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    Chad the Bunnelby | WiP


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    Chad the Bunnelby | WiP Empty Chad the Bunnelby | WiP

    Post by Dandelion Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:32 pm

    Chad the Bunnelby | WiP Bunnelby


    Chad the Bunnelby
    Text Color #966518
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #659 Bunnelby, The Digging Pokemon - Normal Type
    Height 1'04"
    Weight 11 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Y:: It has ears like shovels. Digging holes strengthens its ears so much that they can sever thick roots effortlessly.
    Level 27
    Ability Pick Up
    Nature Jolly
    Characteristic Highly Curious
    Moves - Quick Attack (Level Up)
    - Mudshot (Level Up)
    - Wild Charge (TM)  
    - Dig (TM)
    History The Bunnelby was born in Kalos' route 3 to simple Bunnelby parents. Life was just that: simple and kind.

    Appearance Chad looks like a normal Bunnelby with no defining features aside from chocolate colored eyes.
    Personality | Amiable | Friendly | Big brother type | Kindhearted | Comical | "Good with the Flow" | Chill and Relaxed | Trustworthy | Honest and Truthful | Blunt in Questions |
    User Notes - Based off a Diggersby named Chad a good friend of mine traded me for a shiny Charizard. I laughed.
    - Free to use image from the lovely Silver-Islands.

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