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    Yachiru the sweet Slurpuff and Kenpachi the bloodthirsty Pangoro (WIP)


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    Yachiru the sweet Slurpuff and Kenpachi the bloodthirsty Pangoro (WIP) Empty Yachiru the sweet Slurpuff and Kenpachi the bloodthirsty Pangoro (WIP)

    Post by Kaze Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:58 pm

    Yachiru Kusajishi
    Item Crossbones hairclip
    Gender Female
    Hex colorPink Candy #DCA2CD color
    Species #685, Slurpuff, the Meringue Pokémon.
    Age Preadolescence (Human 10)
    Height 2'07" || 0.8 m
    Weight 11.0 lbs. || 5.0 kg
    Pokédex Entry It can distinguish the faintest of scents. It puts its sensitive sense of smell to use by helping pastry chefs in their work.” – Pokémon X
    Level 35
    Ability Sweet Veil- Prevents this and ally Pokémon from being put to sleep.
    Nature Quirky
    Characteristic Capable of taking hits
    Moves - Play Nice (lvl)
    - Sweet Scent (lvl)
    - Fake Tears (lvl)
    - Draining Kiss (lvl)
    History Insert History Here
    Appearance “Slurpuff is a white bipedal Pokémon with a red collar with a spot of red below it, and pink fluffy hair. On top of its head is a red sphere. It has two small, pink feet, a pink face, and a short red tongue that is usually sticking out. It has an exceptionally keen sense of smell, being 100 million times that of a human, allowing it to distinguish even the faintest of smells.”

    A Slurpuff with a crossbone hairclip. Very cute and young looking.

    Deceptively sugar sweet and nice the fact that she's managed to survive this long around Kenpachi is proof that Yachiru is a force to be reckoned with.
    User Notes
    -Based on Yachiru Kusajishi from Bleach.

    Kenpachi Zaraki
    Item Notched sword
    Gender Male
    Hex colorGrey52 #858585 color
    Species #675, Pangoro, the Daunting Pokémon.
    Age Adult (Human 35)
    Height 6'11" || 2.1 m
    Weight 299.8 lbs || 163 kg
    Pokédex Entry It charges ahead and bashes its opponents like a berserker, uncaring about any hits it might take. Its arms are mighty enough to snap a telephone pole” – Pokémon Y
    Level 75
    Ability Adaptability- Powers up moves of the same type as this Pokémon.
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Capable of taking hits
    Moves - Foul Play (Bred)
    - Hammer Arm(lvl)
    - Hone claws (TM)
    - Body Slam (lvl)
    History Insert History Here
    Appearance “Pangoro is a large bipedal Pokémon, resembling a humanoid panda bear. It has a stocky build with a round belly, short legs and long arms with large paws, which are often balled into fists. Its head and belly are covered in thick white fur, while its lower body, chest, arms, and back are covered in equally thick but dark grey fur. A long fringe of this dark grey fur hangs down behind its back that, in combination with the rest of the dark-furred pattern, gives the impression that Pangoro is wearing a longcoat and trousers. Pangoro's three-fingered paws have shorter fur a darker shade of grey than the overcoat and are tipped with vicious black claws. Its face tapers down to a snout and its white color contrasts with its black ears and nose as well as the two semi-circles of black fur under its brow that render Pangoro's eyes indistinguishable. Pangoro likes to carry a thin leaved shoot in its mouth, which has prominent lower fangs.”

    A large muscled Pangoro with an eyepatch with a prominent scar down one side of his face.
    Personality “Despite its cantankerous demeanor, Pangoro is not one to tolerate those who pick on the weak. With arms powerful enough to snap a telephone pole, it charges into battle like a berserker, heedless of any damage it might suffer as it bashes its opponents. It can use the leaf in its mouth to sense the movements of those around it. Pangoro and its pre-evolution, Pancham, are the only known Pokémon that can learn Parting Shot.”

    Driven by a violent bloodlust to constantly seek out fights.
    User Notes
    -Based on Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach

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