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    ORAS Secret bases QR codes


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    ORAS Secret bases QR codes Empty ORAS Secret bases QR codes

    Post by Lugia Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:12 pm

    Thought I'd make this up, since secret bases are THE SHIT.

    What to do:

    In ORAS, you have the capability of sharing your base via the QR code pictures. In order to share or capture either your own QR code or someone else's, you must follow the instructions while on your PC in your base. It'll walk you through both processes, but getting someone else's is a bit tricky. There are three little boxes in the corners, which must align with the appropriate boxes in the QR code itself. If this is off by even a LITTLE bit, it won't read. Don't worry about taking a picture beforehand: it will prompt you.

    Also, for sharing, it will create its own code, so there's no need for trying to take a picture. It will save to your SD card.

    I'll be uploading mine as soon as I can. It's in a pretty remote place, so good luck finding it. XD


    ORAS Secret bases QR codes Shadowlugiasig


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    ORAS Secret bases QR codes Empty Re: ORAS Secret bases QR codes

    Post by Min Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:45 pm

    my secret base is actually pretty easy to find to be honest...i mainly just have it to have a place to heal up + pretty decorating times

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