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    Wolfsbane the Wooper [W.I.P.]


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    Wolfsbane the Wooper [W.I.P.] Empty Wolfsbane the Wooper [W.I.P.]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:39 pm

    Name: Wolfsbane(Likes to be called Bane)
    Species: Wooper
    Approximate time of infection:
    Known Moves:
    -Mud Bomb
    -Water gun
    Weight:14.3lbs(Due to being infected at hatching he is seriously underweight)

    History: Wolfsbane was hatched in waters near Alph Ruins. The water there had long since been polluted by the Epidemic. The infected virus entered the newborn and almost as quickly the young creature succumbed to it. Not  long after the infection had taken control of its brain the Wooper wandered away from his swampy home in search of prey.

    Wolfsbane eventually came across a young spinarak, it was living. When Bane stumbled across the web of the spider, he screeched loudly, this sound alarmed and annoyed the spinarak so it sewed Bane's mouth shut.

    When Bane finally escaped the web, his skin had turned a sickly grey, and the spinarak was long gone. The hole and the silk still remained in the child's lips. Now he wanders about the Johto region, hunting with a grin of absolute terror.
    User Notes: 
    -Tugging on the spiders silk thread dangling from his mouth will cause all the stitches to tighten and close his mouth.

    -Still young so he is easily startled, and tends to cry often.

    -He aquired the name Wolfsbane from a fellow infected however the infected was too mangled to make out the pokemon

    -Adopted from myself thus under major construction

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