city.

    Those were the good times.
    As Aris aged into a lovely youth, beautiful and adventurous, her parents agreed she needed some protection. The wild Pokemon around these parts were no joke and neither were the local kids, many of which were as cold as the city they lived in. Teaching the young Sandshrew the TM X-Scissor she started to train him slow and gentle. While she loved Pokemon is was obvious she was no trainer and didnt have the spirit for battle. While Horas enjoyed the training he was easily distracted, his interest wandering away to the point he would miss the girls queues. Regardless, the pair enjoyed their time together even if it wasn't very productive.

    The training did come in handy though. A thick furred pack of Mightyena had moved in close to the city and were found to be aggressive. Worse, they were curious and would often brave the city streets at night. Curfews became strict for young children and those without Pokemon. While Aris' parents were lenient and let her stay out a little bit longer they didn't think the Sandshrew was strong enough yet to offer the protection they were hoping for.
    One day when Horas and Aris were playing in the courtyard a dark furred pokémon invaded into the yard. It growled, and while approaching slowly showed no fear of the girl or her Pokemon. Horas jumped in front of his trainer, ready to protect her as the Poochyena came even closer. The canine explored the courtyard, moving as though it owned the place until the girl shouted, "Shoo, you!" It barked, angered, and launched at her. Having never faced another Pokemon in combat the Sandshrew was frightened and instantly curled into a defensive ball. The Poochyena ignored him completely and sank its fangs into the girls leg. She screamed in agony, stumbling to the ground and flailing to the pup off.

    Aris was in pain! Letting his fear sink to the bottom of his stomach the terrified Sandshrew uncurled and tired to steady himself. With a moment of preparation he slashed at the hound with the special move his owners had taught him. Panicked, super-effective, and in close range the the Poochyena was deeply wounded and instantly released the girls leg and ran off. Horas didnt get a chance to celebrate his first battle though: Aris' leg was wounded really bad and it looked like his X-Scissor had hit her as well. Security showed up then to the scene of their madam injured and only her Sandshrew present with no no injuries on itself. They were not pleased and Aris merely yelled in pain as she was rushed off to the hospital without her Pokemon.  

    Horas stood there, confused and dazed. He.. had hurt his friend! Alone in the courtyard the Sandshrew had no idea what to do. Did he go after her, go inside, wait there? Was she okay?? Questions raced through the youths head. He had attacked another Pokemon for the first time but it was his owner that got hurt. Had he done something wrong, was that even a victory? Tiny paws cling to his head when he notices an extra chill on them- there was blood, now cold and freezing in the snowy land. He had done that.. but was it Aris' or the Poochyena's? A sound nearby stirs him away from his thoughts and the Sandshrew goes stone still. The hound was back, his wounds still bleeding and very clear now, along with more of his pack. Apologizes were out of the question. The dogs attacked before the child could even think of any words to say. There was no way he could fight off even one of the Mightyena, let alone half a pack. Curling into a ball he can feel a massive paw try to crush him but all it does is push his round form along the snowy ground. Again and again the hounds slash and stamp on him, unable to break through his thick hide. Biting him did little but the childs strength was dwindling. Tightening his form his consciousness slips, and he blacks out with the feeling of fangs around his body.

    He came to in pain, delirious from it as agony screamed from along his back. It seemed the hounds had given up on him but done their damage. The small Pokemons armor was littered with teeth and claw marks, fresh blood already stiff with wind chill. It seemed his only defense had its limits.. a harsh lesson for the new battler. It was dark now and the wounded Sandshrew knew he had to find shelter or get home soon. The lights of Snowpoint still shone in the distance and with labored steps he started his march back home.

    Hes waited at the house,
    Appearance Horas is a young Sandshrew but his poor body has been taken over by the infection. Bright scales are now dull and the grey-purple discoloration spreading far across his skin. Many scars little his back and his right eye is missing. The remaining eye is like a dark, shiny ruby.
    In his claws Horas carries about a very precious music box. It still works if cranked.
    Personality | Quiet | Lonely | Young, Naive, Influencable |

    Horas always feels lonely, but whenether a living being is in it's precense it's instincts makes want to kill the living being. Trying to stay calm he opens the music box often and tries to soothe itself with the music coming out of it. However this does not stop the bloodlust his infection. While the little sandshrew kindly asks to become friends he slowly digs it's claws the one he's talking to.
    User Notes - Created by Yukimenoko, Original Profile.
    - As stated in the history, the TM was taught to him by his owners.

    Notes to self about changes:


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