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    Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf the %#*&ing Mightyenas


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    Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf the %#*&ing Mightyenas Empty Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf the %#*&ing Mightyenas

    Post by Duma Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:40 pm

    Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf the %#*&ing Mightyenas IMAGE HERE

    Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf the %#*&ing Mightyenas IMAGE HERE

    Courage Wolf
    Text Color Insert Text color Here
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age 30 in dog years (4 in Human)
    Species #262 Mightyena The Bite Pokemon [Dark Type]
    Height 3'09"
    Weight 87.1lbs
    Pokédex Entry Mightyena gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body. This Pokémon will bite savagely with its sharply pointed fangs. - Ruby
    Level 55
    Ability Intimidate
    Nature Brave
    Characteristic Loves to fight
    Moves -Crunch
    -Fire Fang (Breeding)
    -Hyper Beam (TM)
    History Abandoned as pup, he was found by Muriel. Who lives in the middle of Nowhere-

    What kind of Bull$&#* Are you trying to pull here?!? If you try that again, I'll rip out your spine!!!

    R-Right! Ahem, He born the son of the Leader of the most powerful pack of Pokemon in the Hoenn Region. All throughout the land wild Pokemon feared their wrath, only the most powerful and fool-hardy dared to oppose them. Their strength lied in their Spartan-like attitude on life, and their openness to different species. Unlike the other Tribes, they didn't discriminate against other pokemon. To them, strength, not heritage proved someone's worth. His Father, a Houndoom was a member of a rival pack when they raided his home. He was naught but a pup when they slaughtered his entire family, he was defending his mother's corpse when they found him.

    They had difficulty getting near him because he kept of forcing them back with his roars of despair. Impressed with the young one's ability, the leader at that time, a Luxray by the name of Cronos approached him. He offered the young Poochyena to join his clan as he had nowhere else to go, His father did not accept his offer and kept on roaring so the Luxray knocked him out and had him carried back to their camp.

    He awoke days later in the Luxray's den and was at the ready to attack as soon as he saw him. The old cat merely laughed and said "So, you seem eager to avenge your dead family. Do you honestly think you can defeat me?" When he didn't answer, the old Luxray continued "Thought not. Come now, You must be hungry after all that time asleep. Can't have that."

    On cue his stomach growled loudly, and the Poochyena reluctantly followed. As they were walking about the camp, he noticed the all of the pokemon that were watching him. Most had approving smiles on their faces, but what really astonished him was the sheer variety and numbers of them. It was far from his old camp where there were only pure dark types like himself and dark and fire types. The Luxray noticing this grinned and said "Must be your first time seeing other kinds of pokemon isn't it? Well, unlike your clan we actually know that there isn't one particular best type of pokemon."

    The Poochyena gasped, that was what he was told all his life, that his race, the Dark types were superior to all others and they existed only to serve them. Speaking to the Electric type for the first time he spoke accusingly "That's a lie!" The Luxray responded smugly"If that was true, then how did we slaughter your clan so easily?" Cronos only chuckled again at the Poochyena's silence. "Come my boy, we're here."
    Appearance A powerful example of his species, he is Taller and more muscular than the norm, Giving him an intimidating aura of Majesty. He is most often seen with a determined grin/snarl on his face.
    Personality Fiercely Loyal, Blunt, and well, Fierce. As his name implies, he is the living definition of Courage, he fears no one, Living, Infected, hell He'd challenge Arceus if he had the chance. He is honor bound, and his dream is to die one day in glorious battle. He believes in the worth of every living individual, and that it doesn't matter what you are, but who you are. And it doesn't matter if your living or not, as long as you are determined and strive for a righteous cause, he will stand with you no matter the odds. He never gives up and stands for what he believes in. WHICH IS KICKING EVIL'S #$$.
    Theme Two Steps from Hell
    User Notes - Father was a houndoom
    -He inherited his father's incredible roaring ability, which he mostly uses to give out advice. But when he wants to, he can send objects flying ungodly distances.
    -Is a fantastic motivational speaker from his experience rallying his clan to battle as well as a talented fighter.
    -Adopted from Twilight Reiquem

    Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf the %#*&ing Mightyenas IMAGE HERE

    Insanity Wolf
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    Item Insert Item here
    Gender Insert Gender Here
    Age Insert approximate age here
    Species Dex number, type of Pokémon
    Height Insert Height Here
    Weight Insert Weight Here
    Pokédex Entry Insert Pokédex Entry Here
    Level Insert Level Here
    Ability Insert Ability Here
    Nature Insert Nature Here
    Characteristic Insert Characteristic Here
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    History Insert History Here
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