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    Arkana and Shao


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    Arkana and Shao Empty Arkana and Shao

    Post by Baloo Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:49 pm

    Name Arkana
    Text Color #ED5540
    Item Charcoal around her neck and a bag of canned foods and noodles
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #655 Delphox the Fox
    Height 6'2" (taken from EJ Heights with the knowledge Arkana is about 2 feet shorter then the typical Charizard)
    Weight 100.0 llbs
    Pokédex Entry It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state, which allows it to see into the future. (X)
    Level 55
    Ability Blaze
    Nature Docile
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
    -Flamethrower (Level)
    -Mystical Fire (Level)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    -Psybeam (Level)
    History Your character's past. Must be two reasonable paragraphs long.
    Appearance Arkana is very normal by Delphox standards except she doesn't have the long thick fur in her ears though the inside of her ears are still red-orange
    Personality Arkana is a very gentle and motherly type. She finds it upsetting and hard to believe that some children can survive this epidemic. Arkana can be pretty defensive and vicious when she's threatened. She is a little afraid to use the Delphox's ability to gaze into the future since she is not confident in her ability to do it and isn't sure she will like what she sees. She often worries about what happened to the team and her mate and children
    User Notes

    Ty said he gon draw these two for me

    Image- Image of your character. Must coincide with any unique attributes of your character (e.g. scars, different coloring, different markings, etc). 

    Name Shao
    Text Color #6376B8
    Item Scope Lens
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #620 Mienshao the Martial Arts
    Height 4'07"
    Weight 78.3 llbs
    Pokédex Entry Using the long fur on its arms like whips, it launches into combo attacks that, once started, no one can stop (Y)
    Level 55
    Ability Regenerator
    Nature Hasty
    Characteristic Hates to lose
    -U-Turn (Level)
    -Drain Punch (Level)
    -Smelling Salts (Breeding)
    -Force Palm (Level)
    History Your character's past. Must be two reasonable paragraphs long.
    Appearance Shao is a pretty normal Mienshao despite the lack of whiskers which were damaged and surgically removed a long time ago
    Personality Shao has the personality of a mercenary despite having her own family that demanded a motherly touch. Shao will do things for food and will do anything for even a drop of her favorite alcohol. She finds annoying Arkana who she affectionately calls "Chinglish" to be her personal favorite pastime.
    User Notes
    Ty arts

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