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    Jinx the Shiny Zoroark


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    Jinx the Shiny Zoroark Empty Jinx the Shiny Zoroark

    Post by Chroma Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:01 pm

    Jinx, "The Loose Cannon"
    Item Illusion Weapons
    Gender Female
    Age 19
    Species #571, Zoroark
    Height 5'06"
    Weight 160lbs
    Pokédex Entry "Bonds between these Pokémon are very strong. It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents."
    Level 43
    Ability Illusion
    Nature Naughty
    Characteristic Mischevious
    - Shadow Ball - TM
    - Dark Pulse - TM
    - Snarl - Level
    - Agility - Level
    Jinx, or Alice at the time, was born a regular shiny Zorua in the city of Lumiose, in the Kalos region. ... Though, with an odd fascination in bombs, explosives, and all things destructive in tow.

    Her young life was average, but that was too boring for her, even if her family and pack said that the possibilities in this city were endless. It just wasn't enough for Jinx, and so, she fell into some kind of madness, and with it, left a trail of chaos in her wake. Thievery, vandalism, all of the misdemeanors she could do, she did them all. Luckily, due to her family being raised by a trainer, she was taught a few moves along the way, which helped her with her antics. However, her pack scolded her, but for some reason, just the thought of scaring humans and wrecking the place excited her. So much so, that eventually she got bad enough that not even her old pack wanted to associate with her.

    But she didn't care. She was having fun, and that was what mattered to her! Eventually, she evolved, her constant havoc having gained her quite a bit of experience, and with the new change, she decided to make herself stand out even more, dyeing her fur and claws with bright, eccentric colors. ... And it was fun! It was just so much fun to be noticed and feared! Her laughter echoed through the city, and people cowered! It was glorious, and she loved it! With so much practice, she was even able to learn how to create illusory weapons, which caused even more problems for the civilians.

    With her bright blue mane, and her incredible illusion powers, she ruled over Lumiose. Even so much to earn her the nickname "Jinx", which was given to her by the cityfolk, mainly due to her appearance no doubt meaning trouble. But it was fitting, and Jinx couldn't help but assume it as her new name. After all, she had long since forgotten her old one in all the excitement of having Lumiose in her hot pink claws.

    Then, the infection started.

    She couldn't say she was prepared exactly, but when the humans finally started leaving, she knew something was wrong. She didn't really care at first, but when she had nobody to mess with, she began to get bored. And she wandered out of Lumiose out of pure curiosity. And wandered, and wandered.
    She honestly hadn't expected zombies, but at least this was much more interesting than just toying with regular humans. Her strength and natural chaos made the battle and trek easy, and of course, fun.

    ... And eventually, she fought her way to the Kalos League. She had no idea why she was drawn to this place in particular, but it was there that, unbeknownst to her, the real fun would start.
    Appearance Jinx is a very brightly colored Zoroark, what with her claws and markings an eye-burning shade of pink, and her mane an even brighter blue than the sky. It's also pretty much natural for her to be seen with a wide grin on her face, especially when she's having fun.
    Personality Jinx is, simply put, probably the spawn of a time-bomb and a Zoroark. She's bizarre, hyper, and erratic. She enjoys enjoying herself over everything else, and is more than likely going to choose violence and outright unstable tactics to get what she wants.
    Of course, despite her usually odd outward personality, she can be sympathetic, angry, or any multitude of emotions. But she doesn't find that much fun, and tends to stray away from them unless necessary, which is a pretty rare occurrence.
    User Notes - Based off of Jinx from League of Legends
    - Profile art by Cedric

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