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    Rory the Litleo (wip)


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    Rory the Litleo (wip) Empty Rory the Litleo (wip)

    Post by Min Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:30 am

    Rory the Litleo (wip) 20027_667-0

    Rory "Rookie"
    (more like Roary, am I right?)
    Text Color- #E35720
    Item- Charcoal
    Gender- Demiboy (he/they)
    Age- Late Teens
    Species- #667 Litleo, the Lion Cub Pokemon
    Height-  2'00" / 0.06m
    Weight- 29.8lbs / 13.5kg

    Pokédex Entry- They set off on their own from their pride and live by themselves to become stronger. These hot-blooded Pokémon are quick to fight.
    Level- 33
    Ability- Rivalry
    Nature- Naughty
    Characteristic- Sturdy body
      - Echoed Voice (level up)
      - Fire Fang (level up)
      - Noble Roar (level up)
      - Entrainment (breeding)

    History- Insert History Here

    "Litleo are quadruped, feline Pokémon. They are mostly dark brown in color with pale brown paws, ears, tail tip, and face. They have a short, rounded muzzle with a reddish orange nose and round ears. Their eyes are circular with black irises and white pupils and sclera. There is a reddish orange tuft of fur between their ears. Each of their paws has three toes and a dark brown paw pad. Their tail ends in a pointed, teardrop shape."

    charismatic / flirty / outstanding / inappropriate / manipulative / selfish / vain / constant need for appraisal / fluctuating self-esteem / impaired empathy / largely superficial relationships / dramatic / clever / easy liar / indulging

    User Notes-
    • Only to be roleplayed by Rory himself
    • Pangoro father
    • Self-insert
    • Has NPD, amorous subtype (close to histrionic)
    • In love with TK

    Rory the Litleo (wip) Litleo

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