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    Quick Announcement: Requesting teams for Specialized Characters!


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    Quick Announcement: Requesting teams for Specialized Characters! Empty Quick Announcement: Requesting teams for Specialized Characters!

    Post by Zapdos Mon Dec 22, 2014 6:08 pm

    Good (insert time of day) EJ! I am happy to introduce a new mechanic that I hope you all enjoy.

    Here you will find a place where you may request a new team made to specially work with your character, but without you having to lead it or come up with plot on your own.

    This is to help members activate characters that would be difficult to integrate into general teams without prior planning, like mental issue characters or more than one member having personal plot they with to execute together, but without taking over the Team's entire plot and stunting the team.

    I hope this helps to bring more characters and teams to light! And as always, any questions, feel free to post below.


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