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    Test Subject No. 913 the Staryu[W.I.P.]


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    Test Subject No. 913 the Staryu[W.I.P.] Empty Test Subject No. 913 the Staryu[W.I.P.]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:38 pm

    Name: No. 913
    Species: Staryu
    Approximate time of infection: Shortly after the initial outbreak in Sinnoh
    Known Moves:
    -Bubble Beam

    History:No. 913 was raised in the burned out old lab in Kanto on Cinnabar island before it was a run down building. There many scientists preformed experiments on the little Staryu. Though it never seemed to notice, since its limbs grew back quickly. Though often the screeches and cries of the other pokemon being tested on filled the lab, No. 913 was always silent. Not a single sound came from within the stubborn yet well mannered Staryu.

    As time passed and the lab burned down, many of the pokemon were moved to the new lab built south of the burned out mansion. No. 913 was left behind, thought to be dead. It however was not, No. 913 had in fact escaped into the water surrounding Cinnabar. Free, but alone, No. 913 wandered about the ocean currents, allowing them to take it where they would. Somehow it eventually ended up in Sinnoh, just north of Sunyshore.

    Somehow the waters here seemed different to it. No. 913 could not quite figure out why though. That was until a sickly looking Tentacruel. What ever it had contracted, it had passed onto No. 913. As days passed No. 913 could feel itself succumbing to the virus, and eventually the blood lust was too much. No. 913 attacked and killed an Octilerry passing by. The flesh and blood of the octopus No. 913 had devoured was very good, but only left it craving more. Now it waits, patiently lurking in the waters of Sunyshore for its next meal.

    User Notes: 
    -Is quite old, due to the fact that it was around when the Pokemon Mansion was still a pokemon lab.
    -No. 913 has no gender preference, can be called he, she or 'it'.
    -enjoys killing.
    -Doesn't look as infected as it should because it heals with recover.
    -Adopted from myself, thus under major construction.

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