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    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD}

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    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD} Empty Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD}

    Post by Moon Moon Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:43 pm

    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD} KISLpbU
    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD} ZI2HUfe
    single image:

    Species#216, Teddiursa, Little Bear Pokémon
    Ability Quick Feet
    Characteristic A little Quick tempered
    Moves -> Strength (HM)
    Faint Attack (Lv.Up)
    Retaliate (TM)
    Slash (Lv.Up)

    Pokédex Entry:
    Soulsilver - "Before food becomes scarce in wintertime, its habit is to hoard food in many hidden locations."

    His ID tags, green Barrett, and a Camo Jacket, and a shard of everstone embedded in his left arm from an accident

    Text Color:#00cc33


    Being alone...I wonder if that's what it's like to be dead.

    Flippy was born in a breeding facility dedicated to creating breeds of Pokemon for use in combat, to make soldiers to have at your command for a fee. There was a very harsh culling process at play there, if the children weren't at the peak of genetic perfection they were put to death and used as food for the rest of the residents. The only positive of the horrific building was that aside from the breeders no one spent much more time than a few months in that hell hole. When the little green Teddiursa hatched, there was much discussion among the staff on if he should live. There was a policy against oddly colored Pokemon due to making them easy targets, but Flippy's green coloration caused some controversy. His coat wasn't overtly shiny, and it's green hue could actually blend in well with the dark undergrowth. In the end it was decided that due to his physique and lack of hindrance that his color caused he was allowed to live in the dank cells along with his siblings. He was not well received there. His colors and build made him a freak, and due to the unpredictable timing of meals the savage little bears would harass and pummel him robbing him of food. Being too gentle to fight back, Flippy would make sure to eat his meals as quickly as possible to get what he could down. Thus the Teddiursa did not starve to death.

    In the next month the facility had received a lull in business, their most prolific customers Team Rocket had been taken down and the flow of cash for their products had all but ceased. As such, they had to cut down on stock...So the board devised a strategy to handle costs without expending any unnecessary resources. By providing even less food for their residents some of the Pokemon, those they assumed the strongest, would resort to even stronger measures and weed out the weaker members of their kin leaving only the best of the best. All of the Teddiuras in their prison knew the sharp pangs of hunger, and it came to be more than some could handle and one by one the weakest in their numbers began to pass away. The staff would come quickly at the news of any death, and spirited away to the enclosures of larger species. About a dozen or so were left after 3 weeks had passed, and Flippy was the punching bag of every last one of them. The little Ursa was passive, but his habits had saved him thus far though not for long. The gnawing pain haunted his every waking moment, and after his hurried meals he was never satisfied. One day, he could stand it no longer. When two of his 'superiors' in their makeshift hierarchy approached their green shaded brother hunched over the slab of meat, instead of scuttling away he raised his hackles and growled, warning them not to come closer. Laughing off his threat, the eldest of the three of them marched forwards and tried to snatch the piece of food away from him. Flippy's grip faltered and as hold on his current meal was lost, he instead opted for shifting it from the piece of cold flesh to something warmer, grabbing the fellow bear by the throat and lifting him upwards with ease. His grasp tightened as his captive thrashed, and he slammed the Teddiursa to the ground and wrapped both of his hands around it's neck, throttling it right then in there underneath his weight.

    An insane grin found it's way onto the child's face as he felt his brother's life slip away, and lowered his head and bit into the bear's jugular. Blood filled into his mouth and down his throat, but the joy was short lived as he felt the sting of a metal dart going into his side and was lifted up into the darkness. He awoke in a foreign place, dazed by the proper lighting and the bright walls of the place, which were colored a cheery yellow. He was laying in something soft and he slowly moved it off of his small body. Next to him on the comfortable platform was a bowl of water, and some brown pellets that smelled of something edible. Without a second thought his head dove into the bowl of food and he wolfed it down, eating every last morsel. Memories of darkness and gore flashed in his mind, but he pushed it away thinking that it was just some half forgotten dream. 'There's no way I'd ever do that. I'm not strong enough, even if I wanted to.' Lifting his head out of the metal dish, the bear took his time to look around at his new environment now that his eyes had adjusted. The ground was grey and dull looking, though not quite as repulsive and stained as the cold floor he was used to. It was quite a ways up, and the bear pulled his body back in fear of falling off. He pushed himself to his bipedal position and padded softly around, looking at the cabinets a few feet away from him eyes wide with curiosity. He was engaged in wondering how he would be able to make it over to the shiny looking pen on the counter to his left when the door suddenly opened, and an enormous creature he'd never seen before walked in with an intent gate. The lime-green bear cowered as it approached, but his visage changed to one of cautious inquisitivity as it lowered one if it's large pale paws in front of him. Glancing up at it's large flat face and not noticing any aggression, the Teddiursa took a few tentative steps forwards and sniffed.
    It smelled of something vaguely sweet, and Flippy gave it a quick lick with his pink tongue and smiled, looking up with large eyes at the man. The man let out a hearty chuckle, the loud noise startled Flippy but the man's warm smile quickly calmed his nerves. The bear blinked and looked the other creature over, making introspectively cute noises at his appearance. The large creature stood upright, and though it was hairless in certain places ti had a dark green and brown coloration that reminded Flippy of his own. A white star was on the side of it's chest that caught the attention his attention, and the little leaned forwards to get a better look. He was close to the edge of his platform already, and without warning he started to fall forward, his arms flailing about as the Teddiursa tried to prevent himself from falling off. The long arms reached forwards quickly and caught the bear, his rough hands gentle as it held him. Flippy knew from that moment on he'd trust this man for the rest of his life.

    - -- --- ---------- --- -- -

    The man was a Sergeant in a human Militia. He had his own home in Kanto and in his free time was a dedicated pokemon trainer, however he never attempted the league challenge since he felt it might take time away from his duties. Aside from the newly adopted Flippy, the man had a Kelceon and a Raticate named Sneaky and Ka-Boom respectively. The four of them got along famously, living together like true brothers with Flippy being the youngest of the bunch and taken care of properly. His trainer trained them to the peak of physical strength, since he worked as a trainer for the milita's pokemon regiement he was very experienced in such matters. The man wasn't very interested in other humans so he turned to his pokemon as family, and they lived well for many years. Flippy grew to be more outgoing and even more friendly, but he was still somewhat bashful around others but his family helped to support him. When the news of the Epidemic became public, the milita ordered their men to put down all of their pokemon and he couldn't do that. He would not destroy his family. So he took a bag of supplies and his pokemon and hit the road, hoping to find a place for him and his pokemon to escape to. They were ambushed by a pack of infected not long after, the trainer being slain quickly from a slash to the neck from a Sneasle. Sneaky and Ka-Boom reacted quickly, rushing forwards to avenge their trainer while Flippy stayed back to strategize, the only one to remember their training at this desperate hour. Spotting a large boulder nearby, Flippy hefted it up over his head using the power of Strength and hurled it at a Golbat barreling through the air towards him. He took out the Poison type, but he had thrown it at the wrong time and crushed his friend Sneaky under the rock. It smashed his head into a bloody pulp under it's weight.

    In shock at what he had done, Flippy could only stare in horror as the Infected overwhelmed Ka-Boom while he was in the middle of charging a Shadow Ball, causing it to misfire and blow himself to smithereens along with the beasts covering his body. The immediate threat was dealt with for the moment, but the Teddiursa heard whooshing in the distance and could smell the decay on the breeze. He was out in the open however and had no crevice to hide in, and as he smelled the infected draw closer he had only one place to go. He tried and failed to control his breathing while inside the chest cavity of his deceased friend, blood and maggots crawling and oozing all over his body. All of the stress of what had happened hit him like a freight train, and as he heard his heartbeat grow constantly louder like a drum he felt his mind snap. His mind could not withstand the horrors of what had happened, and so he let his consciousness fall into the darkness as something else took control. He woke up several hours later, covered in blood on the outskirts of the city. He quickly cleansed himself of the gore in a nearby puddle and set out exploring for supplies. He came to an abandoned general store first, all of the food had been cleaned out but as he explored something caught his attention. It was a little brown stuffed bear, about his size dressed in a formal though stylized military outfit. The green and brown brought back memories of his beloved trainer, and with tears in his eyes he felt suddenly compelled to honor his passing in some way. He took the jacket and the barrett off the toy and set off, his goal to help himself and others survive through any means possible.

    - -- --- ---------- --- -- -


      "Teddiursa is a bipedal, ursine Pokémon covered in short, orange-brown fur. Its muzzle is light tan with a small black nose and black eyes. There is a slightly paler tan crescent marking on its face, and it has round ears. It has three claws on its forepaws, and two claws and yellow paw pads on its hind paws. Its tail is short, round, and puffy."-Bulbapedia

      His coat is a bright lime green, his nose is pink, and he lacks a proper tail or even a crescent mark. His limbs though are significantly more developed than the average bear, with their proportions and musculature more resembling that of an Ursaring's. His eyes are a bright gold, though they are normally heavily dilated making them appear black. His teeth are quite sharp and constructed more like a carnivore's. Absurdly resiliant, this bear can survive trauma that would outright kill others and keep on going. He dresses in an adorable outfit, consisting of a camouflage jacket and a green barrett.


    Original Personality

      Very Tenacious
      Cons:Unstable emotionally||Has Paranoid Schizophrenia {Manifests as: Vivid visual and audible hallucinations, Severe Paranoia, Delusions, and general anxiety}||Has PTSD which can be set off unexpectedly which causes his other personality to surface||Deeply disturbed||Depressed
      Other: Introverted||Protective||Lonely||Strong survival instinct||Cautious||Resourceful||Fond of cute things

    Alter's Personality

      Pros: ...
      Other:Very Resourceful||Creative||Naieve

    User Notes:

      -> Flippy's alter is actually very inexperienced outside of combat, since it has yet to front when not percieving a target or threat. If there is no such target then it would become very confused
      -> Based off of Flippy from Happy Tree Friends.
      -> Was in the same human milita as Apos' character Apos.
      -> The statements about his physique can be boiled down to statistics, if one were to view them in the game he would have about 200 points for his HP stat and 154 for his attack.
      -> Incorperated events from the episode 'Operation: Tiger Bomb' in the latter part of Flippy's history, the parts with Sneaky and Ka-Boom along with Flippy's later psycotic break.
      -> Does not yet know of the existence of his alter.
      -> Credit to Lost Eventide and Karkailse for Profile Layout

    - -- --- ---------- --- -- -

    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD} 5X0QDDX

    'Spiderman' Bella Loona
    AgeYoung Adult
    Species#425, Drifloon, Balloon Pokémon
    TypeGhost || Flying
    Ability Unburden
    Characteristic Strongly Defiant
    Moves -> Disable (Bred)
    Astonish (Lv. Up)
    Gust (Lv. Up)
    Focus Energy (Lv. Up)

    Pokédex Entry:
    Soulsilver - "It is whispered that any child who mistakes Drifloon for a balloon and holds on to it could wind up missing."


    Text Color:#FF3366


    Don't you dare underestimate me!

    To put it simply, the early life of the Drifloon was boring. Her mother died when she was very young, leaving the father to care for the small balloon on his own. He took his duty seriously to the point of being over protective, making sure to keep a watch on her with his spectral eye. Due to her species and what happened to her mother, her father considered Bella to be quite weak physically even though necessarily that was not the case. Though the Dusknoir was very loving, always doting on the young girl, bringing her all sorts of gifts and treats from his trips to the outside world along with spending every possible moment with his daughter. She was happy for a time, but her mental state gradually began to decline growing apathetic and depressed. She was always trying to escape when her father wasn't looking, it had gotten to the point where she would have to be tethered to a rock or be lost to the winds. One of the few things his daughter still seemed to take delight in was her father's stories, but as the years past he longer had any new ones to tell.

    In hopes to quench Bella's wanderlust, the Dusknoir went out and brought back colorful magazines and comics from the nearby metropolis. It seemed to work, and the little balloon was again bright and cheerfully chittering about what she saw on the pages. She poured over the comics day and night, until she had learned to comprehend what the words on the page meant in relation to the action-packed illustrations. She loved them so much that she would make up stories of her own, telling and acting them out to her father with the utmost enthusiasm. Out of all of the characters in the light paperbacks the red-and blue snarker Spiderman was her idol. He was underestimated and nobody understood his problems, but that didn't stop him from bringing forth justice! All while having a good time even while doing so. This struck a chord with Bella, and she dreamed of one day flying through the sky with true freedom from the world.

    This wish was granted.

    It struck the Drifloon as odd when the omnipresent glow from the Metropolis was severely lacking, also the increasing absence of her father as well. As always, her father acted as if nothing had changed and kept up the facade of normalcy but the youth saw through it's transparency. He was spending more and more time patrolling around the area surrounding the cave, and his features were fatigued with exhaustion and anxiety. One night however, a loud explosion shook the mountain they made their home inside of. The shock waves knocking off the rock that constrained her hands and bound the balloon from leaving. Excited by that she was free and the new stimuli in her environment, the Drifblim drifted out of the mouth of the cave and gazed down at the scene before her. She saw her father, his great arms wrenching the maw of a Torterra so that it's jaw slip with a mighty crack, spraying his form with dark and discolored blood. From the shadows under the foliage, smaller creatures that were usually scavengers leapt from the darkness and onto his back. They tore into his semi-corporal form making him scream in unholy rage, he cast them off his body with a foul Dark Pulse and went on to crush their skulls from the force of his smashing fist.

    His vision drifted momentarily upwards from the bloody pulp he was creating, and gazed back at his spawn, his sole eye blazing with a hellfire of malice and madness. While he was distracted, an Absol sprang from the ground and onto his back, slashing him with a Nightslash. The beasts that lingered in the shadows took this as their cue, and swarmed on his body en mass. His aura of hatred had no effect on the monsters, and in the ghost's final moments his hand shot out and reached towards his daughter before falling towards the ground away from it's owner. Bella was a sheltered child, her mind could not process what had happened. She did nothing as a strong gust of wind swept her away from her home and into the open sky.

    Above the havoc and suffering, above the very clouds themselves the spirit drifted along, now free from life. The was nothing in the plane above the sea of clouds and under the endless blue ceiling where the sun and stars resided. So she turned inwards, continuing letting her imagination create her own world to inhabit. Garbed in red and blue, she swung between the massive metal towers in down town Castelia, fought evil and even battled with Darkrai himself. Her fight for truth and justice never faltering. A enormous gust of wind interrupted this dream however, and sent her plummeting back down to earth. Her story continues from here.

    - -- --- ---------- --- -- -


      "Drifloon has a spherical, purple body with two stringy arms that have yellow, heart-shaped hands on the ends of them. At the base of its body is a frayed protrusion that resembles the tied end of a balloon. In the very center of its body is a yellow "X", which contains its small mouth in the very center. Located on either side of the "X" are its small, black eyes. A white mass of fluff that resembles a cloud sits on top of Drifloon's head."-Bulbapedia

      Bella has unusually long tendrils for species, and her eyes are a deep sea blue. Her body is also a pretty shade of lavender, this with her eyelashes and elongated features make her surprisingly lovely.


      Pros:Enthusiastic||Spirited||Compassionate||Earnest||Passionate||Emotionally Stable||Perceptive||Very outgoing||Very Elegant sometimes||Strong sense of morality
      Cons:Heavily Dependent on others||Compulsive Liar||Ignorant||Rash||Sassy||Quite Stubborn
      Other:Delusional||Innocent||Childish||Strong Willed||Somewhat Clumsy||Sensitive||Self Confident||Strongly Defiant
      - -- --- ---------- --- -- -

    User Notes:

      -> Isn't actually based off of Spiderman, rather a joke of mine that I'm Spiderman. As such her personality is based around my mannerisms and mentality I have on the site, fleshed out and taken to logical conclusions in this particular setting.
      ->Father was a Dusknoir who knew Disable.
      ->Credit to Lost Eventide and Karkailse for Profile Layout

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    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD} Empty Re: Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD}

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    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD} Empty Re: Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD}

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    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD} Mesprit
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    Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD} Empty Re: Flippy the Teddiursa and 'Spiderman' The Drifloon (Ilex, Ace){LEAD}

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